Dance in the Vampire Bund 02 – HOWLING

January 18, 2010

A beauty, isn't she?

This is the real opening

The episode started a flashback of Mina Tepes crying in a field full of flowers. A boy asked her what is her problem which Mina replied with a smile.

Welcome to duel city tournament vampire edition!

Vampires became a hot topic around the city as Mina Tepes dominates the media. Everyone seems to like Mina, except for one.

Akira Kaburagi (A.K.A the male protagonist) skipped class after his classmates brought up the vampire discussion to class. It seems that he has an experience with them but he couldn’t remember it.

Someone picked this girl to their favorite?

News revealed that Mina Tepes has bought the rights to Reclaimed Land Zero. Akira’s classmates started to bring the topic again, debating if those vampires rumors are real or not.

Yuki left the classroom and went to Akira.

Censored Panty Shot, Akira apologizing, Soft Tsundere.

Afterwards, the president of whoever-class-or-club she is from called Yuki. Yuki sticks out her tongue to Akira then went to the president.

Another classmate, named Kuze, called him out, who saw Yuki and him get separated. Kuze asked why isn’t he ever get serious. Akira replied that he likes the way things are. Kuze apologizes (who seem to know something…) afterwards.

Another bunch of nameless students appeared and asked Kuze to let them use the broadcasting room after school because Mina’s having an interview later (They got a point there *nodnods*). Kuze disagrees, telling the three that vampires do not exist and it’s only the work of media working.

Akira ran away after the conversation.

Shades are always important in tailing

Stopping somewhere around the school ground, he spotted someone following him. The girl hide but unfortunately for her, the bushes are too small (even for her).

He asked the girl, which made her run away. Akira tried to stop her, holding her in her arm. Upon seeing the face of Mina crying, he saw flashes of images which made his head severely hurt. Mina wanted to help him but heard a voice from a far. She ran away instead.

Akira and Yuki walk towards home together. Yuki, concerned that Akira will have another sever headache, told her to visit the doctor.

The two separated. As Akira walks home, a twin-tail girl (Mina, obviously) appeared in front of her. Akira noticed that the girl is Mina Tepes. She told Akira to ask any questions he want, but got ignored.

Mina chases Akira but slipped due to her dress. Akira helped her and asked her why did she went to his school and why she is crying at that time. Mina, dissapointed, replied that Akira didn’t remember anything at all.

The heart-warming reunion got interrupted by a missile from a helicopter. Akira ran together with Mina.

Yes, they aren't sparkling. Well, kinda

The two manages to survived, Mina said that a lot of human and non-human beings are after her life. However, She guaranteed Akira that wouldn’t die easily. Well, not after the shade gel‘s effect worns off which Mina replied that it’s her protection to the sun. She asked Akira what shall she do and shown the pack of shade gel with her.

Nipples are okay and not panty shot?

Akira stripped Mina and added gel on her body. He asked if she’s always like that and why is she walking alone. Mina replied that Akira’s pinky finger called her so she had taken the gamble.

Two Police came. Police attacks. Police get killed by a naked twin-tail.

-Kodak Moments-

The two ended up in a park lot. Akira asked why did she revealed herself all the sudden, which Mina replied that she was preparing for a battle. Mina then asked Akira is he is contentment with his life.

Akira replied that he had an accident a year ago which made him lose memories of his 16 years of his life. But even though, he made friends who were concerned of him and he is okay with that.

Mina smiled, kissed Akira in the cheeks and hops happily up the stairs. She replied that she cried because she is happy to see Akira. Akira wondered why she knew her name. However.

He didn't put his gel on so he had to improvise

The cars’ headlights went on, making a spotlight at an upside down guy. He told Mina that he is going to escort her to their organization. Akira tried to join the two but Mina warned her not to.

The upside down guy transformed into an ugly spider. The spider constricts Mina while he plays Akira using his web. He threw Akira away afterwards.

Flashback triggered. A younger Akira and same-as-always Mina were on a flowery fields. Akira and Mina made a pinky promise that he’ll protect Mina and be with her side forever.

Akira transforms into a werewolf and attacks the spider. The spider tried to attack but got slashed into half with only one attack.

Akira went to his human form, catching Mina as she falls off.


They really wasted one episode for a reference I couldn’t understand. Ah well, maybe it’s just me because I know some of what they discussed on episode 1. Then again, those audience are silly.

But since Episode 2 comes out great, I won’t get all too pissed about it. Good work Shaft! I’ll give it an above average rank.

And for those people who had read the manga. Should I read it too?

I guess that’s it for now… This is theLazyPrince. Goodnight and thank you for reading


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