Kobato 12 : A Day with Ioryogi

January 12, 2010

Wrinkles... even stuffed animals get them when they get older...

I’m a bit late as always with my Kobato post, but in order to keep the one post per day schedule, I’m posting it today. It’s quite an interesting episode, as more of the bigger plot gets revealed, Ioryogi’s background (and even his real name!) Enough to keep on reading I’d say!

We start the episode over night. Kobato and Ioryogi are snoozing peacefully and don’t notice that in the background, a familiar figure is keeping an eye on them. It’s Ginsei, who thinks Ioryogi looks pathetic in his stuffed animal form, something we all think actually.

He learned that trick from Rukia

The following morning, Kobato heads to the nursery as usual. As the kids greet her, Marina shows a ribbon to Kobato and asks her if she can tie it around Puppy-san. Kobato agrees and so, Ginsei’s statement is strengthened again.

I bet he'd be shedding manly tears by now;

Kobato enters the main office and greets Sayaka and Fujimoto. She places Ioryogi on a desk and heads off to duty. Fujimoto tells Sayaka he wonders why Kobato is so fond of the plush puppy.

At a complete different dimension, Mr Bear is having fun in his baumkuchen restaurant. He notices Ginsei’s presence without even seeing him, though maybe…he just reeks? Ginsei enters the store anyway and asks Mr Bear what Ioryogi is thinking nowadays. Mr Bear asks why Ginsei is asking him about that, but then starts explaining. He tells that they’re all inhabitants of the spirit world and that there are four worlds in total. The heavenly world, the human world, the underworld and the spirit world. The heavenly world is controlled by God, the underworld by the Devil and the spirit world by the King of Spirits. All of the named worlds are following the rule of nonaggression against eachother, however “Iorogi” started a war with heaven and got punished. The result of his punishment is the body he’s in now.

Ginsei got pissed when Mr Bear called “Iorogi” an idiot, Mr Bear quickly corrects himself by saying he’s just a “little” stupid. Mr Bear then continues saying that the true reason for Ioryogi starting the war was that he just had to have at all costs. Ginsei takes over then and says that Ioryogi wasn’t able to get it. Mr Bear says it would’ve been better if he just stole it like “the Devil’s brat”, but since he failed, he was punished including him and that stupid bird from some episodes ago too.

yeah just wait until season 2

Ginsei asks about “the girl’s” wish. Mr Bear tells him that she needs to fill a bottle with healed hearts of people in other to get her wish granted. After hearing that, Ginsei looks outside and disappears just when Mr Bear was about to treat him a piece of baumkuchen.

Back at the nursery, Puppy-san is tired of his ribbon and takes it off, unfortunately for him Sayaka enters just after and puts back on. Outside, Kobato is playing with whatshisname and suddenly gets called by Domoto. He tells her he needs to see Mr Cool. It’s his lucky day, cause Mr Cool appears right after though, with his usual cold shoulder attitude. Domoto wants him to come over to an important seminar, but Mr Cool doesn’t wanna go since  he’s busy working. But, that’s not according to Sayaka’s will, she tells him to go since she and Kobato can take care of the nursery on their own. Surprisingly or not, he listens to Sayaka like a good loyal… dog.

It makes you wonder what those two do at night~

Once again Puppy-san gets rid of the annoying ribbon around his ear, once again he gets it tied back, this time by Mr Cool himself!! And while Kobato and Sayaka are keeping themselves busy with kids, Puppy-san tries to get rid of the ribbon…again. Problem is that Mr Cool tied it a bit too tight. At the end of the day, Kobato and Puppy-san head back. He’s quite shocked when Sayaka calls him Ioryogi-chan when leaving.

A bit later at the park, Ioryogi gets angry because of Kobato’s slacking attitude. He tells her that time is ticking faster than before and that she’s just filling her day helping at the nursery while she should actually be trying to fill up her bottle. He takes out Kobato’s bottle and says that if she doesn’t fill it, her wish won’t be granted.

Then suddenly, a wild Pokemon Ginsei appears!  He jumps down towards Ioryogi, but the puppy blocks with meteor of destruction.

*Insert Red & Blue version opening theme here*

Ioryogi’s ribbon gets slashed away when Ginsei blocks his attack. The over-evolved rabbit suddenly switches targets and heads for Kobato, when Ioryogi protects her, he heads for the bottle. He takes it with him and leaves, Ioryogi chases him and leaves Kobato behind.

After the break, we see miss Angel walking through the park. While enjoying the infra-red environment, she notices Puppy-san and Ginsei running through the bushes.

A while later, the two stop at an open spot in the forest. Ginsei asks Ioryogi why he’s staying in “that” form in the human world for so long, Puppy-san asnwers that he has stuff to do.

Another scene switch, Zuisho, the stupid bird, arrives at the baumkuchen shop. He reports to Mr Bear that Ioryogi and Ginsei are fighting. Bear reacts kinda cold and hands a box to Zuisho saying he should give it to the loser as get-well present. Then he tells the bird that Ioryogi was the one who took Ginsei in and even gave him the name he carries now.

And now he's a Soifon too?!

Meanwhile, the two keep on fighting. Ioryogi tackles Ginsei, but gets a headache in return. Ginsei pins Ioryogi down and tells him he looks pathetic now, both in shape and name. We get to see a small flashback to understand what Ginsei means by that. Kobato is in it, trying to pronounce Iorogi. She keeps on failing and says Ioryogi all the time. Puppy-san gets angry, but then mis-pronounces his own name as Ioryogi.

Ioryogi orders Ginsei to give the bottle back, but Ginsei wants him to tell he’s coming back with him to the spirit world. Puppy-san however answers that he needs to take care of something and won’t go back until it’s over. Ginsei mentions that the old Ioryogi would leave Kobato and go back, but Puppy-san has changed just like Mr Bear said. Ginsei doesn’t wanna hear it though and kicks Puppy-san then says if the bottle is gone, she can’t make her wish come true.

But when he’s about to slash the bottle, Ioryogi begs him to give back the bottle. Ginsei is surprised and now also thinks back of Mr Bear’s words. Once again, he says that the old Puppy-san would’ve never begged for such a thing. He loses his will to fight and leaves the bottle, then leaves himself.

At the same time, Kobato is searching through the town. She suddenly bumps into Kohaku and tells her that Puppy-san disappeared. She tells Kobato that she saw him back in Sakura Park…

Why did I think of the line "OMG Lelouch is so slippery" here?

Meanwhile Puppy-san is trying to get back home, but gets stopped by Mr Cool crossing his path. He picks “it” up and pats the dust away, which seems to hurt quite a bit. A second later, Kobato appears calling out for Ioryogi. The get reunited and Kobato thanks Mr Cool for finding him.

A night, Ioryogi is enjoying his loser’s gift baumkuchen while Kobato thanks him for bringing back her bottle. Puppy-san goes tsundere and give Kobato a -200 for losing her bottle.


Thoughts :

It was amusing to see Kohaku’s fantasy, afterall the animal battle was heavy loaded.

Anyway, lots of new stuff was added today. The relationship between Ioryogi and Ginsei. They aren’t enemies, but rather… old friends. Ioryogi’s name is Iorogi… though Puppy-san is still easier. There are 4 special worlds, but kinda weird is that all of the beings in them look human, while only the human world is called “human”. Anyway, at least we’re getting somewhere now. I hope we keep on evolving more and more away from the “collecting” theme and head to a more “bigger plot” theme.

Kyon, at your service~


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  1. stuffed animals are very cute and lovely, i bet that most kids and even women loves them ,-,

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