Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 91 – When One Main Character Isn’t Enough…

January 8, 2010

"Hey, girl... I lost my number, can I have yours?"

Lol. Okay, so I said I was gonna be on time this time. Sorry, but lazying around is much easier and I know everyone will agree with me…

But anyway, here’s your weekly dose of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s again. Back to normal! Wake up!

Kiryu and Yusei return and challenges Lotten to a 2v1 Duel. Things get heated up as Lotten tries to use Gatling Ogre’s effect at every opportunity and does everything to protect it. Will the dynamic duo fell this ogre of a man? Will Kiryu’s resolve be enough? Will Lotten emerge victorious and finally put an end to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, cancelling it? Find out by reading.

Expect a very heated battle between two outrageously overpowered Decks.

Last episode summary:

Yusei delays Lotten’s One Turn Kill strategy turn after turn. Kiryu finds a newfound strength from seeing Nicko and West’s father’s final act, saving them all from a deadly plunge. As Yusei and Kiryu almost successfully escape the mountain, Lotten drops a bomb on them; literally. Lotten returns to Crash Barbara Lotten Town with Nicko and West as hostages and reveals that he wants the town for his own, and not for Marko’s group. Meanwhile, Kiryu and Yusei revive.

Key Card of the Week:

Infernity Zero: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Episode 91:

Again, we start with the last scene from last episode. Kiryu vows that he will rescue Nicko and West and send everyone else to the real hell, as the Shinigami. He asks for Yusei’s help in order to satisfy him.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away…

It's now officially "LOTTEN" Town.

Barbara shows off her whip skills.

Lotten Town is officially a circus now.

It seems her idea was due to a side actually winning everything (as both Marko and Ramon were sent to the mountains and one absolute group reigns over the town), she wants their group to hold fights amongst themselves or else they’re gonna run out of workers in the mountains.

One tries escaping but gets caught by Barbara’s whip. He begs for everyone to help as everyone will be subject to this as well someday but nobody was willing to disobey Lotten’s orders. The other guy activates his Duel Disk and says that he’s not willing to die. It then turns into a game of survival for everyone. The first guy activates his Duel Disk as well after Barbara released him.

Timeskip. The two guys are panting, implying they have done something we only saw in Brokeback Mountain… no, I kid.

A-anyway, Lotten chats with the kids first. He says that they’re too young to work in the mines so he’ll have them work as slaves in the town instead. West claims that Kiryu will come back and save them soon. Lotten tells them that Kiryu died, just as he wished. They shouldn’t cling to hope and live in despair instead. Nicko is very determined that Kiryu is alive…

The two cowboys stare at each other. The guys working on the welcome signboard talk to each other about how someday they’ll have to undergo that as well. Suddenly, they hear a familiar harmonica tune playing. They all turn their attention to the sunset, where the melody is coming from.

Hello, stock footage! It’s Kiryu’s harmonica entrance scene again from episode 86. From the depths of hell, he has returned to send everyone there. But then he says something smart: that this place is already hell itself. He calls out to the ‘dead ones’ to act instead of waiting for their turn to be sacrificed in that kind of hell. The people around start agreeing with Kiryu and Lotten tells them that he owns everyone’s lives now. Kiryu counters, saying that if Lotten wasn’t around, then no one would be owning their lives.

The best recipe for a failed entrance...

Barbara notes that they have hostages on their side. Yusei, in his still-functioning D-Wheel, tries rescuing Nicko and West from out of nowhere but gets blocked by Lotten’s whip.

Lotten thinks it’s just perfect. He’ll take care of them this time. Nicko and West tells Yusei and Kiryu to escape and forget about them, but Kiryu responds negatively. He’ll show them his rebirth. His Duel Disk belongs to the dead, and the dead has transferred their feelings to him; to avenge them. As the Shinigami.

Lotten tells them he won’t take a handicap. He is willing to Duel, but he wants to start with the same hand cards as Yusei and Kiryu on their first turn: 10 hand cards. Yusei gets a flashback from episode 88, where Lotten defeated Ramon in a First Turn Kill using Gatling Ogre’s effect.

Yusei asks Kiryu what he thinks. Kiryu says it’s okay, which Yusei agrees on. They should not fear death at this moment as the victor will be determined by their will to live. The fastest one to draw their Duel Disks and cards shall have the first turn.

Featured Duel of the Week:

Will Sephiroth and Crabhead defeat this Rotten man?

Lotten draws 10 cards the fastest. He goes with the turn first.

Turn 1 - Lotten: 4000 LP
- Summons Gatling Ogre.
- Sets 5 cards.

Lotten begins loading his Gatling Ogre with bullets. He’s aiming for his First Turn Kill strategy again. Yusei thinks back to their Duel back in episode 89, where he used Effect Veiler to escape that. Effect Veiler is currently in Yusei’s hand but Kiryu tells him not to move. Kiryu taunts Lotten to bring it on… and he does.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Activates Gatling Ogre's effect and sends 5 set cards to his Graveyard. Kiryu takes all the damage, 800 times the number of sent cards (Kiryu: 0 LP).

Quick and painless...

Well… that was embarrassing…

Lotten proclaims his victorious One Turn Kill. But to everyone’s shock, to mine as well, Kiryu stands up, seemingly possessed.

Kiryu doing his Aki impression to please Yusei.

Kiryu’s Life Points is zero… yet he is still able to participate in the Duel. Lotten is shocked. Kiryu explains it is normal. Shinigami never die. I guess he never bothered watching Death Note.

A monster appears behind Kiryu.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Kiryu activated Infernity Zero's effect. When his LP are decreased to 0 as a result of an effect damage, he can discard every card he has in his hand, besides Infernity Zero and Special Summon it in Defense Position.
- As long as Infernity Zero remains on the field, Kiryu does not lose even if his LP is 0.

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance.

Kiryu further explains that if he takes damage, for each 500 damage, he receives a Death Counter. When he accumulates 3 Death Counters, Infernity Zero will be destroyed and as a result, he will lose. Lotten doesn’t believe such a monster exists and Kiryu chuckles creepily.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Sets 5 cards again.

As he prepares to activate Gatling Ogre’s effect once again, a monster appears beside Lotten and aims a gun at his head from point-blank range.

Is that monster wearing a bra!?

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- As Kiryu is about to take effect damage, he can remove Infernity Death Gunman from play from his Graveyard. Infernity Death Gunman will then negate the effect damage and makes the opponent choose whether to activate Infernity Death Gunman's next effect. If it activates, Kiryu draws a card. If it is a monster card, Lotten takes damage that Kiryu is about to take, added the damage he already received that turn, totalling to 8000. If it is not a monster card, effect damage is applied normally.

Lotten thinks about it carefully. If Kiryu draws a monster, he loses. If Kiryu doesn’t, he wins. Yusei doubts a bit about Kiryu’s strategy after Kiryu revealed that he doesn’t really know how many monsters he has remaining in his Deck and gets a flashback from emo Kiryu back in episode 87.

Lotten continues thinking. In a Battle Royale Duel, competitors are not allowed to attack during their first turns. He still has advantage so he doesn’t need to take such a big risk right now.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Lotten chooses not to activate the effect.

Turn 2 - Kiryu: 0 LP
- Sets 1 card.

Lotten gets a bit frustrated that he chose not to use Infernity Death Gunman’s effect… it would have been his win already.

Turn 3 - Yusei: 4000 LP
- Summons Justice Bringer.
- Lotten activates his facedown Pinpoint Shot. He declares the name of a card on his opponent's hand. If it matches, that card is sent to the Graveyard. He declares Effect Veiler and it is sent toi the Graveyard.
- Sets 1 card.

Justice Bringer: LV 4, 1700 ATK.

Lotten is not a very easy opponent, it seems.

Turn 4 - Lotten: 4000 LP
- Changes Gatling Ogre to Defense Position.
- Equips it with Double Arms. Now the effect damage inflicted by the equipped monster is doubled.
- Lotten plays it safe and sends one card first.
- Kiryu activates his Trap Card, Dodge Roll. For one time only, any damage dealt to a player is reduced to 0.
- Lotten sends another card.
- Yusei activates his Half Shield. Any damage dealt to a player is reduced by half. Kiryu takes 800 damage as opposed to 1600 with Double Arms (Kiryu: 0).
- A Death Counter is produced on Kiryu's side.

"You have 1 new message."

Only 2 more Death Counters and Kiryu is a goner. It doesn’t matter. Kiryu tells Lotten to shoot him more. Lotten has one more set card left. Yusei notices that Kiryu isn’t relying on luck anymore as opposed to what he was thinking earlier.

Lotten sees that Kiryu is trying to take all of his set cards out by sacrificing himself… so he chooses to keep his bullet and doesn’t fire another, thus ending his turn.

Yusei notes that Kiryu anticipated his Half Shield. Kiryu isn’t trying to kill himself. Kiryu confirms as a matter of factly. He has taken up the will of the dead and Nicko and West’s nameless father.

Kiryu tells them that he created Team Satisfaction before, believing that he is fighting for something with his friends. But that was merely an illusion. He understood it after being reborn as a Dark Signer. He was fighting for himself and even after being released from being a Dark Signer, he became accustomed to leaving behind the will to live. But now, he has regained a will. He is now fighting for people who believe in him.

He will now answer the expectations of those who believe in him.

Turn 5 - Kiryu: 0 LP
- Draws and then Special Summons his Infernity Archfiend as part of its effect.
- After being Special Summoned that way, he takes an "Infernity" monster from his Deck. He takes Infernity Mirage.
- Summons Infernity Mirage.
- Activates its effect. Tributes Infernity Mirage when he has no hand cards and Special Summons two "Infernity" monsters from his Graveyard. He chooses Infernity Beetle and Infernity Beast.
- Activates Infernity Beetle's effect. By tributing it, he can Special Summon two more Infernity Beetle from his hand, Graveyard or Deck.

Infernity Mirage: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Lotten is overwhelmed by the Shinigami’s will to live. Yusei notes that if all of Kiryu’s monsters attack connect, Lotten will lose. Barbara gets alerted and tells Lotten that she will not allow him to lose.

Continuing Kiryu's turn:
- Infernity Beetle attacks Gatling Ogre.
- Lotten activates his facedown Trap Card, Backattack Ambush. The Battle Phase ends and he Special Summons Ambush Tokens to his side of the field the same number as his opponent's Attack Position monsters. He Special Summons 4 Ambush Tokens.

Ambush Tokens: LV 1, 100 ATK / 100 DEF.

Lotten explains that when Ambush Tokens are summoned, he can destroy them to deal 500 damage to the opponent for each Ambush Token destroyed. Lotten laughs at Kiryu’s will to live and the kids become worried more.

Continuing Kiryu's turn:
- Yusei activates his Justice Bringer's effect. When it is not his turn, Special Summoned monsters' effects are negated.

The kids are relieved. It seems Lotten is not paying attention to Yusei’s field at all. Yusei tells him that he won’t let Kiryu die. They will defeat Lotten!

To be continued...

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip


Hey, hey, hey! It’s been a while!

And so, yes. This episode is again action-packed for only five turns.

What’s with the title anyway? “Tag Duel”? It’s not really a Tag Duel when you’re only up against one opponent… it’s called “bullying”…

Kiryu’s cards are outrageous… surviving even when his LP are zero. The rules have clearly stated that once a player’s LP reaches zero, they automatically lose. Then again, this is a monster effect. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s very outrageous. Then again, Gatling Ogre itself is pretty outrageous too.

And wow, really… It was one thing that Yusei and Kiryu survived such a fall… but even the D-Wheel is still in one piece! And STILL functioning, I might add. Humans in the future sure are very well-built.

This is the second-to-the-last episode of this mini-arc, I think. So we’ll have to say bye-bye to this arc soon. It was quite a good run, I have to admit. Too bad it doesn’t seem to be part of the Yliaster thing… yes, does anyone still remember Yliaster? Ahahaha~

Oh yes, some other stuff are already in the post itself, so please just read~

Next episode:

The conclusion to the mini-arc. Lotten is obviously gonna lose… but oh! I shouldn’t say that! Ahahaha~ Anyway, next episode spoilers: TEAM SATISFACTION REUNION!

This is the Bunny Chief, first review post of hers for 2010, over and out!



  1. Seriously…what’s with all the useless effect cards lately…
    A monster that ONLY saves you from EFFECT damage… A monster that ONLY blocks EFFECT damage of a SPECIAL summoned monster…
    Really… make some good old staples…
    As for the episode, it was quite good. I liked seeing Kiryu’s evil aura sequence. I also lol’d at Yusei’s fail appearance…is he becoming the new comic relief character if Jack isn’t there?
    oh…Yliaster…????? 8D
    Good job on this review Chief! *salutes*

  2. 10 cards in opening hand as compensation for 2-on-1? They should never have agreed to that…

  3. I just add this page to my favorite, happen to read halfway and will continue later.

  4. I really wish there were more artlcies like this on the web.

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