Kimi ni Todoke 15 : Extreme Makeover Kurumin Edition

January 21, 2010

A film by Pin Productions... presents...

Time for a new Kurumin episode! Gladly sponsored by the above figure~

Last time, both Kurumin and Sawako burst into tears after an emotional rollercoaster. That’s also where we start today, Sawako tries wipe Kurumin’s tears away. Kurumin gets irritated and takes the handkerchief, she forcefully wipes Sawako’s tears away as well. Kurumin asks if something happened between the two of them, Sawako panics and doesn’t know how to react.

wuu~ I like where this is going...

Sawako backs away being all surprised and shocked. Kurumin is serious about it and says it’s nothing that shocking, Sawako could’ve let her feelings slip out when going with the flow. Sawako says it’s kinda impossible for her to have done that, until recently she didn’t even have anyone to talk with afterall. Kurumin looks down and answers that’s irrelevant since Kazehaya doesn’t judge people like that.

The atmosphere suddenly changes as the two start fangirling about Kazehaya. When Kurumin realizes it, she gets annoyed again and scolds Sawako, but Sawako tells her that she’s happy, since she never had a conversation like this before.

Kurumin gets up and says she wanted Kazehaya to look at her. Everyone started to support Kurumin after she entered high school, but now Kazehaya thinks she’s in love with Pin. Sawako is shocked and wonders how it happened.

Yeah... that's what happens in Yu-Gi-Oh! all the time

Kurumin then looks down and says it doesn’t matter anymore, Kazehaya doesn’t have any feelings for her. Sawako speaks up saying it’s not right, Kurumin should clear the misunderstanding between her and Kazehaya, since she didn’t like it when Kazehaya had the wrong idea about herself and Ryu. Kurumin doesn’t listen though and walks on saying it’s stupid, but Sawako knows that deep inside it’s bothering Kurumin.

She knows it because they both have the same feelings for Kazehaya, but even though they have, it’s not a benefiting factor for their friendship. Sawako wonders about their relationship, are they really gonna turn into complete strangers for eachother?

At the end of the day Kurumin is taking her shoes from her locker. When her friends tell her goodbye, we get to see a flashback about Kurumin’s past. It starts with some fun memories, Kurumin in the center of attention and extras admiring her. Then suddenly, some girls are gossiping about a boy, Miyagawa, who seemingly confessed he likes Kurumi, while another girl, named Miki, was in love with Miyagawa.

When Kurumin passes by the girl’s toilets, she hears the crying Miki talk about how Kurumin always lend her notes to the boy. Another girl agrees and adds that Kurumin hates it when guys like other girls than herself. Yet another girl says it’s terrible and that they only let Kurumin into their group because she’s friendly with the guys they like. The girls even plan on getting in her way when she wants to get a boyfriend since that’s only fair.

We need a Pin here!

Later on, Kurumin’s crying inside the classroom when suddenly Kazehaya enters. He wonders what Kurumin’s still doing there and asks what’s wrong. Kurumin, who quickly wiped her tears away says it’s  alright. Kazehaya frowns but then walks to his desk to take something he forgot, he walks out soon after. Kurumin bites her lip and seemingly found courage again to fight. As her tears fill her eyelids again, Kazehaya pulls open the door again and asks her if there really isn’t something wrong. Kurumin jumps up in surprise, but then let’s her tears roll.


Kurumin then starts narrating, she says that Kazehaya is different from other guys. She swears that she’ll never tell anyone she likes him, not until he starts to like her.

The flashback ends and we now see Kurumin and Kazehaya together at a bike parking. Kazehaya looks surprised. Kurumin is preparing for a doom scenario as she thinks back of Ayane’s blackmailing, but instead of that, Kazehaya talks about something different…

yes a falling Pin will soon crush her.

Kurumin shouts she doesn’t and Kazehaya reacts kinda like she imagined he would. She realizes that Sawako made Ayane stop from telling Kazehaya. Kazehaya blinks when she asks if he didn’t hear about it.

Then she changes the subject and asks him what Sawako is like. He tells her that she’s easily misunderstood, but tries to clear up all the misunderstandings no matter what. Kurumin remembers Sawako’s words at same instant. Kazehaya meanwhile realizes he was talking like he figured out Sawako and fidgets, he quickly jumps on his bike and says goodbye to Kurumin telling she should cheer up.

Kurumin then realizes she should clear the misunderstanding between them, just like Sawako told her. Yup yup, a confession follows!

What happened with Kyon?!

Kazehaya quickly parks his bike as he hears her cry. He apologizes for not realizing, but then turns her down saying he has someone else he likes. Kurumin tells him she knows and that’s it pretty obvious. Kazehaya blush explodes, but Kurumin then asks if he was at least a little happy with her confessing. Kazehaya nods and thanks her.

He isn't Hei you know...

Kurumin then finally gets into her “Ami”-attitude, saying he won’t find a cute girl like her anymore. She even asks him how in the world he believed she liked Pin, then she pissed off walks off. Kazehaya is kinda paralyzed by her sudden switch in attitude. Then, Kurumin turns around once more…


Sawako then gets back into the spotlight. She told Ayane and Chizu about how she likes Kazehaya. Chizu reacts surprised, but Ayane’s sixth sense was already up to date. While walking around, Ayane asks what made Sawako realize her she was in love with Kazehaya. Sawako thinks deep and then answers it was Kurumin who made her. Ayane isn’t surprised, but she does admire Kurumin for creating such a plan for just a guy.

The following day, Kurumin arrives at school with a complete different set of clothes and flashy attitude. Everyone acts surprised and even Pin doesn’t realize it’s her at first. When he does realize, he tells her something interesting about girls being rejected…

Wise words from Pin?! SHOCK

Kurumin is kinda rejoicing because of it and wonders if those words are really true.

Outside, Sawako and company are preparing for the match. While they are discussing about what they still have ahead of them, Kurumin arrives. The three are amazed by her new look and Sawako asks if they can’t be friends now. Kurumin goes back into her epic mood…

That's the second epic turn-around in one episode!!

Yup, they’re rivals now. And it doesn’t end there, Kurumin doesn’t plan on acting sweet anymore…

Yup, she's definitely better as a Haruhi chara *nod*

Then the aftermath of the festival follows…

They lost every match…

Pin lost his very soul…

The sports festival ended…

Kazehaya leaves saying he’ll be coming to the after party. Sawako is overjoyed about her first after party ever and at home, she looks up the word for rival…

Get those pokeballs ready!

At the party, Sawako is interrogated by Ayane and Chizu about when she started to have feeling for Kazehaya. Sawako reveals that she already felt something for him waaaay back.

While the party is going on, Kazehaya asks Ayane where Sawako went, she answers him that sent went outside to cool off a bit. As he walks through the building, Kazehaya suddenly notices Sawako on the stairs. He tries waving at her, but then figures that she’s sleeping, so he tries to call out her name. Much to his surprise, Sawako answers and suddenly leans on him while sleeping.



Such a lovely episode again.

Kurumin’s change in attitude really reminds me of Ami in toradora. I wonder if she’ll become a model next…

Her past really fits her character now. It explained everything we needed to know why she was being so mean and yet stayed on the background for so long. The confession was expected and the turn down just as much. With this, Kurumin’s arc seems completely over and next time we’ll be seeing a filler-ish episode? Well with the preview of the dancing chibi men, I don’t have my hopes high for some spectacular events happening. But ofcourse, with what happened the last 2-3 episodes, it’s not so bad we’re having a slightly lighter episode(s).

See you some time later~

Kyon, at your service.



  1. Yeah, that preview was awesome! Go, dancing tiny men!

    Well, for Kazehaya to be surprised about Kurumi’s change… he has obviously never watched the Melancholy…

    Kazehaya looks a lot like Ryu back in junior high…

    The random Pin moments always give me a chuckle. Sometimes, he’s the only reason I watch an episode, waiting for what kind of retarded conclusion he could come up and how he’ll make things worse just by appearing. He’s a great conflict producer. 8D

    Welcome to comic relief, Kurumin.

    Now who’s gonna be the next boss…?

  2. The seitokaichou ofcourse *pushes Chief forward*

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