Dance in the Vampire Bund 01 – PROM NIGHT

January 15, 2010

Blonde? Loli? Twin-tails? Vampire? What else do you want?

…And I’m sure some people will know who is writing.

Before you get me mistaken, this is thelazyprince Lelouch, making another anime entry called Dance in the Vampire Bund. I picked this show because the main character is a blonde twin tail. Hell yeah! I have heard handful of remarks about this manga way before it got released as an anime. Well, some people said it didn’t follow the manga that well (and I’m not really good at reading manga) but they still liked how it turned out. To those who have read the manga, should I read it too?

Personally, the voice actor list isn’t that heavy but don’t be dismay. Watch it and be amazed! Oh yeah, ages 15+ required.

So... Ooishi stopped being a policeman and went to showbiz

The episode started with a talk show called Astraea’s Balance and their topic is about vampires. They showed a video of a girl whom they call by the name of A-san (…really) which had bitten by a vampire and has a mark on her neck. The show was filled with famous celebrities, all related to vampire and for your inconvenience, I’ll list their names:

Professor Isao Ebikawa (The most person among them who knows a lot about Vampires), Hiromi Ubayama (A stage actress who will perform in Around 40 go home), Yumi-san (A prominent figure in modeling business and the only person you might want to see in the show), Nozomu Tamaki (Manga Artist who published Bloody Waltz) and Hirai Seiichi (The actor who will play a lead role on Vampire Prince). Professor Isao Ebikawa, Hiromi Ubayama and Nozomu Tamaki voted that Vampires doesn’t exist. Yumi and Hirai disagree due to lame excuses.

I won’t go to details, the talk is really stubborn and it will go on around 6/8 of the episode. You.just.have.to.deal.with.it

Go to hell Ebikawa, You''re not the reason why I'm watching this

Around some time, Yumi got brainwashed by Isao Ebikawa’s explanation and agreed that Vampires doesn’t exist.

96 Points?

So, the female host picked a member of the audience and of course, she picked someone who wasn’t on any of that audience random camera shots. The girl who got picked got a nasty rebut about the topic. But yeah, since she’s just a child, her point didn’t earn a thing.

They have shown another clip about a vampire queen or something?

-Miss Bella Tooth-san-

And you know what? They brought that Vampire Queen to stage.

The Vampire Queen, which they called as Bella Tooth, showed them the vampire arm.

Ebikawa started to talk like a mad mother would do (Even though he’s having nosebleed. Getting nosebleed with just that? I have seen more!). The girl from earlier interferes and told him that by letting to know that the vampire’s arm is there, he might actually get it back.

Remember... this scene is the main twist

Afterwards, they called Neera, which is in Shibuya right now, to ask people there what they think about vampires.

The topic went back to the arm. Bella told them that the arm is genuine but Ebikawa refused to believe it. Hirai joined the discussion and ends up changing his vote to vampire don’t exist.

And this is where the fun starts…

Bella started her rebut, strengthening the idea that vampires are real and they have become a part of the community for a long time already. When Ebikawa asked why they just appeared just now, she replied that there is someone who doesn’t have common sense has started harming humans without authority.

Bella walks on, continuing her flawless talk and made a sharp remark on one of the judges: Hirai.

The girl then asked Nozomu where the seal is in his manga. Nozomu said it’s in his left hand and noticed that-

Which made Hirai damn angry…

Voltes V!

With the use of super advance technology, Hirai used his mechanical arm to get his original arm from distance. Hirai continued and bit Yumi (He should have biten Hiromi) and transformed into a giant… beast… that looks like a green, ugly, chameleon.

The Monsterfied Hirai attacked Bella using his elastic tongue (Indeed… he’s a chameleon, vampire chameleon…) but got defended by Neeri. And to show how heavy he is, Hirai jumped to the scale.

Everything get ruined after that.


They continued the battle at the rooftop, camera still in motion.

The girl from earlier confronted and revealed her name (Just check the snapshot J ). Hirai attacked but go stopped by just a stare of Mina and a one liner to kill of the chimera Hirai.

She then started talking, in national television, and claimed that Vampires are real and they are planning to restore a kingdom pr their relatives (known as the vampire bund) will be formed of Tokyo Reclaimed Land Zero (A.K.A. The hole Suzaku blown to bits but now covered)


I was going to make this a double episode but I give up… I can only do one summary for three hours. I guess I’ll do it later…

Anyway, half of the episode is boring. Well, after rewatching it again, I did saw some of the good aspects of it. It did explain what vampire is in their world (Ebikawa is wrong. Twilight is a vampire novel and it’s already popular even before they got into the movie. The only reason why it’s popular is not because of the recession, it’s because the actors are well-known). But hey, the remaining 8 minutes or so is worth it…

There is no next episode preview for this one (only that comical… you-know-what) and I’ll probably do the next episode later.

So that’s it. Again, this is thelazyprince, Lelouch. Thank you for reading…


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  1. it’s simple… if all the fangirls can squeal over their male vamp traps like in twilight or vampire knight, then we fanboys can have our own twintails loli vamp too! Go Shaft!

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