Ending Themes – 2009 Top 10 (Update)

December 23, 2009

Karaoke booths... they are magical realms that connect different worlds together.

Last month, on this same day, we released our favorite OP for the year 2009. Now, it’s time for the ED version of that post!

No, it’s not because we don’t have anything to write again today due to our missing members! It’s just because we… like sharing our favorites! Yes! I mean you Lelouch! Post yours too!

Now on with the magical hits

Yup. Just like last time, this is merely a list of our favorite top 10 Ending Themes for the year 2009. And like last time, we’ll be starting from Winter 2008 to Fall 2009.

Winter 2008
Spring 2009
Summer 2009
Fall 2009

So… let’s begin!

10. futuristic imagination by school food punishment (from Higashi no Eden [ED1])

Landing at the number 10 spot is the nice ED from Higashi no Eden. I really love this song’s video… with the paper stuff making realistic changes and then the pencil missiles… then Akira shooting them down with the nice “Bang!” pose. The anime was nice and you can even find reviews in this blogsite!

9. Hatsukoi limited by marble (from Hatsukoi Gentei [ED1])

Although the video could be said a bit of fanservice for each female character… the song is pretty nice-sounding to me. I just wonder why.

8. Kirari Futari by Shiraishi Ryouko (from Natsu no Arashi! [ED1])

The ghosts from Natsu no Arashi!

I don’t know… but Shiraishi Ryouko has a very nice voice. It amazes me. Even the character song she did for Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season (titled underage) was really awesome. This one also caught my attention. Her soft voice was used for such a nice kinda fast song… it’s a good combination.

7. Irodori no Nai Sekai by Yousei Teikoku (from Kurokami: the Animation [ED1])

When I first downloaded this, I didn’t know what got into me. I didn’t even watch Kurokami that much (until the amazing second half aired). But even without the anime’s help, I was able to appreciate the nice song that was known as its ED. It’s rare for me to like such a soft and kinda slow song… but it really hit the spot.

6. Don’t say “lazy” by Toyosaki Aki & Hisaka Youko & Satou Satomi & Kotobuki Minako (from K-ON! [ED1])

As many may say overrated… or fantastic… I don’t really care. The song is quite good. Even though I don’t listen to it much anymore (mainly because they always play that in the clubhouse of my club, which is kinda annoying… like when they played Hare Hare Yukai regularly) I still remember the time when I still liked it (along with the anime).

5. Ai no Zuellni by Chrome Shelled (from Koukaku no Regios [ED2]):

Fear nothing but the wrath of the "tsundere".

Although Yasashii Uso is a great song too, I prefer the second ED of Chrome Shelled Regios. I have to admit though, I’ve already forgotten about this song and only when Kyon mentioned it did I remember its existence. Despite that, this is a great song.

4. Kanata no delight by angela (from Asura Cryin’ 2 [ED1])

I don’t know whether it’s due to the fact that it was sung by angela… or because I regularly hear whenever I blog Asura Cryin’ 2 or both… but nevertheless, I love this song.

3. LET IT OUT by Fukuhara Miho (from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood [ED2])

An epic song. I said that it was amazing back in the OP list when I posted Hologram… this is really amazing. It turned even the most boring of recap episodes into an epic scene… too bad it was also its final run. FMA Brotherhood is really nice.

2. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by supercell (from Bakemonogatari [ED1])

I really loved this song when it first came out as the ED for Bakemonogatari. An awesome song is fit for an awesome series after all. As much as I love this song and the anime… there was a better one I found a few months before this one… and I think I’ll be predictable with this one so here it is…

1. Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi-Iro! by Itou Shizuka (from Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season [ED1])

A special treat for everyone!

Yep. The H-I-N-A ED for every Hina fan out there! Yes, you all who supported Hina in her conquest for the Saimoe 2009 1st place. This year is really the year of Hina… she obtained a newfound strength in the new adaptation of the Hayate no Gotoku! manga produced by J.C.STAFF. When the song first appeared in episode 1, I already wanted a copy. I had to live for a while in TV size version of it… it was quite nice.

So… yep. It’s the end of my list. Here’s hoping that Lelouch will also post his for a change! Yes! Change! It’s almost the New Year!

This is the Bunny Chief, wishing everyone a happy holiday, over and out!


Yosh, I can’t stay behind on this! Here’s Kyon’s list of endings as well!

10. From Dusk Till Dawn by abingdon boys school (from Darker than Black -Ryuusei no Gemini- [ED1])

I’ve always been a fan of their songs, getting all their songs from their site… ah where are the days… Anyway, this song is better in my opinion than their Tokyo Magnitude Opening, but less catchy than JAP. In other words, this was a good year from abs fans with a fresh load of songs. I hope 2012 will give them some good anime as well, they deserve to be mentioned in this list.

9. Perfect World by ROCKY CHACK (from Spice and Wolf 2 [ED1])

Spice and Wolf 2 wasn’t the best anime of 2009, that’s for sure but the calm and slow paced story line fits quite well with song. Even more fun was the cute video that accompanied it, better than the first season one in my opinion. More Horo wanted~

8. Otome no Junjo by Shiraishi Ryouko, Naduka Kaori, Nonaka Ai and Horie Yui (from Natsu no Arashi Akinai-chuu [ED1])

Yeah… I like Tetris tunes, they’re just so nostalgic… Anyway, I liked the ending of the first season too, but this one’s more catchy if you ask me. It keeps sticking in my mind and the ending video also helped in putting this song here instead of the other one. Luckily, our beloved chief already mentioned how good the first one is.

7. Kurayami Shinchuu Soushisouai by Hiroshi Kamiya (from Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei [ED2])

Hiroshi Kamiya had a good year too, starring as main lead in Bakemonogatari and other roles. He also put on his glasses and his kimono again to teach us how screwed this world is and even preformed an ending for it! Yup, this is a great single, the violin is very suiting to my ears and his singing voice is pretty awesome as well.

I'd despair too if my second season sucked so much

6. Kanata no delight by angela (from Asura Cryin’ 2 [ED1])

Good song, probably biased on the fact we’re busy with Asura a lot here and on our chat. angela’s opening wins over this one though, but since it’s an endings post… you get the point right? The ending video isn’t really special, but since I’m a Misao fan, you don’t hear me complain. They should’ve just scrapped Kanade’s role…

5. Don’t say “Lazy” by Toyosaki Aki & Hisaka Youko & Satou Satomi & Kotobuki Minako (from K-ON! [ED1])

K-ON!… it seems a long time ago already… The song itself is pure awesomeness, you can’t deny that they put a lot of effort in this and together with the ending video, it certainly is gonna be one of the big hits in other posts. In my list, it dropped to this spot, mostly because I like other songs better and my excitement for K-ON! dropped by 100% since it ended. Does the fact that Kyoani animated it have to do anything with this? …Probably.

4. Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi-Iro! by Itou Shizuka (from Hayate no Gotoku!! 2nd Season [ED1])

2009 was H-I-N-A. I think the Chief said most of the stuff about this. It doesn’t get a spot in my top 3 mostly because the song has a high entertainment value, but as a song itself, there’s just other songs out there that do better for me. Kudos to Hina though… it was a great video and season for her.

3. Hikari to Yami to Toki no Hate by Ceui (from Sora wo Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai [ED1])

Cause Yumemi is still moe

Ah, I liked this one a lot! I remember playing it a whole night without getting tired of it. Ceui’s high voice is just great and I love her songs, back from where she started with “mellow melody” the Sola ED. The video was cute, suiting the style of this series.

2. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by supercell (from Bakemonogatari [ED1])

Scroll up and read again what the Chief said.

1. Yasashii Uso by Chrome Shelled (from Chrome Shelled Regios [ED1])

Best song of 2009 for me. If only the series could reach the level of this song, we’d have the best anime of the year here too, but that isn’t the case. Moreover, I kinda forgot this song was an ending for a series. I really hope Chrome Shelled continues to make songs, though I greatly doubt that fact… If any of you guys who read this can’t cheer me up, do it!!

Well there you have, my list for the yes-it-was-a-good-year-for-anime 2009. Enjoy Christmas and see you later.

Kyon, at your service~



  1. i’d say that kiminoshiranaimonogatari was tops followed by futuristic imagination then don’t say lazy

    and are you forgetting torch and orange? (clannad and toradora)

  2. those were used in the 2008 reviews if I recall it correctly. we limited our series only to the ones that started airing in winter.
    Besides Torch wouldn’t make it anyway

  3. they both continued to 2009

    and that’s a matter of personal opinion

  4. well, I meant to my list
    anyway if you want them in, make your own list 8D

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