To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 15 – Konori Reacts!

January 20, 2010

A film by Kuroko Productions... presents...

I’m back with Railgun 15!

And so, we kick off in a new arc today, tackling the Skillout people, gangs of Level 0 who attack espers due to envy and probably having nothing better to do with their lives. Misaka and Kuroko are on the case, as a substitute for Konori, who keeps acting strange. Meanwhile, a passerby hero (who isn’t Touma, by the way–shock!) beats up the Big Spider guys. What could be a small case may lead to something big again.

Expect obvious Konori reaction, milk cartons and lots of thugs in action.

Last episode summary:

People who were involved with the Level Upper case (specifically, those who used them) were sent to a special lesson, including Ruiko. Inside, they were lectured by Komoe-sensei and later, went to PE hell with Yomikawa Aiho from Antiskill. Everyone were getting a bit skeptical about the way they were treated and saw it as punishment for using such a dangerous thing. Yomikawa-sensei cleared things up by explaining that this wasn’t punishment, but as a means of seeing that limitations can be surpassed. Everyone learns the value of not putting a personal limit on oneself in the end.

Episode 15:

In some alley, Kongo Mitsuko was being mobbed by a group of thugs.

"You mean this isn't a surprise birthday party?"

Of course, Mitsuko, being a Level 4, would have no problem disposing of a bunch of thugs. But suddenly, she starts to feel her head aching. As she drops down, she notices a new guy approaching, who had apparently beaten up the thugs’ lookout guy. She then passes out.

Whoever he is... he's definitely not Touma!

After that, Judgment arrives at the scene and starts their investigation. But the scene looks too brutal and the thugs were needed to be sent away in stretchers. Kuroko first thought Mitsuko had done them in but Konori-senpai tells her that Mitsuko had stated that she passed out while a mysterious person arrived.

As one of the thugs from the group called “Skillout” was being escorted away in a stretcher, Konori seems to be familiar with the guy. But before Kuroko could ask, Konori changes the subject to Uiharu’s interview segment.

Mitsuko was being interviewed by Uiharu. She explains that she saw the guy had a black leather jacket… and a tattoo of a large spider with webs on his back.

It makes sense now: HE'S SPIDER-MAN!

Kuroko wonders if that guy really did all of that and Konori seems to be out of it. It’s obvious that she’s hiding something and you don’t need a magatama to know that.

Opening song: LEVEL 5 -judgelight- by fripSide

After the NEW opening song, we go over to Judgment office.

Inside, Konori talks about “Big Spider”, apparently, a group that exists above “Skillout”. They are a bunch of lawless goons that hunt espers. Konori seems to know a lot about them and even says that they’re just quite angry and envious of espers. Oh god… she has to stop being so obvious…

Meanwhile, at the heroes’ headquarters…

Our heroes are busy talking about Twilight, Facebook accounts and ponies!

Misaka learns of the attack and gets all pumped up. Ganging up on people, especially a girl, is the lowest thing anyone can do. It’s a sick and twisted world, I tell you. The talk leads to Uiharu explaining that Big Spider usually gets illegal weapons from the black market.

Misaka thinks they should just all come for her instead of other espers and Kuroko is happy to do that instead. Of course, she gets restrained by Misaka. Ruiko asks what happened and Uiharu continues by saying everyone was arrested. Ruiko commends the passerby hero but Kuroko is unhappy about it. Crimefighting should be left to authorities like Judgment and Antiskill.

In an abandoned building, some goons were gathering. A henchman approaches their boss, whose name is Kurozuma Wataru, leader of Big Spider. He reports to Kurozuma about the last attack and he gets agitated, saying that it was impossible since “he” is already dead. He calls upon his other minions and says that they’re gonna be doing some serious stuff next.

Obviously, this guy has never seen a spider before.

Days later, at the Judgment office, Kuroko was analyzing data of Big Spider’s recent activities. It seems they’ve gotten quite active ever since the attack. Uiharu notes that Big Spider only grew in power 2 years ago (Konori reacts!) when they obtained illegal weapons. Misaka wonders how such things were smuggled inside the city. Kuroko then asks if Misaks is implying an inside job, which is highly possible.

Uiharu adds them more info. The leader’s name is Kurozuma Wataru (Konori reacts!). He has a tattoo of a spider on his back (Konori reacts!). They wonder why Kurozuma would save Mitsuko, but then Misaka says that Kurozuma had probably just wanted to take out his own men who maybe had other intentions, as they mentioned that Kurozuma is the guy who would shoot you in the back if you ever mentioned leaving (Konori reacts!).

Uiharu adds a bit more. Their base of operations is somewhere in the 10th district called “Strange”. Indeed. That’s a strange name. Kuroko says it has to be investigated even if it was outside their jurisdiction, as part of the 7th district cases. Misaka drags Kuroko with her, though Kuroko is actually enjoying it. Konori stays behind, claiming that she has a report that she needs to finish today.

At Satellite the 10th district…

*FREEDOM by La-Vie plays in the background*

Kuroko and Misaka wander around the area. They comment on how Skillout really does fit in that place. They get weird stares around. Mainly because of Kuroko’s Judgment armband. Kuroko complains that she wasn’t able to disguise properly because Misaka dragged her there.

The bystanders start grouping around them both, but before any action happens, the guy who helped Mitsuko appears… with MILK!

There is only but one absolute force in this universe... and that, ladies and gentlemen, is milk.

Part B:

Misaka and Kuroko are unaware that this was the same guy. The guy walks towards the gangsters and one of them slaps the milk carton out of his hand, telling him to stop acting cool in front of girls. Of course, the guy gets angry and serious.

…quick timeskip.

"Kids should drink milk daily so they can avoid looking like us in the future." --Advertisement paid for by the Kurokobama administration.

The guys offer him a new milk carton and they scram right afterwards. Misaka tells him she didn’t asked to be helped and the guy apologizes. Well, obviously, this guy ain’t Touma but… anyway, the guy explains that he remembers someone with the same chest size as them before and just couldn’t leave them alone. He starts to leave as both girls wonder how he made it sound so decent even while talking about their chest size.

Back with Konori… she has come back from work. Could be her home, or at least her dorm. Then, a girl arrives, who is named Aomi and asks her about work. Konori says she finished it and then Aomi asks her if something’s the matter (Konori reacts!) but Konori says it’s nothing.

Some person named Aimo... I mean... Aomi!

At the rooftop of some building, Misaka, Kuroko and the milk guy were hanging out. The milk guy tells them it was a secret place for him of some sorts. Up there, he doesn’t see the bad shape that the area is in. How things have changed in two years. Misaka wonders why Skillout would gather at that area. The milk guy says they wouldn’t understand.

At the same time, Ruiko and Uiharu were eating taiyaki beside a bridge. Ruiko mentions that somehow she can empathize with Skillout… having been frustrated with trying and trying but their Level just won’t go up.

The milk guys says that they abandoned everything. They were separated from society, which only cares about abilities and espers.

Ruiko then admits to Uiharu that she will never give up again. She has learned her lesson.

The milk guy adds that for them, esper powers are like the sky… unreachable. Misaka retorts by saying Skillout are just going in gangs and doing nothing but trouble. The guy then asks them what they came there for. Kuroko says it’s about the Big Spider. The guy tells them not to throw that name around for their own safety. Kuroko then asks if he knows someone named Kurozuma Wataru but the guy tells them he doesn’t and then leaves, wishing them safety on their way out.

Misaka feels like the guy is still hiding something and takes an interest in him. Kuroko suddenly breaks down when she heard that Misaka is interested in a man… which earns her a smack to the head. Misaka says that the guy hasn’t been there for two years… Big Spider grew in power two years ago. It definitely has a connection. She starts leaving and Kuroko follows.

Meanwhile, at the Strange, the leader is pretty upset. 20 of their boys have been taken out recently, yet they couldn’t find the culprit yet.

"Shut up or I'll shoot you with my 31st century high-tech optical anti-esper laser beam gun!"

He tells his men that the reason they couldn’t find anything is because they’re being underestimated. They’re gonna show all those espers what they can do and no one would ever think of crossing them.

Skillout goes on a spree and gangs up on civilians. Finally, Kuroko and Misaka catch up. Both of them easily takes care of the stray pack and one guy leads them back to the main headquarters.

"In the end, there wasn't any candy..."

Kurozuma greets them and tells them to leave, but they won’t… so it’s battle time. Kuroko tells Misaka to stand back as she can take on all of them alone. Suddenly, the same high-pitched noise present during Mitsuko’s assault was blasted in the airwaves.

Kuroko drops her pin and she and Misaka cover their ears. Kuroko tries teleporting away but was unable to do so. Kuroko gets kicked away. Misaka was able to fire an electric blast but was unable to control it properly, hitting a wall instead. Kurozuma gets cocky and reveals their ace to be called “Capacity Down”, which interrupts espers’ brain operations. For the non-espers, it was merely a high-pitched noise, but for espers, it was a calculating intereference.

Yet another use for an appliance you can see at home!

Kurozuma taunts the girls but suddenly, they hear a new voice. It was the milk guy! And the boys identified him as the man who keeps on beating them up. Kurozuma looks shocked and utters “Kurozuma-san”, which would give some stuff sense. The milk guy pulls out Capacity Down’s plug and then checks on Misaka and Kuroko. Kurozuma panics and the guy asks Misaka to hold the milk carton for him.

He calls Kurozuma “Hebitani”, which is probably Kurozuma’s real name. Hebitani seems quite shocked and thought he was already dead. The guy tells him he’s a ghost, and Hebitani then tells him that he’ll send him back to the grave. The boys attack the milk guy, but they were no match, even when he is unarmed. It seems this guy has supernatural strength and reflexes. It was worth noting that he was suddenly beside Misaka after unplugging Capacity Down in an instant.

Hebitani runs away, scared as his boys went down. The milk guy notes how Hebitani has changed. Some of his boys follow.

Later that day, the guy checks on Misaka and Kuroko again. Misaka says that she still finds it a bit hard to use her powers but other than that, she’s fine. Kuroko says that guy wasn’t Kurozuma. The guy says that Kurozuma was known as Hebitani before… and the real Kurozuma… was the milk guy, as Kuroko already deduced.

So from this point on, the milk guy will be known as Kurozuma… and the old Kurozuma will be known as Hebitani.

Kurozuma takes the milk carton back from Misaka and drinks it, saying his catchphrase, which was then suddenly completed by an arriving Konori.

"So I was told there was candy... where is it?"

Kurozuma greets Konori by her first name… and says it’s been a while, surprising Kuroko and Misaka.

Closing song: Real Force by ELISA


Kurozuma is to Kagakagari… as Konori is to Shuri?

Okay, that was just some random babble I made up. We kick out a new arc by–hey! Look! Another inferiority complex case! My… the Level Upper case was already quite emotional. Now we have another one? Rather, this seems more serious and deals with… Konori-senpai? Smuggling illegal stuff does sound high level, not to mention the new OP had everything exploding and stuff.

Oh, yes. The new OP and ED. Still done by the people who did them last time (fripSide and Elisa). Quite nice, but I still need to listen more to compare it to last time’s OP and ED. Can’t really say much comparison for now.

In any case, Uiharu and Ruiko has to sit this one out? Yeah, probably. They were quite big stuff in the last arc.

Alright… so why do stupid villains always reveal their stuff to heroes? Arrogance? Or maybe it’s just because it’s tradition… who knows… but that was just stupid. If these girls survived and lived to tell the tale to other people then your so-called “Capacity Down” would be history. I mean, it just blocks esper abilities and they can still run or hide.

In any case, there’s also the most obvious person in the cast… Konori Mii… my, does she really have to react to everything that other people say? It makes her quite… retarded. React once… but when you react to every sentence, that’s just plain stupid.

Seems like they all favor sound as weapons here… Level Upper was in the form of a music file… even the treatment program… and now this Capacity Down thing that disrupts esper abilities is also sound-based. I guess everyone loves to rape the mind from a safe distance with scatter effect.

Another thing I’ve noticed.

Love Umbrella?

Although I’ve seen this once while watching the episode, I forgot all about it. Thanks to Kyon for reminding me and pointing this out. I’m not sure if this was a big thing, but this place IS Kurozuma’s secret place… and to discover this thing, which looks like a love umbrella. Could be Konori and his name under it…

Next episode:

More on KonorixKurozuma. The thing that happened two years ago… why Kurozuma “died”… why Konori reacts so much… maybe… but also the hunt for Hebi-chan.

This is the Bunny Chief (Konori reacts!), over and out!


One comment

  1. tch… stupid Konori… nobody cares about her!
    Poor Kuroko, she really is everyone’s beat-up doll, well… kinda like Kongo.
    The new op was avarage, not as good as the first. The new ed was awesome. Better song, cuter animation.
    Good job chief :3!

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