Kimi ni Todoke 14 : Feelings Stated

January 13, 2010

*insert epic sky picture with sparkling teeth here*

Yay~ I’m pretty fast with this one this week! I’m not gonna wast much time on the intro since so much happens in this episode! If you’re up for an emotional rollercoaster ride, read on!

The episode starts with Sawako facing Kurumin after Ayane and Chizuru told her Kurumin is the one who spread the rumors about her. Sawako is kinda overwhelmed by it and asks if she also spread the Sawako-banchou rumor. Ayane and Chizuru burst into laughter after hearing about it.

"I defeated both Taiga and Haruka Minami... teme!!"

Meanwhile Kurumin is getting pissed over their behavior in background. Sawako still doesn’t understand the point, but Ayane tells her Kurumin just made up the rumors on the spot and that she’s just retarded. Kurumin snaps and shouts they should quit calling her an idiot. She continues rampaging while saying other Kazehaya fans also helped her spreading the rumors.

The three girls sweatdrop as their astonished by her reaction. Sawako still believes in Kurumin’s innocence, Kurumin tells Sawako the hard truth.

aha! I won the bet! now where's my money?!

Kurumin says Sawako is an obstacle for her that was in her way. Sawako asks  Kurumin if she hates her, which Kurumin replies with a simple yes. She even asks if she just noticed it now. Sawako is paralyzed and thinks back of the moments where Kurumin greeted her with a smile brighter than a thousand suns. Kurumin looks away from Sawako and finishes her lines with saying she never thought of Sawako as a friend.

Chizuru and Ayane get greatly annoyed by Kurumin’s terrible attitude. They tell Sawako to fight back, but the poor girl is too shocked from the moment before that only tears roll down her cheeks.

Chizu loses control and lets her emotions run freely… literally.


Chizu calls out to Kurumin who looks up surprised. She walks up to Kurumin and tells her she doesn’t care if she keeps on insulting or hurting herself, but she won’t allow her to say anything more about Ayane and Sawako. And that she won’t forgive her if she makes Sawako cry once more. Sawako and Ayane are touched by Chizuru’s warm speech.

Kurumin looks down and after a moment she tells Sawako she plays dirty. Then regains her agitated attitude and says she uses people since they also use her and forget about her once they don’t need her help anymore. Ayane sighs and reasons that Kurumin won’t change her method. Because of that, she taunts Kurumin by saying…

Why don't you just tell it to Pin?

Kurumin is in a tough position now, but her pride doesn’t wanna lose. So she stays stubborn and rockheaded saying Ayane should just go say it. Then the bell rings and Ayane tells Sawako and Chizu they should go to the volleyball match now. Chizu and Ayane leave, but Sawako doesn’t, not until Kurumin tells her to leave and earn Kazehaya’s sympathy again. Sawako wipes her tears away and leaves, Kurumin drops onto her knees and remains on the same spot…

Lost the game and not willing to admit defeat...

A bit later, Sawako catches up with Chizu and Ayane. After panting a bit, she begs them not to tell Kazehaya about the rumor thing. Chizu and Ayane are kinda surprised and they answer they weren’t really planning on telling him anyway. Sawako reasons that Kurumin would never wanna have the person she likes to think bad of her.

Ayane suddenly tells Sawako she’s sorry for shocking her earlier. Sawako is overjoyed and hops around saying she should be the one apologizing for getting them involved in the first place. Chizu and Ayane reassure Sawako it’s fine and that they were just worried about her, but Sawako answers she didn’t really care about the rumors since she’s used to them already.

Then it’s volleyball time. While Ayane and Chizuru play, Sawako realizes she has to tell her feelings to people in order to make people understand about her. And wonders if she can also reach to Kurumin that way…

While walking outside, Chizu sulks and complains on how the lost the volleyball match. Suddenly they notice some girls gossiping about Kurumin who didn’t just the soccer match. The three continue their way to the soccer field for their match. Sawako wonders if Kurumin is still at the same place as earlier.

During the soccer match…


…Sawako thinks back of some moments where she talked to Kurumin. While Chizuru scores the final goal, Sawako wonders if Kurumin saying Sawako was the first one hearing about her feelings for Kazehaya, was also a lie.

Chizuru bumps into Sawako to celebrate, but Sawako doesn’t react, she tells Chizuru she had to tell something to Kurumin back there. Sawako runs off and Ayane who hands Chizuru a towel says it’s normal since Sawako didn’t say a word back when Kurumin admitted.

Later, Kazehaya finally arrives at the soccer field. He asks Chizuru and Ayane about and then says he couldn’t be on time because of Pin bossing him around. The same Pin suddenly makes his appearance as well. He starts bragging about how epic he was when he told Kurumin she’s too young for him. Chizu and Ayane suddenly empathize with poor Kurumin…

the host club can't even match his ego...

Who's the ghost now huh?

After Pin gets pulled away by Kazehaya, Sawako arrives at where Kurumin’s (still) sitting.

Sawako kneels in front of Kurumin who isn’t really pleased with Sawako’s company, but Sawako gets straight to the point.

That took... 13 episodes and 17:13 minutes.

Kurumin’s eyes widen, Sawako admits she actually wanted to tell it to her back then and that it’s the first time she was able to put it into words. Inside, Sawako feels her heart beating, it feels similar to the moments she’s together with Kazehaya. Sawako now understands how Kurumin felt when she admitted her feelings to her.

Kurumin tries back away saying she isn’t Sawako’s friend, but Sawako interrupts by asking if Kurumin was nervous while confessing her feelings and if she was happy afterwards. Kurumin jumps up after reflecting upon Sawako’s words. She shouts that Sawako is just in her way, that she can get close to Kazehaya without even trying and because of that, she hates Sawako. Kurumin’s eyes get filled with tears as she says she loves Kazehaya so much more than Sawako.

Sawako feels and understands Kurumin’s feelings and says Kurumin is a lot cuter now than back when she first met her. Kurumin answers she also knows she’s cuter, but it has no use when Kazehaya doesn’t fall for her…

Now this is drama on its best...

Kurumin knows that Kazehaya doesn’t have his eyes on her since she’s always watching him. Now also with tears piling up in her eyes, Sawako tells that she can only admit her feelings to Kurumin, just because of the fact that Kurumin knows so many things about Kazehaya…

Sawako ends with saying that she doesn’t envy Kurumin for her looks or because she’s a good match for Kazehaya, but only because she noticed how cute she is when being in love with him…


Thoughts :

Oh my…

This isn’t the best time to write down my thoughts since I’m still pretty moved by this episode, but still… it’s a blogger’s duty!

This episode was amazing… it covered so many flows of emotions that a rollercoaster would jealous if it noticed all the loops of this episode. We jumped from epicness when Ayane and Chizuru confronted Kurumin, to the best comedy joke ever with Pin and ended with the best tearjerker of the season…

Seriously, I’m perplex about the voice acting, the animation and the soothing music from that last scene. I can truly empathize with Kurumi’s feelings, I think everyone can actually… it feels really annoying when there’s someone you like, but he or she doesn’t even notice you. I just wish I had a friend like Sawako for those moments… Don’t worry about me though, I’m fine~

But anyway, I think Kurumin’s arc isn’t over yet unlike I thought last week, though I still wonder what’ll happen after this. For next week, Kurumin seems to confess to Kazehaya, though we all know how that’ll end if that’s the case… so I’m not sure what to expect.

Kyon (I’m not crying!) at your service!


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  1. Aww, such a sad day for humanity… Kurumi just got served… and served properly, but now she’s all pitiful and stuff.

    So yeah, next time, never pick a fight with a ghost. You’ll surely lose… especially if she’s voiced by Mamiko Noto.

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