FULL METAL Alchemist – Theme of Lan Fan

January 14, 2010


Some of you may know that I’m a huge fan of Nana Mizuki (You know… Fate Testarossa and Akashiya Moka… oh crap… I didn’t knew she was Hyuuga Hinata as well…). Well… I didn’t like her because she is the voice actor of my all time favorite characters but of her singing voice. If you haven’t heard any of Magical Lyrical Nanoha (any version) songs yet, you should. Add to your list her albums such as Ultimate Diamond and The Museum while you’re at it.

Aside from that, here is another song made by Nana Mizuki. Theme of Lan Fan is one of the character songs of the new full metal alchemist brotherhood. There are currently 3 character songs that had been released (and I have no freaking clue where to get the second one). But you know what? They are damn good.

Track list

1. Sora Kaze
2. Sotto, Sotto
3. Sora Kaze (instrumental)
4. Sotto, Sotto (Instrumental)

Both songs are great (Of course) though I prefer the second one.

I haven’t found any lyrics for both songs, so if any of you guys knows where to find one just tell me.

That’s all for now I guess? This is thelazyprince and thank you for reading~



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