Winter 2010 : First Impressions

January 10, 2010

There's a lot of miracles this season

I have to admit, I wasn’t pretty excited about this season and didn’t even plan on following a lot of series, but… once again, I’ve been proven wrong. Some pretty nice opening episodes have aired already and like back in fall, I’m giving you my impressions on the series I’ve watched so far.

Ookami Kakushi.

Cause scythes are hot this season.


A boy, Hiroshi Kazumi, moves with his father and wheel-chair character sister to a city named Jogamachi. The town, known for it’s mandarin-like fruit called Hassaku, is also the home of a scythe wielding girl who likes slashing around. A lot of mystery awaits our main character who seems pretty popular in his new school, getting a harem before he realizes it well enough.

Opinion :

I was pretty amused by this series. I really gives off a high Higurashi no Naku koro ni feeling and the town itself is like a copy of Hinamizawa in some way. Nemuru also amused me a lot, she’s like a copy of Senjougahara, hair color included. As for the story, it’s probably one of those regular mystery series.

The school uniforms are cute and the character designs are pretty fine as well. I hope the series, which is implied to have some action in it, will not disappoint. But since there wasn’t a real action scene yet, we still have to await that.

As for the music, I liked the opening and ending. The ost for this series is done by Yuki Kajiura, so yeah, I guess this series will give off a huge Pandora Hearts feeling as well.

Not much to say about the seiyuu cast… most of them are quite new to my ears but they did well, all of them fit their roles well enough to enjoy the series.

Rating for the first episode : 8/10


The nekomimi moe even convinced criminals... or heroes...


Boys moving over to a new city… it’s a popular theme this season. Anyway, it also happens here but in a quite different style. Modern Tokyo is the setting for an action series with quite an impressive seiyuu cast. Mikado, a shy type who doesn’t like going out, meets his childhood friend again after transferring to his new school. His friend, Kida gives him a tour around and Mikado learns that Tokyo is quite an interesting place. Meanwhile a girl is being kidnapped and taken away. The kidnappers soon regret that as they get targeted by mysterious neko…helmet? rider.


Probably one of the better series this season. It was funny to see the Horo cardboard, I should just note that here since I don’t think it’ll fit in somewhere else. Anyway, the art is good though it really reminds me of Yozakura Quartet. Especially Mikado looks a lot like Akina from that series. The story and style reminds me more of Higashi no Eden, though I wonder if it’ll get as good. The first episode was promising.

The music didn’t really grab my attention, mostly since I’m not a fan of that kind of music. Though the ending was quite catchy, I already forgot how the opening sounded like. If you’re a fan of r&b or whatever they call that, this probably a series for you. The opening theme was fun, though the spammed name signs made it kinda heavy loaded.

I shouldn’t repeat myself, but still, the seiyuu cast is really impressive. Miyano Mamoru stole the spotlight in the first episode if you ask me, though it’s mostly thanks to his genki character Kida.

Rating for the first episode : 9/10


What more should I add?

Story :

A girl who wears adult pantsu gets tailed by her classmates after they suspect her of being a whore… or something… Anyway, I didn’t get much of the story because the pantyshots were simply blocking my view.


Yes, I went through the hassle of finishing this first episode. I’m sorry to say, but I wasted my download capacity on this. The fanservice is just overused and hell… what kind of girl is obsessed about underwear?! Anyway… this is one of the shows you don’t want to see this season.

The music is rather stereotype for this kind of series. They made the seiyuu take care of the dirty work.

The only good thing about this series is that the characters are voiced by some fun seiyuu. Yahagi Sayuri and Chihara Minori namely.

Rating for the first episode : 5/10 for the effort of making the series.


It's so much fun to be covered in blood! :D

Story :

Sorami Kanata is a young girl who’s passionate about sounds. When she arrives in the town of Seize to serve in the army, she meets her new teammates and as gets into trouble, we get to know more about the town and people who live there.


I liked this series pretty much. It kinda combines Valkyria Chronicles with K-ON! if you ask me. Seriously, the girls in it are like copies of the K-ON! band. The story is quite interesting, though I hope it won’t go stereotype.

The music was really good. You might remember Kalafina from the opening, she did a Kuroshitsuji ending theme. And I don’t think I have to tell whom Haruka Tomatsu is, I hope she preforms a role in this series…

Kanata’s seiyuu is new to the job, but preforms surprisingly well in my opinion. I actually had a feeling I heard her before… The other seiyuu didn’t really have much lines yet, though Kobayashi Yuu‘s voice was quite fun to hear again.

Rating for the first episode : 8/10

Ladies vs Butlers

Welcome... to Japan!

Story :

A boy transfers over to some fancy lady/maid/butler school and gets into trouble when he’s mistaken for a criminal.


Wow, I managed to tell the story in one line… Yup that’s pretty much what the first episode was about. Akiharu, the main character, is a Ryuuji-ish character which is quite amusing true, but the situational jokes didn’t really catch on to me. Also the art style was a bit mediocre. I think I’ll keep watching this series though, eventhough I can pretty much figure out what the series will be about *cough*fanservice*cough*.

There’re some pretty popular seiyuu playing in this one. The other-girl-that-never-gets-main-character Kawasumi Yoshida Kazumi Ayako, Nakahara Felli Loss Mai, queen of tsundere Rie Kugimiya… in a silent type role and lovely Goto Mai.

Rating for the first episode : 7/10

Dance in the Vampire Bund

So... this is how our Lelouch would look like after his sex change?


A crappy tv show holds a discussion about whether vampires exist or not. They even reveal some evidence and when that is proven to be real, the real show begins. Miss Mina Tepes beats up an overgrown chameleon…or whatever it was without even touching it.


I was kinda disappointed by the first episode. It’s produced by Shaft and I enjoy their wicked way of making anime, however they left the added effects behind this time and just went for a cliched Japanese tv show, which was utterly boring and slow at certain times… Now, the last part kinda made up for it, though I don’t really like Mina much yet…

The music wasn’t pretty attracting, but since there wasn’t an opening yet I’ll forgive them for now. The ending video only showed Mina in funky lingery, then again, the first ending of Bakemonogatari was also like that. Since it’s Shaft, they’ll probably do something creative with it later.

Seiyuu-wise, I can’t complain. They brought in some really good voice actors for this. Nakamura Yuuichi, Yuuki Aoi and Shizuka Itou namely.

Rathing for the first episode 7/10


There, we have most of the shows in here now. The chances that we’ll blog them are rather small though, mostly because there’re a lot of on-going fall series for us. Kobato, Kimi ni Todoke, Railgun, FMA Brotherhood and the usual Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s. But who knows, there might an opening for a show somewhere!

Stay tuned…or rather bookmarked for the other members. They’ll add their bit of spice to this post soon!

Kyon, at your service!


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