Kobato. 13 : Tree ni Todoke

January 16, 2010

A confession in today's episode?!

Time for Kobato~ I don’t feel like doing an intro… just read on and enjoy moe Kobato and some tree hugging fetishes!

The episode starts with Kobato smelling the scent of fall from sniffing a leaf. Ioryogi comments that it’s weird for her to have nostalgic feelings about fall, even though she doesn’t have memories. Kobato’s attention then suddenly gets pulled to some tree in the distance. When arriving there, she realizes just how biiiiiiig the tree is and even Puppy-san is impressed by its size.

hmm~ the smell of rotting leaves, that's what fall is all about! rotting!

While walking around, Kobato wonders about that big tree while Puppy-san stares at one of its leaves. He suddenly jumps off Kobato’s bag and asks her what the leaf means. When Kobato can’t answer properly, he shouts that there’s only 2 seasons left to fill her bottle and get her wish granted. Then he asks if Kobato still remembers the place where she wants to go to. Kobato nods but then suddenly a heavy wind almost blows Kobato’s hat away. Ioryogi tells her to be more careful, which makes Kobato a little frightened.

When arriving at the nursery, Kobato suddenly hears Toshihiko and some other kid fight over some blocks. Kobato tries to settle the fight, but then the extra kid throws the blocks away saying he doesn’t want it. Mr Cool appears and picks up the block saying they need to value it or they won’t be allowed to play with it at all. The kids are kinda pissed and say they don’t want them anyway because they’re old and crappy toys. Mr Cool almost snaps, but Kobato stops him.

Who wants a free hug~

A while later, Kobato pulls of the dried blankets at the rooftop, she’s sad and spacing out because of what just happened, she even forgets Puppy-san who’s lazing inside the collector basket. Sayako then arrives and asks Kobato if there’s something wrong because she saw Mr Cool leaving with a sad expression. Kobato tells her the story and says she didn’t realize Mr Cool’s expression wasn’t an angry one, but a sad one. Sayaka tells Kobato it would be good if the kids had some new toys to play with. Suddenly Kobato gets an idea…

Kobato leading her army of doom through hell!

She takes them to the giant tree which she visited with Ioryogi earlier. The kids wonder why the place is special, but Kobato soon explains them they can use the different colors and shapes of the leaves for drawings. They all get excited about the idea and start collecting leaves.

The two fighting dudes from earlier both hand a leaf they found to Sayaka and Kobato. They apologize for their behavior earlier and promise that they’ll take care of the blocks from now on. Sayaka’s still gloomy about the block thing, but Kobato then cheers her up.

When Kobato and Sayaka admire the mighty tree, some cars arrive at the spot. As the men wearing helmets get out of their cars, Kobato runs over and asks what they’re here for. One of them answers they’re here to chop down the tree because the neighbors complain about it and because the area is needed for redevelopment. Kobato and the kids are upset, but the man tells them to go away since it’s gonna be dangerous.

Hippies vs Government... it'll always be a problem... now who's the hippie here?

At night, Kobato asks Ioryogi what redevelopment means. He explains it as old streets and houses being torn down to build new stuff. Kobato then wonders if old things are useless, which isn’t the case according to Ioryogi. But a lot of people do like new stuff he adds after that.

Early in the morning, Puppy-san wakes up because of Kobato preparing to head out. She wants to tell the government workers to not chop down the tree. Because of Kobato being noisy, Mr Cool also wakes up.

When arriving at the site, Kobato notices Kohaku standing in front of the tree. Kobato tells her about the redevelopment thing, but says it’ll be alright if they do something about it. Unfortunately, the people who pass by don’t really care about the tree and go on with their lives. Kobato feels sad and sorry for the tree who’s been watching over the town for that many years.

The tree whisperer...

As you can see, Kohaku walks over to the tree. She tells Kobato not to worry since the tree is happy. Kobato is surprised, but Ioryogi says that it’s normal for her to understand since she’s been an angel afterall. What follows is a kind of tree…dialogue… between Kobato and tree. Kohaku says that it thanks Kobato for letting the children play the day before and bids farewell to them. Kobato tells “it” not to give up and that she’ll do something for him. She starts to dig in despair, but Kohaku stops her.

Kohaku tells Kobato she knew a wisteria tree about the same age as the tree in front of them. It told her that “it” was blessed to be there for the people. She then places her hand and Kobato’s on the tree asking if she can hear the song coming from the tree. Kobato feels the song and she starts to sing the melody…

When their song finished, the ground starts shaking, Mr Cool who followed Kobato quickly pulls her away. The tree collapses and falls down ahead of them. Kobato is sad, but quickly snaps out of it when Mr Cool asks her if she realized just how dangerous it was. Mr Cool then says it was his time since the center of the tree was hollow already, sooner or later, it would’ve died anyway. Kohaku says that the tree did its best to last until the moment their song finished.

R.I.P. tree

At night, Kobato looks at her bottle and notices a new glowing konpeito. Puppy-san tells her it might’ve been from the tree. Kobato is surprised, but Puppy-san tells her that trees also have a soul. The following day, the kids made drawings from the leaves of the tree and Mr Cool makes new blocks with the wood of the tree’s branches.

So yeah, that clears the issue of the yellow one... BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHERS?!


Thoughts :

Well, there not that much to say about this episode I think…

It was kinda disappointing to me since it didn’t build onwards on what happened the last time which was interesting. However, it was kinda touching for all the plants in world… I guess. No seriously, it was cute, but I still hope something more interesting happens next time.

And about the song, though I’ve heard the song a few times already, it still touches me every time… I really enjoy the high tones in it.

Anyway, that’ll be it for me. See you back when there’s more Kimi ni Todoke!

Kyon, at your service!


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