Kimi ni Todoke 12 : Battle of Vipers and Slowpokes

December 27, 2009

The power of vectors... they really appear out of nothingness

It’s quite a busy period for us all, we’re all at home catching up on our RP schedules and so blogging is set at second place for a while. Do not fear, we’re still at it. Though it might be quiet until the holiday season is over. Most anime are set back for a week due to other programming. That’ll give us a good break too, after which we’ll go back on our usual blogging schedules.

That being said, let’s get started with Kimi ni Todoke 12.

We start with a flashback of what happened last episode, Ryu saving Sawako by catching the ball. Kurumin tries to convince Sawako into talking more with Ryu. However, Sawako is more interested in the match that’s about to start than in Kurumin. She tells Kurumin on how she wanted to see Kazehaya play back in middle school. Kurumi agrees with it, though from another perspective. She says Sawako doesn’t know him well, while she’s always been watching him. She almost crosses a bridge too far because of that…

in memoriam of all those girls...

Instead of going on about the girlfriend thing, Sawako mentions how tough it must’ve been for Kurumin. Meanwhile the guys are doing their best at playing the game.

Sawako then thinks back of her feelings for Kazehaya and disagrees with Kurumin on how she doesn’t know Kazehaya. Then says she wants to know more about her and Kazehaya’s feelings and for that reason, she’ll talk with Ryu.

Raise your bets now!

Kurumin walks off without watching the match. Sawako thinks Kurumin didn’t wanna watch the game with her, then thinks back of when Kurumin told her she wanted to go out with Kazehaya. Then realizes Kurumin has romantic feelings for Kazehaya and he feels her heart beating loud.

A while later, the guys won the match and Kurumin never returned back. Some of the extra girls ask Sawako to watch the volleyball match. She follows them and then looks back one more time at Kazehaya.

Kazehaya for president!

A bit later, Kazehaya calls out to Ryu. They talk the accident and about Ryu’s feelings for Sawako. It’s quite clear that Ryu feels as close with Sawako as he’s able to pronounce her name and he tells it to Kazehaya as well. Quite funny for a later on in the episode perspective is that they don’t show Kazehaya’s eyes when he answers on what Ryu said. The bond between the two of them will kinda prove what’ll happen next episode. So yeah, this is quite a big hint if you ask me.

Shaded eyes are always holding a clue

Meanwhile in the teacher’s lounge, Pin is overjoyed with the good results of his class and thinks on how to brag about it to the whole world, when suddenly Kurumin enters. Her sparkling aura is bright enough to melt all the remaining ice on the North Pole. She asks Pin if she can see the schedule for the sports festival committee. Pin doesn’t wanna give it at first, but gets disgusted after Kurumin’s… dramatic act and hands it over. Kurumin starts planning her Plan of Doom part B and hands the paper back…

no comment needed

Kurumin heads inside the shoe locker room and puts in a paper in Ryu’s locker. Suddenly, Ayane appears beside her. Although she didn’t notice her putting the paper away (I think), she does give Kurumin quite a nasty time. She accuses Kurumin about spreading the rumors about her and Chizuru. Kurumin counters her though, telling Ayane she doesn’t have any proof. Before heading back to the other girls, Ayane turns around and says…

She's epic in her own way

A bit later, the guys from Kazehaya’s team enter the locker room, Ryu’s also with them. As he walks up to his locker, he notices Kurumin’s note. He isn’t quite satisfied though, cause he wanted to take a nap instead…

Back at the girls, the girls just played their match and Chizuru brags about her REDness. They ask Sawako, who just offered her and Ayane a towel, what they’ll do next. Sawako answers she already has something planned. Ayane and Chizu understand and before Sawako heads out, Ayane wishes her good luck and to follow her own feelings. Chizu doesn’t get a clue of what’s happening, but Ayane tells her not to mind it and that they have other things to take care off…

Another viper reveals her fangs...

Sawako roams around the building when suddenly Kurumin calls her name. Sawako is almost crying because she’s relieved Kurumin’s not angry with her. Kurumin isn’t amused, but when she hears others talking in the hallway, she gets her usual smile face and tells Sawako she saw Ryu at the equipment room. Sawako thanks Kurumi and heads off towards it, Kurumin is left behind thinking about how difficult Sawako is to deal with.

A scene shift later, Sawako and Ryu meet up. Because of their denseness, they don’t realize their meeting was set up.

oh dear... *facepalms*

The meeting is… well…


Sawako asks Ryu if he knows what romantic feelings are like. He tells Sawako he does and… admits that loves Chizuru! Sawako’s astonished and tell him they’d make a great couple.

Meanwhile, Kurumi is waiting for Kazehaya to arrive. When he passes by while holding some cones, Kurumin walks up to him and offers her help. He laughs a bit and tells her he was thinking about what Sawako would say. “This is my job, after all.” and yes, Kurumin knows that well enough, since it happened to her when Sawako was carrying the papers around.

Kurumin is pretty shocked, but doesn’t give up. She asks him about the rumors from back at the summer break, which were about him rejecting Sawako. He tells Kurumin he didn’t reject her at all and that there was no confession to start with. Besides, she doesn’t like him that way, he says. Kurumin happily agrees and adds some gas to the flame saying Sawako didn’t watch him at all in the game. She was only looking at Ryu according to her. Kazehaya seems impressed by her words and Kurumin says they should encourage the two.

Back at Ryu and Sawako, Sawako asks him what made him realize Chizu was special for him. He answers that there’re questions that can’t be answered with logics. Then, we get to see Kurumin’s smile. Kurumin and Kazehaya walk up to smiling Ryu and Sawako. Kurumin tries to convince Kazehaya… but he just drops the cones and starts running…


Thoughts :

Drama coming your way? Who knows…

It was entertaining to watch though. Kurumin admitting her feelings for Kazehaya and technically admitting she’s the one behind the rumors. The meeting with Ayane was highly entertaining as well. I really love fake smile, inside fangs conversations a lot and this battle of vipers was definitely one of a Class A+.

I don’t think Kurumin’s plan was work, mostly because of her freaked-out reaction in the end of this episode and because of the chat he had with Ryu before. As for Ryu, it was pretty obvious he loved Chizuru, but admitting it in order to help Sawako was just wow, really nice.

Anyway, busy days…tiring days… time for rest.

Kyon, at your service.


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  1. Hah! Take that! Pin is unaffected by the venom!

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