Seitokai no Ichizon 12 (END) : Delusions

January 1, 2010

This is the sequel and the end...

First of all I want to wish you all a happy, peaceful, love overflowing and anime filled 2010!

Not just 2009 ended recently, also Seitokai no Ichizon came to an end. The last episode focuses on the past of the characters and we get to see a new male character!! We continue from what happened last time, Mafuyu confessed to Sugisaki leaving them all speechless. Sugisaki notes that he doesn’t remember setting a flag on Mafuyu’s route, but she states that he’s the only man she feels comfortable with. Minatsu asks what Mafuyu’s gonna do now that she confessed. Mafuyu answers she doesn’t plan to do anything special and won’t date Sugisaki…

Kimi ni Todoke faces are taking over the anime world!!

Sugisaki isn’t happy with that and complains that a relationship after a confession should be about skinship! lots of skinship!! Mafuyu however, doesn’t change her opinion and says she loves Sugisaki, but she loves the Student Council the most.

And yup, that’s about it for Mafuyu’s confession… what more did you expect Mafuyu fanboys?! ahahahaha!!! …sorry I wasn’t trying to sound mean…

Anyway, after the opening, a mysterious figure enters the schoolgrounds. Meanwhile, Kurimu makes her quote of the week. She states that humans have infinite possibilities, except for Sugisaki. Sugisaki tries to counter, but gets silenced by the pres. She wants to talk about everyone’s future visions. All of the members aren’t really excited and Chizuru tells Sugisaki to do something about, which…he does…

I've ran out of tsukomi jokes for these kinds of quotes...

He tells her to stay the same forever, somehow their conversation ends with them talking about Kurimu’s immortality. Mafuyu is second to be questioned. She tells she doesn’t wanna become an BL author because it should stay a hobby, but wouldn’t mind a job as a game developer or reviewer.

Next is Minatsu, she doesn’t seem to have any interesting wishes…until her tsundere button gets turned on. Sugisaki closes up on her and Minatsu gets forced to tell she’s wants to become…

Overflowing with moe-ness

Sugisaki immediately proposes to Minatsu and gets her wedding dress back from under the episode 1 dust. He also tells her they’ll have three loli daughters…

Now I do wonder how the two in the back got made...

Next is Chizuru, Kurimu assumes she’ll go to college after finishing high school. Sugisaki tells her not to do anything illegal, which makes Chizuru sigh disappointedly. She states that it’s more interesting to do it through criminal ways and that she’ll never get caught anyway. Suddenly she mentions that she’s like to be involved into some space adventure thing, starring as one of the enemies…

Last is Sugisaki… after the usual harem future visions, he suggests becoming an H-game creator. Unfortunately his suggestions for game logos all have copyright issues in them, it’s tough world out there to be creative…

While Sugisaki continues ranting about being harem king mooch, Kurimu opens the door to get some Usa-maru. The mysterious person from a while back appears in front of her.

Unidentified Fag Object

Mafuyu fangirls immediately and gets her camera ready when they boy?!? asks if Sugisaki is “Sugisaki Ken-kun”. Sugisaki has a point when he says Mafuyu is starting to act like him. It even gets worse when the guy says he’s Nakameguro. He further explains that he’s a transfer student and got told by the Sensei to ask Sugisaki for the road back home. Sugisaki isn’t really enthusiastic about the idea though and draws a map for Nakameguro. Mafuyu however begs him to go together with the newcomer.

In the end, Sugisaki and Nakameguro head home together afterall. Mafuyu decides to spy on them, the others are obliged to follow her… mostly because they’re afraid of what might happen to Mafuyu. Oh and…

She isn't wearing any today!!!!!

While walking home, Sugisaki notices that Nakameguro really looks like the guy from Mafuyu’s BL doujins and even starts getting attracted to him. However, his pure harem heart can’t be tainted and so he whacks out all of the dirty yaoi fantasies. Nakameguro, unaware of everything, asks if he’s alright (accompanied by some Kurumin sparkles) and notes that Sugisaki is interested in beautiful girls. Sugisaki immediately agrees and adds he’ll continue being straight even when Mafuyu’s fantasies become reality.

Nakameguro assumes that Sugisaki must have a girlfriend then. Sugisaki feels uneasy with Nakameguro’s blushing face and tells him to stop and keep his distance. Nakameguro suddenly gets a disappointed expression and says he’ll go home by himself. Sugisaki then realizes he’s been busy more with Mafuyu’s thoughts than with Nakameguro’s thoughts. He tells Nakameguro to stop, but he answers that it’s fine and that he’s used to being hated. Sugisaki then apologizes for giving Nakameguro the wrong idea and tells the shy boy to speak up.

A while later, the two guys are waiting at the bus stop, the girls are still tailing them. Nakameguro tells that everyone says he ran away, because he was being bullied. They told him he was weak and should’ve spoken up. Sugisaki gets angry and tells Nakameguro not to listen to that kind of talk. He says that Nakameguro must’ve fought to change his unpleasant situation. But Nagameguro doesn’t believe he was that strong and says people like Sugisaki are a lot stronger.

He tells Sugisaki that he heard his story, from worst to best grades in order to get into the student council. Sugisaki however says that it wouldn’t have worked out if it weren’t for a cardboard box.

Flashback time~

Who's that ahoge?!

Sugisaki narrates he got inspired by the girl who didn’t wanna give up.

Some other scene shows Kurimu saying to Sugisaki he lacks main character mentality and should play some love simulation games. In those games, the guy tries to make all the girls happy. Back to reality…

That pout is just too cute...

Indeed, Kurimu wonders who’d say such things to Sugisaki, Chizuru winks saying she’s also interested in that. Sugisaki continues his story saying there was a girl who gave him a push during summer, a girl who supported his heart during fall and a girl who saved him in winter. Minatsu, Chizuru and Mafuyu respectively. Sugisaki says he’s pathetic, since he needed four people to help him out, while Nakameguro did it by himself.

Nakameguro admires Sugisaki for that, but Sugisaki tells him that guys can work very hard to make the girl they want smile. Then he suddenly notices Kurimu’s ahoge and storms out the bus stop. All of them…

end up embarrassed~

While teasing Sugisaki about his motivational speech, the bus drives by. They all run off chasing the bus and Nakameguro is left behind. He smiles when seeing the student council chase a bus like a cat trying to catch a mouse.

Then a sequence starts where Sugisaki tells us how all the girls made him change as a person.

Kurimu whom he met in spring, made him strive forward and persevering.

Minatsu whom he met in summer, made him get into action and move.

Chizuru whom he met in fall, made him able to settle his heart.

Mafuyu whom he met in winter, made him realize what true strength is.

And so, he made up his mind… He arrived at the student council room and said…

Yup, if you remember the first episode (I’ve seen it about 6 times now) you’ll remember them all mentioning his lines, even in the same order as he did now.

The last scene shows the council discussing about the continuation of the show… if that’ll ever happen… who knows?


Thoughts :

So… Kurimu is to blame for Sugisaki’s perverted behavior? Wow… that was quite a surprise…

Anyway, I loved this series as a whole. I have to admit that the flashbacks weren’t as epic as I thought they’d be, but then again we still don’t know the whole truth about them. This show will always stick in my mind as a good comedy with the surprisingly original main character Sugisaki who never failed to surprise, the overly cute uniforms and thigh highs the girls are wearing and fact that nothing really happened in twelve episodes yet so much happened in twelve episodes.

I don’t like doing complete reviews about a series since it’s too much of a hassle, so I’ll keep it short like usual. This series deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame of light comedy series like Azumanga and Lucky Star. If you don’t agree on that part, then maybe you should rewatch the series again eventually you’ll agree with me.

Lastly… a hooray for me! I managed to blog a whole series for the first time! I wonder if I’ll get a hug from the chief… or a tsundere expression…

That’ll be it for today~

Kyon still at your service in 2010!



  1. Nice ending. Who would have thought this anime will have a good ending.

    Mafuyu till the end!!

  2. What a nice ending. Wow, really. I didn’t really expect that Nakameguro will exist!

    Overall, it’s a nice series. I don’t feel bad at all for all the time and HD space I alloted for this series (unlike Haruhi 09). In fact, I feel better watching this.

  3. no hug for your dearest slave?!

  4. Tch… Echo of death nii-san should exist as well!!

    *just pats Kyon* Your gift

  5. I’m straight!! Keep your distance!!

  6. yes totally agree with u!! comedy wise this series is top-notched, because it can make me laugh like crazy every episode ^^. probably there wont be any sequel but htis is enough (although i would miss all the characters, they are just too interesting)

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