Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 92 – Satisfaction Knows No Bounds

January 17, 2010

From this point on, Kiryu will be the 5D's main hero!

Yep, it’s the final episode of the Kiryu Mini-arc.

The exciting conclusion of the arc that left critics breathless, people amazed and many more overexaggerated stuff.

The final battle between Kiryu (with Yusei) and Lotten. Who will emerge victorious in this final battle for control of Crash Town? Kiryu, of course. But we don’t know that yet until we see the episode. Will Lotten pull off an upset? No. It’s Yu-Gi-Oh! after all. We always get bittersweet endings… or something like that. Why am I asking questions and answering them myself? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t just have anything to say in the intro.

Expect the end… of the arc, that is! Expect a REUNION! Expect an outcome! EXPECT USHIO!!

Last episode summary:

As Lotten and Barbara have their way in the now-Lotten Town, Kiryu and Yusei arrived to crash their party. They engage in a serious battle for survival and to save the hostages. Yusei and Kiryu have teamed up against the villain Lotten. How will this last episode turn out? Will it be the end of 5D’s? Will we even see Ruka and Rua back?! Does anyone still remember Yliaster?!

Key Card of the Week:

Infernity Death Gunman: LV 1, 100 ATK / 100 DEF (Kiryu's)

Episode 92:

We continue from where we left off last time. Yusei promises that Kiryu will not die and he will save the town. The kids cheer them both on while the gang watching are starting to see hope. Barbara cracks her whip on the ground to remind them that Lotten cannot be defeated. So they shouldn’t try anything funny or it’ll be off with their heads.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Duel status from last time:
Kiryu: 0 LP
Yusei: 4000 LP
Lotten: 4000 LP

Turn 6 - Yusei: 4000 LP
- Discards Quillbolt Hedgehog to Special Summon his Quickdraw Synchron from his hand.
- Uses Quillbolt Hedgehog's effect and Special Summons itself from the Graveyard.
- Tunes LV 5 Quickdraw Synchron with LV 2 Quillbolt Hedgehog to Synchro Summon his Nitro Warrior.
- Nitro Warrior attacks and destroys Lotten's Gatling Ogre in Defense Position.
- Nitro Warrior's effect activates and turns one of Lotten's Ambush Tokens into Attack Position and then attacks and destroys it (Lotten: 1300 LP).
- Justice Bringer destroys another one of Lotten's Ambush Tokens.
- Sets 2 cards down.

Yusei and Kiryu feel they have the upper hand now. Lotten has no more set cards and his Gatling Ogre has been defeated and even brought Lotten’s LP down to only 1300 in a single turn. Lotten tells them it’s too early to celebrate and then the bad guy background theme music starts. It’s time for the villain’s counterattack!

Turn 7 - Lotten: 1300 LP
- Activates a Spell Card, Treasure of the Buried Spells. He removes three Spell Cards from his Graveyard (Reload, Pot of Avarice and Linear Accelerator Cannon) and then draws 2 cards.
- Tributes two of his Ambush Tokens to summon Longbarrel Ogre.
- Uses Longbarrel Ogre's effect. It destroys a monster on the opponent's side of the field with the highest ATK and deals damage to its controller half of the ATK. Lotten chooses Kiryu's field and Infernity Archfiend is destroyed. Kiryu takes 900 damage as a result. Kiryu's Death Counter becomes 2.

Longbarrel Ogre: LV 7, 3000 ATK / 3000 DEF

Kiryu's Death Counter.

Lotten explains that his Longbarrel Ogre can use its effect up to twice per turn! If Kiryu gets hit again, he’ll receive his third and final Death Counter. Thus, his Life Points would affect him and he will lose.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Longbarrel Ogre's effect targets Kiryu's Infernity Beast.
- Yusei activates his Trap Card, Skill Twister. He switches the target of the effect to his Nitro Warrior. Yusei's LP goes down to 2600.
- Sets a card.

Lotten then says it’s fine if Yusei wants to die first. Kiryu responds, saying that they won’t fall before Lotten does.

Turn 8 - Kiryu: 0 LP
- Activates a Spell Card called Bullet & Cartridge. He sends 4 cards to his Graveyard from his Deck. Then, he draws a card and returns the activated Bullet & Cartridge back to the top of his Deck. If he draws Bullet & Cartridge it is immediately discarded.

Lotten notices that Kiryu threw an Infernity Death Gunman to his Graveyard during that play and remembers how Infernity Death Gunman’s effect worked back at the first turn of the Duel. Infernity Death Gunman is a Russian Roulette-esque monster where you risk your LP for the next draw. But now that Bullet & Cartridge was placed on top of Kiryu’s Deck… once he calls out Infernity Death Gunman, it’s over for Kiryu.

Part B:

Continuing Kiryu's turn:
- Summons Infernity Reloader.
- Tunes his LV 1 Infernity Reloader with his two LV 2 Infernity Beetles and LV 3 Infernity Beast to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Infernity Death Dragon!
- Uses Infernity Death Dragon's effect that destroys an opponent's monster and deals damage equal to half its ATK points on Lotten's Longbarrel Ogre.
- Lotten responds with a Trap Card called Metal Coat which turns into an Equip Card for Longbarrel Ogre and protects the equipped monster from being destroyed via card effect.

Kiryu's ace monster, alongside him and Infernity Zero.

Kiryu ends his turn and Lotten laughs. They couldn’t destroy his Longbarrel Ogre and defeat him. He mocks them by saying he might be real Shinigami around. Yusei tells him that he’s still in the match and that he will defeat Longbarrel Ogre. The people watching start to take notice of Yusei’s tough resolve.

Turn 9 - Yusei: 2600 LP
- Summons Bri Synchron.
- Tunes LV 4 Bri Synchron with his LV 4 Justice Bringer to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Stardust Dragon!
- Uses Bri Synchron's effect in the Graveyard and increases Stardust Dragon's ATK by 600 (3100 ATK) but its effect will be negated until the End Phase.

Bri Synchron: LV 4 Tuner, 1500 ATK

With that, Stardust Dragon has surpassed Longbarrel Ogre’s ATK! It’s time to send him away… but Lotten has other ideas!

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Stardust Dragon attacks Lotten's Longbarrel Ogre.
- Lotten sends Metal Coat to the Graveyard to prevent Longbarrel Ogre from being destroyed by battle.
- Yusei follows up a Continuous Trap Card, Synchro Blast. With that card, every time a Synchro Monster attacks, 500 points of damage is dealt to the opponent after damage calculation. Lotten loses 500 points as a result (Lotten: 800 LP).
- End Phase. Stardust Dragon's attack reverts to 2500.

Lotten still feels confident as his Longbarrel Ogre still stands. Yusei tells him Lotten’s heart has grown weaker though. The Duel cannot determine its winner now. But before Lotten could start his next turn, the guys watching had enough of watching.

"You know... I have a feeling we're being watched..."

"Really? What makes you say that?"

It seems Barbara ordered them to aim their shock guns at Yusei and Kiryu. She says that she has had enough of the Duel. Lotten is the absolute winner. The undertakers also question this move because Dueling is the only thing left for that town but gets aimed by guns. She threatens Yusei and Kiryu to surrender or else the kids will get a taste of her whip.

Kiryu almost removes his Duel Disk but Nicko stops him. She says that Kiryu promised that he will show them his will to live. He will show the town what he can do through sheer determination. But suddenly…

"Who wants to see Barbara strip!?"

Well, so much for that. The group has finally defected off of Lotten’s group. They encourage everyone else by saying that their fate should be moved by their own actions so they have to trust Kiryu, the savior and not the Shinigami. Everyone buys this and removes their red scarves and lowers their guns.

Lotten shoots down the two guys who were apprehending Barbara. Kiryu calls out to him, asking him why he calls himself a Duelist and Lotten tries to be funny by saying he’s a “realist”. Nice try, though. He aims his shock gun at Kiryu, saying that the winner has been decided since the start of the Duel. But then…

Nani?! It's Batman!!

The gun drops, along with a card… Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind! It’s Crow!

Oh... it's just Crowman...

Crow apologizes for being late. It seems Yusei called him… when? Ah, who cares.

Meanwhile, Barbara unties the kids and tries to escape with them. But because Crow showed up already, we now know who’s gonna stop her.

Yup, it’s Jack! He just shoved Barbara off the kids, claiming that he will not forgive anyone who does wrong, even if it’s a lady.

"Do we really have to do this thumbs up thing? It looks like that Naruto thing..."

"Just shut up and do a thumbs up."

Kiryu is amazed. Team Satisfaction has re-united! The kids watch in disbelief.

Team Satisfaction reunited!

In the meantime, Ushio was busy freeing the captives from the mines.

"I'm here too. But I won't do a thumbs up because I'm cool like that."

Suddenly, Lotten takes out a device and presses a button. Almost everything in town explodes. He shoves Barbara on the way and escapes by himself on his huge D-Wheel.

Kiryu checks on the kids. Lotten has escaped… but Yusei tells Kiryu that he should use his D-Wheel. Kiryu hurries and rides off to pursue Lotten.

Kiryu catches up and knocks Lotten off his big wheels. He wants to continue the Duel. Lotten thinks he’s crazy for following him all the way just to continue a card game. Kiryu says that if Lotten beats him, Lotten will be home free and escape. Lotten chooses to bet on this last chance, as he knows that Kiryu’s top card is Bullet & Cartridge from turn 8, as he also knows that Kiryu will use his Infernity Death Gunman to save himself. Now it’s a 1-on-1 match.

Turn 10 - Lotten: 800 LP
- Uses Longbarrel Ogre's effect and destroys Infernity Death Dragon.

As Kiryu is almost hit the after-effect bullet of Longbarrel Ogre, it changes trajectory and misses. The reason is simple…

Deja vu!!

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Kiryu activates the effect of Infernity Death Gunman from his Graveyard. Lotten already knows this.

Now is the moment of truth… Lotten has to decide… It’s do or die. Tension builds up as Lotten stares into Kiryu’s Infernity Death Gunman. He finally speaks up and makes a decision… he wishes to activate Infernity Death Gunman’s effect!

Destiny Draw system?!

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Kiryu draws the top card of his Deck... which turns out to be... Infernity Climber!

Infernity Climber: LV 3, 0 ATK / 800 DEF

Lotten is shocked. How did that happen? Kiryu explains… he placed it on top of his Deck during the commotion! No, just kidding…

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Kiryu activated Infernity Climber's effect. When his hand cards are 0, he can place it back on top of his Deck from his Graveyard.
- The drawn card was a monster card... Lotten takes the 1500 damage that Kiryu was supposed to take (Lotten: 0 LP).
- Kiryu wins! Kiryu wins! Kiryu finally wins!

You just lost the game... now we did too!

Lotten falls down to his defeat, just in time as the sun completely sets. Kiryu mentions that now, he is satisfied.

That's right... let the hyenas do the dirty work.

Later or the next day, Lotten and Barbara were sent to prison. The other guys from the rival groups were told to stay and rebuild the town destroyed by Lotten. It seems Kiryu also wants to stay with his loli.

"Hah... you're not the only one with a loli now, Yusei!"

He thanks Yusei for coming over… if it weren’t for him, Kiryu’s life may have been meaningless and dead.

Oh, yes. Let's not forget friendship which apparently saved everyone.

Crow says it’s a shame that they won’t fully-revive Team Satisfaction. Yusei, Jack and Crow bid farewell to their matured friend.

And to complete the set, here's a Kiryu thumbs up!

Kiryu then looks at the town he is now building. He tells himself that until the town can stand on its own again… he can’t be satisfied.

And Kiryu lived happily ever after... with his loli...

Not Kiryu Town?

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip


Well… there goes the point of the arc…

It’s a shame that they did not bring Kiryu back with them to Neo Domino City, but as logic dictates, Kiryu has to stay as there seems to be no other able leader around. Whatever happened to Marko and Ramon anyway? But as a downside, the whole arc’s purpose was for Yusei to bring Kiryu back… so actually, this arc seems like a very good filler… so good that it actually beats the main story’s flow.

I’m not quite surprised with Kiryu staying as I have stated before that it’s one of my expected outcomes.

It was also a nice idea to bring back together Team Satisfaction… though that was kinda quick and I’m not really satisfied with that.

Overall, the whole episode lands on average… as this was indicated as the last episode of the mini-arc, we did expect Lotten to get defeated, the only question was ‘how?’. They did that quite nicely. Kiryu ended the match by himself to an escaping and not to mention confident Lotten. Now this is why everyone should read the cards’ effects before doing anything!

The police… why do they always come in at the last minute?

But yeah, this is a very nice arc, I gotta admit that. Putting aside the superhuman resistance of everyone, including the children, everything flowed quite nicely. The heroes did not have their way quickly, as opposed to the old episodes. Lotten actually gave you a reason to think twice. If things would be like this, it may become interesting again.

Next episode:

Mizoguchi… you know, that uh… girl’s butler… what’s her name again? Shelley? No… it was… uh… lemme check wiki… Oh, I was close. Yes, Sherry. It seems Yusei (with Bruno) wants to talk with Sherry or something? But Mizoguchi blocks the way and the only thing that can make him move is a Duel? I’m not sure I follow that preview, but anyway. Next episode is about Dueling butlers! Sadly, it’s not Hayate. Well, it seems we’re back on track with Yliaster!

This is the Bunny Chief, waiting for Ruka to finally appear again, over and out!


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  1. …and they all lived happily ever after.
    Please let’s stop the fillers now ;;
    Yusei and gundam… it just had to happen after his DRILL warrior… what’s next? Macross Synchron?

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