To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 14 – Limiter Removal

January 11, 2010

In this episode of Railgun, Furude Rika makes a cameo!

Hello. I am not J, but I’ll be continuing his legacy. I am reviving Railgun today.

His last post was in episode 5 or something but I won’t pick up from there… instead, I’ll be doing the most recent one.

This episode is about the victims of the Level Upper case, though mostly featuring Ruiko. They were sent to a special lesson where their abilities have been put to the test, at the same time, being lectured about surpassing their own limits.

Expect Ruiko filling 80% of the episode, chibi Komoe-sensei and BANCHOU!

Last time on Railgun…

From where J left off, the whole Level Upper case was tackled, ending with Kiyama Harumi turning out to be the main distributor of the dreaded audio program. It is then established that she is yet another well-intentioned extremist afterwards. But then some freaky fetus halo thingy which could indicate lolreligion here came out, explained as an AIM thingy. To counter this huge tentacle monstrosity, the Level Upper’s treatment audio program was played and calmed the raging souls of those who created the monster, through the ten thousand brain networks. Of course, Biribiri dealt the finishing blow, destroying the monster’s core.

Last episode summary:

The group was taken to some swimsuit modeling company where they were, of course, hired to model swimsuits. Kongo Mitsuko and even Konori-senpai arrive and model as well. During a break, they were left with some ingredients to work with for lunch (lazy cheapskates… can’t they just give them something that’s actually cooked already?). They go for curry, which Mitsuko claims that she knows how to cook. Of course, her attempts fail miserably, but due to the very gullible underclassmen that went along with her curry quest, she felt guilty and swallowed her pride and asked for help. In the end, they all ate a wonderful curry… and Misaka gets to wear a cute frilly swimsuit, much to the amazement of a passing-by Touma.

Episode 14:

At a small restaurant, Kuroko and Misaka are enjoying their day-off reading magazines. Kuroko suggests they watch a romantic film, but Misaka doesn’t sound too excited until she comes across an article featuring the Seventh Mist summer festival. Yes, Seventh Mist, that mall during the Graviton case. Kuroko says it’s just for kiddies but Misaka seems insistent on going. Kuroko goes over to Misaka’s side and easily points out why.

She hits the spot...

Kuroko agrees as she knows about her oneesama’s Gekota the frog fetish. As Misaka tries to deny it, Uiharu appears!

You two should take Uiharu as an example... who in the world dresses in a school uniform on their day-off?!

Uiharu apologizes for being late as the bus she missed the bus she was supposed to take. Misaka says she shouldn’t worry because they also just arrived there. Kuroko asks her why Ruiko isn’t with her since they usually come as a 2-in-1 package.

Uiharu explains that Ruiko is in a special lesson. Misaka wonders what kind of special lesson it is, as it is a holiday.

Meanwhile, Ruiko locks the door of her place, ready to leave wearing her school uniform. Her charm drops on the floor and she picks it up after noticing it. It’s the same charm her mother gave her before she came to Academy City.

Plot device?!

Opening song: only my railgun by fripSide

After the opening song, we see Ruiko holding a piece of paper and heading towards a building. It seems that was where their special lessons will be held.

Ruiko's too-trivial-to-actually-remember henchmen... I mean, friends.

Up the stairs, she meets with her buddies: Akemi, Muu-chan and Mako-chin… the girls introduced as Ruiko’s friends during the Level Upper case. They complain about the lesson as they go inside the building.

Inside the classroom, we can see some familiar characters. This is where it starts to make sense.

It's Bushy Brow from episode 3!

And this verifies it.

That girl... from when Misaka posed as a Level Upper customer... let's just call her BANCHOU!

It seems this lesson is somehow tied with the Level Upper case. Well, as the high school gang bunch fight amongst themselves, the teacher arrives… she’s down there… YES!

The return of Ko-MOE-sensei!

Komoe-sensei discusses about Personal Reality, or your very own reality. Of course, I’m no esper nor quantum physics teacher myself so let’s leave the explanations to the master. Well, soon, morning class ends. Komoe-sensei tells them to have lunch and not be late for afternoon classes.

It seems their next class is a Physical Education one, governed by an Antiskill member. Since Komoe already appeared, I guess the next one is pretty obvious.

Ruiko suddenly notices something… she forgot to bring a bento with her!

She checks out the cafeteria, which is empty. As she decides to eat outside instead, she is confronted by… Jufuku!

Well... I did say Furude Rika was here... her voice, I guess.

Ruiko is surprised that Jufuku is also attending the special lessons and did not notice her. Jufuku explains that it was because of her Dummy Check ability which hides her presence.

Jufuku is happy that she participated in the special lesson. She is also very grateful that Ruiko responds to all her letters. She adds that she keeps them under her pillow so she can dream about Ruiko.

Heeeey... Ruiko's the tsukkomi this time?

As Ruiko feels a bit awkward, Jufuku brings up the topic about lunch. Ruiko explains she forgot to bring hers, but luckily, Jufuku made lots.

They eat lunch just outside the building, under a tree. Ruiko compliments Jufuku’s culinary skill. Jufuku then steers to conversation to feeling very pressured inside the classroom. Everyone’s the same there; low-leveled espers. Ruiko thinks it couldn’t be helped that they gathered them there.

Part B:

Next. PE class. Of course, the teacher is none other than Yomikawa Aiho from Antiskill.

Mmm... her voice... is Kitsutaka Tooru's as well.

Their test is a marathon under the heat of the sun. Training to their limits! Running as far as their legs can go!

Ruiko takes the training seriously and goes all out. Her friends whine in contrast.

Yay, PE--what?! No bloomers?!

Later on, most of the students are now down and out. Ruiko gives up as well but Yomikawa tells her to give it one more lap. She does complete a new lap and drops. Yomikawa tells her to stand up and do another lap. Finally, the banchou woman steps up and tells Yomikawa that they already get it. It’s punishment for their usage of the Level Upper program.

Yomikawa tells her she’s misunderstanding something here. This ain’t punishment. What’s wrong with pushing yourself to the limit? She points out to guy who first raised his hand. He’s still running. Even Ruiko, who already gave up yet still managed to do one more lap. If you set a limit to yourself, that’ll only hinder your true abilities from sprouting.

Hee hee... she pointed out the fat guy...

Banchou becomes silent a bit but claims she doesn’t buy it and tries attacking Yomikawa. The Antiskill instructor easily brings her down. Yomikawa explains that class is dismissed because they ran out of time… it starts to rain.

Everyone heads back inside… slowly due to aching muscles. Ruiko looks back and sees the guy who kept on running now on his knees in the pouring rain.

Later back inside, the girls are changing outfits back into their uniforms. Ruiko’s friends start chattering about how Banchou may have been right. Banchou cuts in, who was listening, and tells them it’s definitely a punishment. She then questions why they need to be punished for acquiring an easy way to gain Level.

"Cheating is wrong here. It's only allowed in Yu-Gi-Oh!"

Ruiko suddenly steps up and speaks her mind. She tells the Banchou that they all cheated, so they deserve to be punished. They engage in a heated 12-second staring contest accompanied by a neat thunder effect outside. The Banchou simply jumps off her desk and says how serious Ruiko is and then just leaves.

Ruiko then eases up and expresses her nervousness. That was a very fierce glare. They all laugh it off a bit and realize that what Ruiko said was right. Cheating is definitely wrong.

Back at class, Komoe clears up the misunderstanding. Their special lesson is not a punishment. Their punishment was already given when they all fell unconscious. Sure, everyone in class had used the Level Upper program and had experienced a power that was unbelievable. But those experience can be used for their further growth. It was what Yomikawa was talking about earlier; surpassing their own limits. The Level Upper program may have been just a preview of what they can actually do.

Now Komoe asks them all to close their eyes and remember the feeling, the image and the power they had when they acquired the Level Upper. Everyone does so, including Ruiko. She remembers everything that she said during her depression and the things Misaka and Uiharu said that encouraged her back to reality. Her own personal reality.

Afterwards, they were all asked to come to the final special lesson: the ability test.

Although that scene was not shown, the results were positive for Ruiko and her friends, having gained stats though their Level did not increase. They decide to party but Ruiko notices a small love letter inside her shoe locker. She stays behind instead.

Is it from Sawako?

Later, Ruiko reads the letter. Surely enough, it was from Jufuku. Jufuku is very thankful that she attended the special lesson. By watching Ruiko in the marathon and then standing up to the delinquents, it felt like Ruiko was giving her courage. She learned how to live strongly and not continue regretting what’s already been done.

Ruiko says that she’s not that strong. Looking at her Level that is still zero, she exclaims that she’ll just have to try harder next time. At the same time, the guy from earlier also spoke the same exact words.

Love at first sight~

As Ruiko leaves the building, waiting for her down the stairs were Uiharu, Misaka and Kuroko.

And they arrive to complete the party!

They came to fetch her as they can’t get anything done without her. It seems they were still going about the movie and summer event so they just spent the whole time at the restaurant they met up. So it’s up to Ruiko to decide. Ruiko thinks for a moment and then says she wants to go to the pool instead. They then turn their attention to Uiharu, who will now have to decide instead.

Closing song: Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai he- (Dear My Friend -まだ見ぬ未来へ-) by ELISA


That special lesson looks exactly like Touma’s make-up classes.

Lovely episode, I’d have to say. It tells us what became of the Level Upper victims. Seems to tell us they have lives too and that they were what they are: victims. The whole “surpassing your limits” concept was kinda nice. Victim is such a strong word… how about oppressed… nope… not that one either. But anyway, whatever.

Although I’d have preferred it if episodes 13 and 14 switched around. This one fits better after the Level Upper arc was resolved.

Anyway, like I said, from now on, I’ll be delivering this yet another Railgun entry. Expect more to come!

Why? I don’t feel like watching any Winter season anime… maybe sometime later.

Next episode:

Seems like some new group is causing trouble, dubbed Skillout. Armed thugs hunting down espers or something like that. It may also have something to do with Konori-senpai.

This is the Bunny Chief, reviving Railgun, over and out!


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  1. yay! Railgun!
    It was a good episode indeed, Banchou’s and Ruiko’s characters really developed here. Seeing good old Komoe back was fun too. Actually… I was kinda hoping for Touma to appear, before I realized there were only Level Upper users there… XD
    Good job Chief, now take a good nap! :3

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