Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 12 (EX025) – Ideals and Illusions

December 22, 2009

Ohnoes itz the Tragedy of Sabrie and Momentum~

Yup, it’s almost over. This episode will now focus on the build up that will lead to the last cataclysmic battle in this season. Team Tokiya has gained an advantage after using Hisui, Bismuth and Rhodonite to force the Central Vortex to open. Team Tomoharu must now unite and vanquish the evil force that threatens to annihilate anyone but himself and his beloved Aki…

Expect some nice hero Tomoharu scenes.

Last episode summary:

Tomoharu, Ania and Misao have returned to the Second Stage World to confront Tokiya’s team. However, Ania believes Tokiya still needs time to act as the Central Vortex is repairing itself. Tomoharu discovers that he and Kanade had formed a contract in the First Stage World and created a Daughter named Persephone. They visit the school and Tomoharu is elected as the new Third Student Council’s President in the absence of Tooru and Shuri. They all depend on Tomoharu’s ability to stop Tokiya’s mad plan. Later, Tokiya has gained control of Bismuth, Rhodonite and Hisui and forces the Central Vortex open prematurely, thus alerting Tomoharu’s team to act now…

Episode 12 (EX025):

A small rundown of the past episode. Tomoharu’s resolve to stop Tokiya, meeting Persephone, his Daughter and then Tokiya obtaining Hisui, Bismuth and Rhodonite, Tomoharu and Kanade’s kiss and finally, the gate to the Third Stage World opening, thus starting the process of Hizaika in the Second Stage World.

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

Continuing from where last episode left off, Tomoharu’s group are shocked… more so when Ritsu arrived, asking them what’s happening… even non-Demons and Handlers could see the Hizaika now. It seems the magical force released was too great that even those who only had been exposed to small magic could see it.

Ania deduces it is the work of the Central Vortex. Tomoharu asks her what’s going on as they thought they still had ten more days… but actually, production only allowed them 2 more episodes, along this one so Tokiya had to do something quick or else his arc would be cut… no, actually, Ania doesn’t know either.

Tomoharu asks where exactly the Central Vortex is… and Ritsu explains they’re right on top of it. Yes, the Central Vortex is the mountain that the shrine stands on.

Site of the Central Vortex, the Takatsuki Shrine.

Meanwhile… at GD headquarters…

The Guardian Dragoon Flag!

Yoh spots the large-scale Hizaika that’s happening and is now in an emergency situation.

At the hospital, Mahiwa, Rikka and Haruna spot it as well. Rikka feels like she has to do something and takes Mahiwa with her. Haruna stays due to her injuries.

Wait... VIVIAN CAN FLY?! Why was it running around town last time from Picasso Kamen?!

Reishirou and Reiko also see this happening from their house. Reishirou advises his sister to stay as he’s going to find Tomoharu.

The Saeki siblings... facing imminent destruction of their world.

At the foot of the mountain, Kanade tries using her Demon powers to get inside the Central Power but is unable to thanks to Tokiya’s barrier. Uzumasa then suddenly comes up to them and tells them about the repeating mistakes of the past. He then reveals that he is from the First Stage World to stop the Second Stage World’s Hizaika.

The old man wasn’t able to break the walls down… but he says it’s not impossible. He wants the help of the Takatsuki group. In the meantime, Ritsu takes Team Tomoharu to a special location.

"Hey, wake up. You don't wanna miss the final episode."

At the special location, Yoh was visiting Shuri. Shuri, who then suddenly wakes up after her name was called, begins crying. Oddly, she begins calling out her own name and while sobbing, saying she wasn’t able to protect “Shuri”. She regrets ever switching positions with her sister. Yoh finally gets it… Shuri was used as her Burial Doll for Shirogane… and the one who she’s talking to right now is actually Yukari.

Yoh leaves Yukari alone. Tomoharu’s team comes in and wonders why Yoh was there as well and then they find out from her that Shuri is not the one inside… but Kurosaki Yukari.

Inside, Tomoharu tries cheering Yukari up, but it’s not really working. Yukari apologizes for tricking them all for so long. She was just pretending to be her sister Shuri. She was intending to return Shuri’s body to her when they get her out of Shirogane. But since Shuri is no longer alive, she has no more reason to fight, let alone live. It’s difficult for her… she doesn’t even know her own identity anymore. Suddenly, Tomoharu holds her shoulders.

“Anata wa anata desu. Shuri to ka, Yukari to ka. Namae wa kankeinai! Koko ni iru subete ga anata da!”


Well, not exactly. Tomoharu means that it doesn’t matter what her name is… what matters is the person right in front of him. The person who had always saved him no matter what happened and stay by all of them in tough situations. Now it’s his turn to save the world for her to continue living.

Last minute Shuri path?!

Later, outside. Tomoharu’s group watches as people along with the city disappear. Tomoharu feels powerless from everything that’s happening but his harem encourages him. Ania reminds him that he saved the First Stage World. Kanade says that he saved her from vanishing and Misao adds that she’s always with Tomoharu no matter what. Tomoharu cheers up and builds confidence.

Shockingly, Ania holds Tomoharu’s cheek and gives him a kiss on the lips!

ZOMG! In the lips!

Tsundere blush?!


Buzzer-beater Ania path?!

She says she’s been taking luck from Tomoharu before… and this time, she wants to give him luck. If Tomoharu runs out, she’ll gladly give him some more. And then, the gateway to the Central Vortex opens… it’s time for the moment of truth…

Part B:

Reishirou arrives at the shrine and heads off inside.

Meanwhile, at the opening gate to the Central Vortex…

"It's so hard when there's only 5 of us working, huh?"

The tired members of the Takatsuki group are resting, including Kanade’s father. Tomoharu’s team arrives. Kanade’s father tells her that the path she is about to take is dangerous and advises her to remain instead. She refuses though. Her father, instead of insisting, encourages her to follow the path she chose.

"Love... and peace...? What... what kinda world... was THAT? Angel...?"

Inside, they see Tokiya being carried by Hiwako from the portal. Tokiya looks shocked and despairing. Tokiya murmurs to himself. Tomoharu asks what happened and Hiwako explains that the Third Stage World is not what Tokiya had wanted. Aki kept on disappearing no matter what time nor how many times he return to that world.

In order to keep Aki from dying, he wants to control causality. That is, of course, governed by the Igniter given by Naotaka to Tomoharu. Tokiya wants it badly. Ania explains that no one has ever created a new world using the power of the Igniter before. It would destroy the other worlds and build only one world. That means Tomoharu’s save on the First Stage World would be pointless if this succeeds.

He then summons Hagane and the surroundings change.

Hagane, summoned!


Charlize suddenly attacks, but Kanade counters with her own Pokemon Daughter.

"Go, Articuno. Use your freezing icicles of death!"

"Melt it down using your Gamesharked Overheat, Noctowl!"

Hagane uses its ball of energy at Kurogane, who simply deflects it with its blade. Tokiya is shocked. Tomoharu now has a Daughter and an improved Kurogane. Tomoharu now has the power that of an Asura Cryin’.

But Tokiya has another trick up his sleeve. He summons Bismuth, Hisui and Rhodonite and attacks simultaneously. Tomoharu doesn’t know how to respond… luckily, backup arrives!

The amazing backup have arrived!

Tokiya gets annoyed. He questions why these people are stopping him from doing his thing. If he succeeds, he starts to sway the backup with his words. If he controlled causality, Misao wouldn’t have been a Burial Doll (Tomoharu), Aine wouldn’t have died (Reishirou), Christina wouldn’t have had to sacrifice herself (Ania), Burial Dolls wouldn’t have to be exhausted (Yoh) and friends wouldn’t die of a medical condition (Rikka).

…but Tomoharu speaks up. He tells Tokiya to stop. How dare he speak of Aine’s name… how dare he deny Christina’s sacrifice… how dare he shun Yoh’s hard resolve… how dare he pretend to understand Rikka’s pain. The group recovers their formation and gets ready to strike. It is the painful pasts that enabled all these people to become strong and accept their own fate. Tokiya is not aiming for a perfect world… but merely an illusion!

In the final moment of the episode, Tomoharu’s voltage meter fires up and Kurogane-Kai attacks. Tokiya figures out that he and Tomoharu really see things in a different light and gets Hagane to attack.

The episode ends there…

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Tokiya, try looking in Neo Domino City.

Anyway, this is the second-to-the-last episode. Things have been built up for the stage of the final episode.

Tokiya seems surprised that Tomoharu has acquired power equal to that of an Asura Cryin’. Well, there’s also the backup which arrived but we can expect that Tokiya can adapt as the final boss of the season.

It still remains a mystery who exactly is Shioizumi Uzumasa. He may be an important detail in the Light Novels that have been left out of the anime after the speeding up.

We could also expect Shuri/Yukari to be involved in the final episode… somehow.

And yes, since Tokiya is the final boss, we can expect the possibility of a good end unlike the Light Novel’s bad end involving the Deus ex Machina (almost typed in Desu there).

Tokiya’s gone crazy now… far beyond the point of no return.

In any case, stupid Wikipedia spoiled me about the ending… and Mahiwa…

Next episode:

It’s the final battle. Who will emerge victorious in the clash of the titans? Tokiya’s Hagane or Tomoharu’s Kurogane-Kai? We’ll find out… in the last episode of Asura Cryin’ 2!

Here’s hoping to a Good End, the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. “Tokiya, try looking in Neo Domino City.” <- owned 8D

    lol 2 funny moments :
    Gramps trying to open the gate after revealing he got magic powazz and then awesomely FAIL.
    Ania claims Tomo!?! Tomo should take a lesson from Sugisaki, everyone would be happy, even the fans!

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