Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 90 – Shinigami Sephiroth

December 29, 2009


The continuation of Yusei and Lotten’s Duel. Kiryu is still on a rollercoaster ride. But as the story continues, Kiryu is given a new will to live and fight another day.

Expect the unexpected!

Last episode summary:

Yusei and Kiryu break out of the mine. Outside, they meet Nicko and West, who had kindly pushed Yusei’s D-Wheel all the way to the mountains. But Lotten catches onto their trail with some other guys. Yusei and Lotten do battle while Kiryu leads Nicko, West and later, their father, on a rollercoaster ride, running away from the evil hands of the Marko group. Will they be able to escape and free Crash Barbara Town from the Marko group and return home to Neo Domino City?

Key Card of the Week:

Big Cannon Ogre: LV 7, 2400 ATK / 2400 DEF (Lotten's)

Episode 90:

Again, we receive a recap from the last turn of the last episode. Yusei’s Turret Warrior attacks Lotten’s Full Armor Ogre. It is destroyed but due to Full Armor Ogre’s effect, the Gatling Ogre resting in the Graveyard has been re-summoned. Now things turn sticky for Yusei…

On Kiryu’s side, they’re also having trouble escaping the new pursuers.

West, Nicko and their father.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

The pursuers are starting to cut the distance to Kiryu and the family. As one approaches, a small sliver of the old Kiryu rises when he knocks a guy off of his cycle.

However, the leader of the pursuers notices that Nicko and West’s father still had a shock collar. They use this as an advantage by shocking the father.

Chizuru's special collar!

The children check on their father while Kiryu jumps out of the cart and knocks out the driver controlling the shock collar.

Kiryu rides the D-Wheel thing but as he gets bumped repeatedly by the other D-Wheels, he almost falls off. Luckily, Nicko manages to grab his hand before he completely falls. Soon, West and their father help in bringing Kiryu back inside the cart.

Kiryu thanks them for saving him and giving him a bit of will to live. The father then thanks him back, but Kiryu says he doesn’t deserve it for his actions. Because he kept on winning, everyone was sent to the mountains.

The father interrupts him. He tells Kiryu a story of when they first arrived in town. He wasn’t doing well in anything he did in the city until he arrived in Crash Town with his family. He started out good and his children were happy.

But it was all just a facade. In reality, the man was just looking for a place to die. Kiryu feels he can relate. At the end of despair, the father had heard of a new person who kept on winning… kept on winning in a place where hope has been abandoned. They called him the Shinigami. But looking at Kiryu now, the father thinks otherwise. Kiryu has a strong will to live.

Back with Yusei and Lotten…

Duel status from last time:
- Yusei: 800 LP, 3 SPC
- Lotten: 1000 LP, 3 SPC

We review Yusei’s current predicament. He has 800 LP. Lotten’s next turn, he would have 4 SPC. If Lotten draws a Speed Spell, Lotten can use Speed World 2’s effect that deals 800 damage to the opponent for each Speed Spell he has on his hand by giving up 4 SPC. If Lotten draws a Trap Card, he can set it and use it for Gatling Ogre’s effect to deal 800 damage to the opponent. In both cases, he would lose. His fate rides on his opponent’s next draw.

Turn 5 - Lotten: 1000 LP, 4 SPC
- Draws Big Cannon Ogre.

Yusei is quite lucky… but it’s not very lucky at all. Lotten still has a way to deal damage using it.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Because there is a Full Armor Ogre in the Graveyard, he tributes Gatling Ogre to Special Summon his Big Cannon Ogre as part of its effect.
- Big Cannon Ogre attacks Turret Warrior.
- Lotten removes from play his Skill Successor from his Graveyard (sent there through Gatling Ogre's effect earlier in Turn 3) and Big Cannon Ogre gains 800 ATK (3200 ATK).
- Big Cannon Ogre destroys Turret Warrior and through its effect, deals double battle damage to Yusei, making the overall damage 400 (Yusei: 400 LP).
- At the End Phase, Big Cannon Ogre's attack returns to normal (2400 ATK).

The Key Card of the Week making its appearance.

Yusei survived again for another turn… but if he doesn’t act fast, he’s going to surely lose. Starting to feel pressured perhaps, he starts talking to the wind and asks it for its help. Just like how Mako Tsunami asks the ocean to be his wife.

Part B:

Back with Kiryu’s rollercoaster ride, it seems the pursuers (now only one D-Wheel) are catching up again. The father peeks out of the cart and sees a fork in the road.

Use Ania's probability manipulation!

The father explains that if they continue, they will be sent outside and be freed. They only have to hang on for a moment… but that’s not the case. The leader of the pursuers suddenly takes out a gadget and pushes some buttons. The cart’s course tracks have been changed! They were now sent to a deep cavern. West looks at the new scenery and gets horrified to discover that one of the tracks lead to a deep and deadly plunge.

Why didn't anyone fix that?!

The father observes their location and notices that the tracks can be changed before they plunge into certain death. He stuffs a rock inside his prisoner uniform and asks Kiryu to take care of the children. He then jumps off and grabs onto the lever that changes the course.

Is he from the circus or something? That's just some wicked accuracy...

The leader of the pursuers sees this and begins to lock the lever in place. The father then takes out the rock from his shirt and hits the lock system, destroying it and enabling him to move the lever. The driver of the D-Wheel then activates the shock collar, almost making the father fall and fail to move the lever. However, the father sees the cart approaching. He uses up all of his remaining strength and was able to push the lever in place.

The children calls out for their father… he smiles at them and then tells them to live on. He lets go, still being shocked and all, but retains his will to live as he falls.

"Help me, Superman!"

The cart continues on the safe route. The children cry for their father. As they reach a new mining area. The pursuers catch up but receives a quick punch of Kiryu. Kiryu then takes the D-Wheel and boards Nicko and West inside, with him driving.

Kiryu tells them to stop crying. Their father did not show them his death, but his will to protect his children. Now, they will see Kiryu Kyosuke’s will to live! He promises them that he will protect them.

Back with the Duel…

Turn 6 - Yusei: 400 LP, 5 SPC
- Activates Speed Speed - Dead Synchro. He removes from his Graveyard Synchro Material Monsters needed for a Synchro Summon of a Synchro Monster and he can perform a Synchro Summon to his field. He removes LV 1 Sonic Chick and LV 5 Quickdraw Synchron. He Synchro Summons Drill Warrior.
- Uses Drill Warrior's effect and halves its ATK. Now it can attack Lotten directly!
- Drill Warrior attacks directly.
- Lotten responds with Dynamite Wall's effect. By removing it from his Graveyard (sent there too via Gatling Ogre in Turn 3), an attacking monster and all cards on his field are removed from play.

Before Lotten could activate his card, Kiryu interferes by bumping his D-Wheel onto Lotten’s. They then gain distance from him along with Yusei. As they continue, they spot the exit ahead.

As they think they’ve won now, Lotten comes back, with his D-Wheel now transformed.

"Rawr! I'll just continue this stupid card game instead of making my D-Wheel actually do some real damage even when it could!"

He doesn’t want it to end now… and activates Dynamite Wall… literally! He throws a freaking dynamite head on!

The cavern explodes. This sends everyone out like a bunch of rag dolls.

Yusei, his D-Wheel and Kiryu falls off a cliff. Nicko and West drops just near the said cliff’s end. Lotten survives and manages to even get up to check on the kids. He then looks down the cliff and believes no one could survive that. Hell yes, no one can survive that!

No blood?! Madness!!

Back at Crash Town, Lotten brought the children with him, tied to his D-Wheel.

Who's up for some bondage?

As Marko wakes up… he finds himself in the same situation. Lotten drinks in front of him while Barbara shows him that he has actually signed a contract that states the town now belong to Barbara… and that its official name is now Barbara Town. It’s not long after that Lotten proclaims that anything Barbara owns is his property now. So now it’s Lotten Town. Marko tries to object but is confronted by his own group.

Barbara's an official whore...

Yusei and Kiryu survived the fall, it seems. Kiryu blames himself for not being able to save anyone. He picks up the pendant that West dropped. They return to the site of the graves.

Back to square one.

Insert song: You Say -Towards Tomorrow- (YOU SAY – 明日へ -) by La-Vie

Kiryu places the pendant on a grave… but suddenly, the Duel Disk attached to it glows. It’s still working. Kiryu understands now… the spirit of all the people there want him to continue fighting. This is not the place for him to die.

Kiryu takes the pendant again and then wears the Duel Disk. He proclaims that he has become a Shinigami once again. He will send those who oppressed them to the REAL hell. He also promises that he will save Nicko and West. Yusei says he is also alongside him. They will now fight side-by-side. Kiryu tells him that he will borrow his strength… so try and satisfy him!

Last shot!

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip


Yup, sorry for the delay!

Yusei and Kiryu, being blown away by a freaking dynamite, landing somewhere past a hundred feet, survived… not even a drop of blood nor signs of any internal injuries, broken bones or even the D-Wheel! EVEN THE D-WHEEL!

And then they make us forget about it by stuffing an insert song?! Wow!

Yeah, I had to get it out of my system. I mean, even Nicko and West and Lotten survived… if that’s the case, then is the father alive as well?!

Anyways, I think this’ll all end up with either Kiryu saving the town and stay there to protect it… or bring his newly-acquired loli back to the city. Though it’d be rather disappointing if he just stayed there.

But yeah, this is one of the best episodes this season.

I think I’ll do the next episode on time next time. So expect it to be posted on Thursday or something.

Next episode:

Kiryu and Yusei have teamed up once again to save Crash Barbara Lotten Town. To accomplish this, they will enter a 2v1 Duel against Lotten’s certain kill strategy. Will they fair much better as two or will two heads also become their downfall? Watch out next time.

This is the Bunny Chief, staring in disbelief over their bloodless bodies, over and out…


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  1. well it’s not the first time it happens! just look at what happened with Divine! … okay wait…bad example…
    Anyway, it wasn’t a bad episode if only we forget about the obvious stuff, clearly the best one this season I think…

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