Kobato 10 & 11 : Sunflower Battle Maid Detective!

December 24, 2009

iyaa~ hazukashii yo~ *wiggle wiggle*

A double post today, cause I’m kinda behind on this series. Don’t expect anything long though, I’m kinda limited on time due to Christmas Eve planning. So yeah, I’ll kinda try putting everything in 2 shorter than usual summaries. To make up for the lack of text, I’ll add some extra pictures, but I guess you don’t really mind there’s little text… Anyway, let’s get going!

Episode 10 :


Sayaka inside...a dark...room...!

Kobato stealing futons for the poor

That's what happens when you're drawn by Clamp and thus over 2 meters tall

Kobato wants to know more!

"is this...Earth?"

"One day... I'll have have hair like the king of games! Just you wait!"

Omagad! it's a sunflower

Omagad! it turned into a human!

Get your balls out of my garden!

Chibis and pianos...and how they'll never mix...


it's symbolism!


Kobato is enjoying her day-off by cleaning her futon. After the usual fireball action, she decides to go out and pay a visit to the nursery. Sayaka who’s troubled about the pilling up mountain of bills, welcomes Kobato. They start talking about Mr Cool and eventually, Sayaka brings up his past. Kobato is curious ofcourse and wants to know more about the bully. Sayaka returns with a picture book of the old days. Inside it, is a picture of her and Fujimoto when they were little. Then Sayako goes into story telling mode.

Mr Cool is revealed to be an orphan and was brought in by Sayaka’s grandfather. His cool attitude towards the stray cat kinda gets explained by that. Anyway, he was already quite the cold type back then, never saying the traditional “Tadaima” (= Hunny, I’m hooome~) and staying silent loli for most of the time. An unexpected turn of events turns his world upside down. That was when some guys, kick a ball into the nursery grounds by accident. The hit a small girl and when Sayaka is comforting her, the two climb over the fence to get their ball back. One of them, falls over and hits a sunflower which everyone in the nursery was taking care of.

It should be mentioned that the sunflower is the symbol of this episode and maybe even a symbol for Mr Cool’s attitude.

Ofcourse, everyone is upside by the accident, but the two guys don’t seem to understand the whole thing. Only when Sayaka speaks up and tells them the facts about the children cherishing the sunflowers, the two kinda get into an awkward situation. Sayaka hands over the ball, but was shaking all over. The two accept it and quickly make their way out of awkwardness.

Fujimoto, who was watching over the whole scene, was amazed by Sayaka’s courage. He starts playing the organ which was inside the nursery for a long time. The children are amazed and sing along with it. And surprise, surprise! The sunflowers start blooming! It’s symbolism! Mr Cool turns into Mr a-bit-less-Cool and says “Tadaima” for the first time.


Plot device spotted!

"Oh yeah...I just wanted screen time"

I'd open a bakery if I could have waitresses like that...


First enemy : cookie monster clone

And that's what happens if you except Kobato as an employee...

implied emo

implied worried face

hooh...so when you read about detective Kun-kun, you get free blondes?

"so hey... keep it a secret... but this is.. a magnifying glaaaass"

two female stalkers... one Itoshiki-sensei


all is well, what ends with cake

"you know, your nose is a lot bigger from this angle..."

it's over...

Episode 11:

Once again we start at Kobato’s crashing place…okay, maybe a little more specific would be, the nursery. She sees Mr Cool heading of to work and wants to try out a part-time job as well. At Sayaka’s office, Kobato notices a book about part-time jobs and takes it with her. With a little help of Chiharu, Kobato is accepted at the Tirol Pâtisserie shop. There she works together with Yumi, a maid voiced by none less than Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!, Lisa from the Sacred Blacksmith) and her manager… Mr Manager! The manager explains he needs Kobato since Yumi’s been hurt due to clumsiness. Kobato struggles for the first day but ends up breaking nothing at all.

At the end of the day, Yumi tells Kobato about the Manager who looks down lately, but keeps saying he’s fine. The following day, Kobato proposes to help Yumi and ask the manager. Kobato asks him… with no result. Something interesting happens after that when Sayaka pays a visit to buy cake. Yumi mentions that Sayaka used to buy cake for her husband, Sayaka reacts kind of awkward on it.

Later that night, Kobato, who wonders why she hasn’t seen Sayaka’s husband yet, talks about it with Puppy-san who says she might have broken up. Kobato still wants to help Yumi and ends up as a detective! She polls everyone who’s leaving the store about what they saw inside. Unfortunately, Kobato doesn’t get a clue, only some strange facial expressions… Meanwhile, Puppy-san uses his own detective skills at Teddybear’s baumkuchen.

At night when work’s over, Yumi gets dragged by Kobato who decides to tail the manager. They see him going inside some restaurant where he meets some woman. Yumi and Kobato get spoiled by their loud voices. Yumi runs off and get chased by the manager. After checking up on Kobato who…ofcourse… tripped, he explains he was doing an interview. He was worried about Yumi and thought she might get overworked. Yumi however, explains she was only getting the wounds from trying to make cakes her own and after the manager tastes one of her delicious cakes, things are solved!

Kobato gets a hundred, mostly because she was suspicious about Puppy-san’s baumkuchen. Also, another konpeito joined the others inside the bottle. The episode ends with Mr Cool telling Kobato not to get overworked as well.


That’ll be it for today!

Now I gotta get on with my busy schedule…

Kyon, at your service!


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