FullMetal Alchemist 36 – Family Portrait

December 30, 2009

You don't see this thing very often

Yeah, I’m pretty late and since we’ve done quite a lot in rp’ing and ‘it’ is also the holiday season I guess I should catch up on my blogging list.

The episode is about Brigg’s Fortress getting caught up into the whole Homunculus thing. Expect a hands full of plot twist and surprisingly, one body count…

He's just mad he's flat-chested

The episode started with Hoheinheim alone in a clear field. He chanted people’s name and asked forgiveness for using them as he spills his blood to the ground.

And the next thing is… flashback from thirteen years ago.
Hoheinheim and Trisha were talking while he guards the Elric brothers fast asleep in their bed. He told Trisha that he doesn’t want their sons to be a monster like himself. He also explained the situation he was facing.

The most memorable picture in all of FMA

The next morning, Trisha surprised Hoheinheim: a family picture. Before they took the picture, Trisha replied on what Hoheinheim said yesterday. She said that she’ll eventually grow old and became someone that looks like a monster. However, a picture would stay forever. She asked Hoheinheim to stay forever with them and don’t call himself a monster any longer.

She told Hoheinheim to smile but…

Hoheinheim tears falls down instead.

Accidental Humour... runs in the family

He changed his mind from accepted his current body. He wanted to age and die together with Trisha and the kids.

After finding that something is wrong, he decided to go away. He fixed the swing first then tried to avoid seeing his kids as he go away. However, it didn’t happened.

And at last, the opening song!

We all know what will happen next

So… we are back at Briggs.

A group of soldiers are scavenging  hole created by Sloth. They tried moving forward but their horses whined, warning them about a danger coming.

Then suddenly, darkness filled the area and the shadows started killing each and everyone of them. The leader tried to escape but it’s no use.


On Elric’s side, their trap was successfully initiated. Raven started talking about the Homunculus’ aspects and tried to seduce Olivia to join their cause.

Olivia thinks for a while since both option given by Raven leads to something bad.  Before she gave the answer, someone knocked to their door.

The soldier told them that something happened from the troops inside the tunnel. Olivia and Raven moved afterwards.

Edward’s team also made their move, binding the Elric brothers again so they won’t notice the conspiracy they are doing.

Dissapointing, isn't it?

While on the way, the Elric brothers, Buccaneer and Falman bumps on Miles and Kimblee.

-EVIL- stare

Olivia and Raven reached the hole and a soldier immediately filled them with information. He said that they lost contact of the troops who went inside the tunnel and only Smith’s horse came back together with an arm which they presumed his.

Olivia then ordered a search but got interrupted by Raven. He said that the hole is too dangerous and asked about the biological weapon they are talking about earlier. Sadly, Olivia couldn’t refuse what Raven want because his rank is higher than hers.

more -EVIL- stare

The Elric Brothers were back inside the jail and now talking to Raven. He told them that he already heard everything from the Fuhrer and is happy to know that the Elric brothers kept their promise on not telling someone about what they know (if he only know…) . Alphonse asked Raven when will they get out of the cell, which Raven replied that it will be soon.

Raven also told them that Olivia decided to return Sloth and accepted to join their forces.

Pose to the cameras

Henshel started arguing to Olivia to search for the troops. However, Olivia ignores him and just told him to obey orders. Miles and Kimblee were talking, looking at the two.

Sloth woke up and greeted by Raven. Raven reminded Sloth about his work and started working again. Raven told everyone that Sloth works for the military to make the country better and they should cover the holes immediately.


Dr. Marcoh and May Chang we’re still studying Scar’s brother’s note. Marcoh said that the essential parts have been replaced with ancient ishbalan, so he couldn’t read it. He then told May Chang that Scar would know about the ancient language and could help them to understand what it means.

Two Briggs soldier found them and decided to catch them. However, Scar pwned them before they can even do anything.

Scar greeted everyone and decided to change location.


A few days had passed and the Briggs army was almost finished in cementing the hole.

Raven told Olivia that she had made the right choice. They will be granted a body close to god and apparently going to rule the world.

On Miles side. He was waiting for Kimblee to finish his phone call and continued walking. However, Miles started asking question, he asked about Kimblee’s miracoulous recovery from a near-death  situation. Miles continued to asked questions, which Kimblee tried to avoid answering.

You just made the bear angry

Olivia get pissed off and suddenly impales Raven’s right arm and continued it by killing him by slashing him to the wet cement. Olivia then ordered Buccaneer to call Miles, told everyone that ‘this never happened’ and make the concrete smooth.

Miles: "How about this? Am i hot?"

On Miles side. Kimblee started irritating Miles when a soldier told Miles that it’s already a mission complete.

He told Kimblee that Raven is missing. However, instead of getting sad, Kimblee smirked and told Miles that the Fuhrer has told him that if something happened to Raven, he can work independently.

He then asked Miles to drive him down the base of the mountain. Miles couldn’t refuse it at all..

Be grateful that it isn't a dog cage Ed

Henshel was talking to Olivia again, asking to make a search before they completely seal the tunnel. However, Olivia brought him to a secret passage created by Edward.

Then the mechanic told the Edward brothers about what happened to Raven.

Dun Dun Dunnn....

Another surprise waited the Elric brothers.

Kimblee appeared and talk to them and said he brought a guess for them.

And guess what? It’s Winry

Every episode needs a Roy moment

After ED theme. Roy was shown getting some informations… After they separated ways, an old woman talked to Roy and said that she has words from the Brigg’s fortress… from General Armstrong.


One word… don’t make Olivia angry…

There isn’t much fighting in the episode but nonetheless, it is pretty decent. Kimblee is already on the move and we are now quite sure that Olivia is on the good side now. The shadow thing was good too (bad thing everyone already knew and stupid wikipedia spoiling me).

I’ll might do FMA 37 sometime later… and 38 once Eclipse published their fansubs.

Next episode… nevermind~

This is the Lazy Prince, thank you for reading…


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  1. Hoheinheim likes showing off
    Good thing you posted today :D
    *pats Lelouch*

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