Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 13 (EX026) (END) – Present and Onwards

December 28, 2009

This week's featured duel of the week! Wait... what?

A late Merry Christmas to everyone. As Kyon said, we are catching up some things and could not make posts in the last few days. But worry not, that doesn’t mean we’re gonna slack around after the holidays!

Yep. It’s the last episode! So let’s get ready to rumble!

Tokiya and Tomoharu fight one last time for the fate of the Second Stage World. What will be the outcome of this event? Will it be a good end or a bad end? Will there be a next season? Will Tomoharu choose between Kanade and Misao? Will Ania stay grown-up or go loli again?!

Find out and see! Expect the final battle!

Last episode summary:

As the Second Stage World plunges into Hizaika, the heroes act for survival. Shuri, who turns out to be Yukari (surprise, surprise…), regains consciousness. In other news, Tokiya had successfully reached the Third Stage World, but to his dismay, Aki keeps dying. In order to prevent that from happening, he needs the Igniter entrusted to Tomoharu by Naotaka of the First Stage World. Hagane and Charlize goes up against Kurogane(-Kai) and Persephone. But as Tokiya summons Rhodonite, Hisui and Bismuth, Tomoharu receives backup in the form of Ex-Handlers Yoh and Reishirou, Rikka and Mahiwa with Suishou and Vivian…

Episode 13 (EX026):

The episode starts with a vague and fast recap of the last episode. The heroes seeing the huge black hole in the middle of the city, then Shuri waking up and screaming, then Tomoharu comforting her… then the amazing kiss from Ania and finally, Kurogane and Hagane exchanging a black orb.

Reishirou notices the two orbs colliding with such great force and tells them all to take cover. Kanade orders Persephone to cover them all.

We do not get the awesome OP again this time. It’ll probably appear later as the ED or an Insert Song.

The incredible force from both Asura Machina had ripped the giant rock stage formation underneath them. The backup watch in disbelief.

Transformers~ More than meets the eye~ Transformers~ Robots in disguise~

Now they’re even more shocked. Tokiya had obtained the Igniter from all the commotion.

"Don't ask me how I got it either. I have no idea."

Tokiya notes that Ania may have given her luck to someone, having lost the Igniter. He then proclaims that he can now build a world with Aki and makes Hagane absorb the Igniter. The only thing left to do now is to take care of these meddling kids and their dog… err, Vivian?

The battle re-starts. Kurogane faces Hagane in a swordfight and at the same time, Charlize and Persephone exchange attacks, along with Hiwako and Kanade. Kurogane is easily overpowered by Hagane due to the Igniter. Kanade keeps constantly getting distracted by Tomoharu losing the battle and gets Persephone’s wings almost completely cut up.

"Oh my god, the random symbols burn!"

As Hagane delivers the final blow on Kurogane, several missiles get fired at it.

Yay~ We all know who the number one person to look for when you wanna see missiles~!

That voice… that voice can only belong to Tanaka Rie! I mean… Kurosaki Shuri… or Yukari… or whatever!

Hirono Nagi!

Well, from this point onwards, I will still refer to “Shuri” as Shuri. Names don’t matter anyway, says Tomoharu and even she herself said she is Kurosaki Shuri.

Shuri heads towards the backup, who sit silently watching the fight. She comments on how they went there to help Tomoharu instead of watching it for the show. She then checks up on Yoh and looks at her Ex-Handler mark and gains a sad expression.

More Yoh fanservice!

But she regains her composure and tells Yoh to fight with Yukari… she is not Yukari, but Kurosaki Shuri.

In the meantime, Tokiya complains about how his plans aren’t always going according to plan. As he starts to lose it again, the Gate behind him acts up.

Pride will sue...

Ania explains that the Gate that Tokiya opened forcefully is starting to widen. Tokiya sees it and says that it’s calling him now that he has obtained the Igniter. He starts to walk towards it. Tomoharu has to stop Tokiya or it’s game over for all of them. Kurogane is ordered but Tokiya also dispatches Rhodonite, Hisui and Bismuth.

The trio of old tinmen start attacking Kurogane to prevent Tomoharu in following Tokiya. The backup quickly acts. Shuri destroys the barricades of icicles around Kurogane, enabling it to proceed. Reishirou’s Ex-Handler abilities activates and his gun is able to paralyze the Asura Machina the bullets hit. Yoh slices up Bismuth and Rhodonite. Meanwhile, Rikka summons Suishou and Mahiwa tells her their team’s coordinates. Suishou starts liquifying the ground that the three Asura Machina are stepping on. They then encourage Tomoharu to follow Tokiya. Kanade soon follows.

At the side of the Gate, Tokiya feels that he has accomplished his mission… only to find Tomoharu and Hagane in a different rock platform.

"Alright, now that pest is go--AH, COME ON!"

He wants to end it now. He tells Hiwako to use her magical abilities and suddenly, Charlize fuses with Hagane.

Charlize combined with Hagane.

Hiwako then drops on her knees and undergoes Hizaika. Tomoharu and Kanade watches as she struggles to get up. Kanade asks why Hiwako would go so much and Hiwako says that she wants to know everything… she wants to know about Demons and herself. She finds it interesting to feel Hizaika… yeaaah… she’s probably a masochist.

Tokiya's evil smirk of the day.

Anyway, Hiwako’s turn to ask… why does Kanade go through so much for Tomoharu. Kanade’s answer is simple: she wants to fully know about Tomoharu. Hiwako accepts this answer.

Now it’s Tomoharu’s turn to ask Kanade and Persephone for their magical abilities. The Asura Cryin’ powers are born.

Persephone combined with Kurogane. I was expecting a feathery Kurogane but, oh well.

Insert Song: Spiral by angela

Tokiya tells them it wouldn’t work. His patched up Asura Machina couldn’t be a match for Hagane… which is where he’s wrong. Kurogane is on par… no, stronger than Hagane. The two Asura Machina battle to the end with each strike intending to destroy each other. After a few moments, Tokiya gains the upper hand by freezing Kurogane temporarily while charging up a huge ball of freezing… energy ball or something.

At this point, Kanade holds Tomoharu’s hand. They both call out Kanade’s ability: Engetsu, her flame sword. Now Kurogane has a standard Shirogane sword and the Engetsu, a double sword style. This surprises Tokiya as Aki is using the twin-sword technique.

Kurogane as Aki... or is it the other way around?

Tokiya begs Aki to stop as he wants to see her badly. He only wants to live in a world where she and him can live. But Kurogane manages to slice through the ball and strikes Hagane down. This also sends Tokiya to feel the damage and drop.

Tokiya's a great actor and sells his opponent's moves like a pro!

Part B:

Tomoharu and Kanade confront the defeated Tokiya and Hagane. The backup also arrive on top of Vivian. As they cheer, Tooru appears and tells Tokiya the truth: she wanted to be used up and die before they reach the new world because she was the one who killed Aki. She has feelings for Tokiya but Tokiya will never look at her as long as Aki is around, so she continued fighting using Kurogane even if it meant using up Aki.

This could also be the reason why Aki’s image appeared within Kurogane-Kai… as she is the first Burial Doll for Kurogane.

Well, now this is the end of the line for Tooru. She’s starting to disappear.

Until Tomoharu suddenly speaks up. He asks her what she intends to do now. It’s not about the past but about the present. Touru breaks down and says that she just wants to live with Tokiya now. But after that, Tooru starts to fade away.

Tomoharu, having been touched by Tooru’s resolve, calls out to Kurogane to do something. Kurogane suddenly activates again and pries open a space in front of Hagane’s Burial Doll chamber.


Everyone watches as Kurogane pulls out Aki from Hagane.

Indeed… Kurogane has removed Tooru, a Burial Doll, from an Asura Machina!

Everyone enjoyed seeing Tooru again... very much so... mmhmm...

As Tooru provides fanservice, Hagane dissolves.

Again, everyone is shocked that Tooru regained her human form and not as a Shaeitai. Ania explains stuff again, saying that it worked because Kurogane and Hagane both have the same capabilities.

Tomoharu shows them Aki’s pendant from the First Stage World. He then gives it to Tooru and wishes them a peaceful life as it is Tooru’s decision.

"Time for the exorcism!"

Suddenly, Kurogane lights up. It has obtained the Igniter!

The Gate closes down. It is responding to Tomoharu’s will. Tomoharu wished for the Second Stage World to have a future, thus, the Third Stage World’s Gate has closed. Even the smallest gear is needed for a clock to continue moving.

Yay, good end!

With that, the world stops undergoing Hizaika… those who disappeared have been restored. Kurogane tosses the Igniter inside the Gate before it completely closes up.

Bismuth, Rhodonite, Hagane and Hisui's altars.

Reishirou starts to collect the altar trunks, but as he does so, the handlebar breaks off and the altars dissolve. Ania explains that because of the connections between the worlds have been severed, all First Stage World objects in the Second Stage World will vanish… including Ania’s conveniently-placed near them Burial Doll Splitter.

The Burial Doll Splitter, conveniently placed near them.

Yep, it’s the same thing Kagakagari was trying to build. A-hey! It’s been a while since I mentioned that name here. Tomoharu is doubting to use it because it requires Demon’s blood but Ania assures him it doesn’t run on blood anymore. It is powered up by the abilities of an Asura Cryin’. She really did have much time in her hands during her expedition to the First Stage World.

In any case, Tomoharu was going to ask Misao but her response was fast. She really wants to return to normal as she requested sukiyaki for dinner and coffee in the morning, just like the one they all used to drink during mornings.

As Misao heads inside, Tomoharu asks Rikka if she also wants Himezasa to enter the Splitter. Rikka says Himezasa is too weak to become normal again but Himezasa stops her from saying more. Himezasa was inspired by Tomoharu’s resolve and wishes to live with Rikka once again normally, even for just a short time.

Hey, it's Himezasa!

Rikka begins to build tears around her eyes and claims that if she saved enough, she will be able to prevent what happened before again.

Himezasa joins Misao inside the Splitter and Tomoharu uses his power. As a bright glow envelops the Splitter… then the Central Vortex and finally, the whole Takatsuki shrine and mountain…

We are now brought to the Meioutei. Tomoharu is late for class again. He tells Misao, who had brough her cup of coffee outside to put it back inside and just make another one tomorrow. Misao complains that it still has some left and pouts.

Pouting Misao that isn't almost transparent!

Inside, Kanade receives Misao’s cup and promises to make one again tomorrow. Shuri walks up to them, still in her negligee and takes the cup and drinks it. Tomoharu asks if Shuri’s not coming as well but she complains that she hasn’t fully-recovered yet… though it is obvious that she’s just faking it.

Outside, Ania and Vivian are walking down the street…

Ania has been loli-fied again!

Ania complains about how some things should have been just the way they were before… though most probably, she is referring to her size.

Tomoharu, Kanade and Misao walk to school. Kanade notes that most of Rakurowa had disappeared because those things were from the First Stage World. Tomoharu then asks if Kanade will lose her Demonic powers as well.

Kanade stops in response. She explains that it will mean their Contract will be terminated. Misao joins in their conversation, alerting Tomoharu and making him back away. Misao then whispers something to Kanade and they move forward and hold their hands out.

"What 'bout my staaaar~ What 'bout my staaaaaaaaaar~~"

Of course… it’s decision time! Both girls ask… which of them will he pick. Tomoharu stutters and panics… and finally couldn’t bring himself to make a decision. Misao gets annoyed and pulls Kanade away, calling Tomoharu an idiot virgin. It seems the decision to save the world was much easier than this…


Closing song: Kirafuwa (キラフワ) by angela

Several clips of the other characters after the final battle accompany the ED. Even Tokiya and Tooru.

Reishirou takes over all duties of the Student Council after several buildings were lost. Hiwako enters Rakurowa High School and joins the Science Club, at the same time, making Higuchi fall in love. An practices in the track club. Rikka seems to not have her eyepatch anymore, meaning her eyesight could have been healed. Himezasa is with her.

At the Kitsutaka residence, Tokiya is in a wheelchair with his koala doll. Tooru is pushing the wheelchair, wearing Aki’s pendant.

In the GD headquarters, Kyoumu is being punished for his deeds in the earlier arc of the season by Haruna. At the uncharted island ruins, Kagakagari is idly spending his time under a tree. At home, Shuri continues sleeping and Persephone watches.

Back at school, Misao runs and by reflex, she tries phasing through a closed door and hits her face on it. This makes Tomoharu laugh and Kanade hands over a band-aid.

Deep in the Central Vortex, the Igniter floats freely…

After the clips… we see Uzumasa’s room, with some light particles left, meaning he had also disappeared…

The... end.


Where’s my alternative?!

The battle scene was nice. Very nice.

By the way, this is such a nice ending bar the fact that Tomo hasn’t decided which girl to pick. I was relieved that Mahiwa did not betray them and join Tokiya and that they did not end up food for the Deus ex Machina kind of ending.

But with this kinda ending, I don’t think we’ll ever see the Deus ex Machina. The anime had a good end after all when all traces of Burial Doll, Asura Machina and Demons have been erased from existence.

I don’t know if I’ll make a series review about this. I’ll think about it later~

This is the Bunny Chief, wishing everyone a happy holidays, over and out!


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