Kimi ni Todoke 13 : The Truth Revealed

January 7, 2010

yeah!... wait... no! read on!

Wow… that was a long nice break. We enjoyed lazing around for almost a week with nothing on our hands to write about. Luckily, all anime schedules are back to normal and together with some new series which I’ll blog about later when some more of them air, the fall ones are continuing.

First episode of the new blogging season is Kimi ni Todoke! Seriously, they made us wait for 2 weeks when there’s such a major climax?! Curse you! You Japanese TV-scheduling Gods! Anyway, let’s forget about it and watch what they showed in this episode.

We start with the last scene, the big cliffhanger! Ryu and Sawako looking happy and Kurumin with Kazehaya arrive at the same place. Dun dun duuuuun… excitement! Kazehaya drops the cones, leaves Kurumin, takes Sawako’s hand and runs off! Sawako realizes in the same instant that she really wants her feelings for Kazehaya to be romantic feelings.

Keep on running~~

Back at the spot, Kurumin is shocked because of Kazehaya leaving her side. Ryu, who doesn’t really seem interested in the whole situation because his nap got ruined, leaves the scene.

Somewhere in the hallways in school, Ayane tells Chizu she suspects Kurumin of spreading a the fake rumors. Chizu wants to take care of it instantly, but gets stopped by Ayane. Chizu complains to her about the fact that Ayane kept the information for herself so long, but then starts thinking about the reason why Kurumin started the rumors… She comes to surprising conclusion…

The red shirt must drained all her braincells away...

Ayane twitches and the obvious flying dots make her reaction even stronger. She tells Chizu that Kurumin was hunting down Kazehaya from scratch, which makes Chizu go into shocked mode this time…

Back with Sawako and Kazehaya who finally stopped running. Both are panting when Kazehaya suddenly asks if Sawako “likes” Ryu. Sawako goes through a summer hurricane of feelings and finally admits to herself that she’s in love with Hayate Kazehaya.

Dun dun duuuuun...

She doesn’t respond with that though, she just tells Kazehaya she doesn’t feel any romantic feelings for Ryu. But, that’s enough for Kazehaya ofcourse, though he is embarrassed for some reason. If I were him, I’d be embarrassed for assuming such a foolish thing!! Anyway, Sawako is kinda surprised because of his reaction and starts to fidget thinking she said something wrong.

Kazehaya looks up and smiles at Sawako telling her it’s alright. Sawako kneels down as well and thinks the feelings she has must really be love. Kazehaya then tells her he already wants to apologize on beforehand for the times he isn’t able to support her. Really, is that the right attitude to start up a steady relationship?!? Sawako smiles at him and says it’s alright, she doesn’t mind if he’s not able to support her.

The surroundings go kira~kira~ and Kazehaya asks Sawako what she thinks about two people going out. She’s shocked when he adds it’s about boyfriends and girlfriends and starts fidgeting. He smiles thinking that Sawako mustn’t have thought of such matters yet.

Aaaand back to Chizu and Ayane… Chizu still doesn’t get why Kurumin likes Kazehaya. Ayane tries to explain it clearly that Kurumin just wanted to erase her opponents, but it doesn’t quite catch on quickly in Chizu’s control room.

That explains it! There's a black hole where her brain's supposed to be!

Suddenly, Ryu walks up to them and tells them about the small letter he found in his locker, Chizu recognizes it isn’t Sawako’s handwriting and Ayane asks if someone showed up when he was talking with Sawako. Ryu answers he saw Kazehaya and Kurumin. Ayane gets the whole puzzle now and starts to chuckle like a smirky old witch. Chizu wants to confront Kurumin again with the new information they received, but gets stopped by Ayane once again…

They should've named her Chizuru instead...

Ayane wants more evidence so that she’ll be able to break Kurumin’s imago completely…

Meanwhile, Kurumin is waiting for Kazehaya while thinking of what might’ve happened between Kazehaya and Sawako. She hopes for Kazehaya to return quickly, but when she hears footsteps and looks up in respond, her hope is shattered into pieces.


Pin walks up to her and asks what she’s doing there. Kurumin quickly makes up an excuse, saying she’s going to put the cones inside, but someone left with the key. After Pin opens the door for her and solving the issue, Kurumin doesn’t leave. Ofcourse, she wants to stay waiting for Kazehaya, but mister Big Ego doesn’t get the clue and suddenly gets a complete different idea…

And how one image can say a lot more than a thousand words...

He starts explaining that it’s logical for her to have fallen for him, but she ten years to early to start dating him. Kurumin starts getting agitated and tries to deny, but then unimaginable happens… Kazehaya appears. Kurumin immediately neglects what Pin has been saying, but Kazehaya misunderstands and promises he won’t tell anyone about “it”. Pin then takes Kazehaya away saying he has some work for Kazehaya.

Chizu and Ayane are still trying to get to the root of the problem and finding evidence that Kurumin started spreading the rumors. They don’t have a lot of success, until they talk to Ekko and Tomo. They tell them it was Kurumin who started to spread them. Chizu is overjoyed and Ayane gets a “checkmate, you bitch!”-expression.

Sawako arrives in class looking for Ayane and Chizu, but then realizes they have volleyball practice. She starts thinking about how it would feel if she told them that she likes Kazehaya. Then gets a flashback of when Kurumin told her she likes Kazehaya. Sawako runs out and wants to tell her feelings to Kurumin as well, so that they can talk about love together.

Meanwhile, Ayane and Chizu are finally confronting Kurumin with the proof they collected. However, Kurumin still denies she has anything to do with it. Ayane can’t take it that well and goes a little personal…

L'oreal...cause I'm worth it

Chizuru then reveals her evidence, she shows the note Kurumin wrote for Ryu and compares it to another letter with Kurumin’s writing on. Once, Kurumi isn’t impressed and just asks Chizuru what’s special about it. Ayane takes over again and asks if her plan succeeded. Kurumin is astonished, but then Sawako shows up. Sawako who isn’t aware of what’s going on wonders why the three of them are together. Ayane then tells Sawako the truth…

The truth...revealed.


Thoughts :

Wow… it’s been quite a while, I have to get used to writing again…

Anyway, this was quite a fun episode. Sawako realizing her romantic feelings for Kazehaya and then hearing Kurumin is the one behind the rumors. But the most fun was definitely the Ayane and Chizu show. Ayane’s character is just too much fun to watch and I think a lot of people can put themselves into her way of thinking. Yup, I also did and I really enjoyed her confronting Kurumin and chuckling evil when framing up the viper.

I’m kinda wondering what’s gonna happen from this point onwards, the problem seems cleared and Kurumin’s reign of terror is finally over. Maybe a new opponent will soon get on stage. As for next week, Kurumin will probably get her episode and then go into supportive character mode? Who knows… but there’s still a lot of episodes left and maybe a new opening will reveal some details…

Kyon, at your service (again)!



  1. Damn. They made us wait pretty long for such a nice episode.

    Pin’s really amazing. He’s unaffected by Kurumin’s venom… and he uses his current Kiryu voice in rejection!

    I also just noticed that Chizu and Hajime have the same seiyuu. XD

    I guess next episode is Kurumin’s crackdown… the viper’s already cornered and her true colors will be shown…

  2. hee hee I already noticed a while ago… it’d be fun if she called out “Arashi-sanggg~” all of a sudden 8D

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