Kimi ni Todoke 11 : Ryuu vs Zashiki-Warashi

December 21, 2009

"You will be scrapped out of the series in 40 seconds from now"

Quite a funny episode. Some interesting new features and we could probably call this the end of the first arc(?). Look forward to seeing the viper’s true nature, the dragon saving a ghost and a shouta getting jealous. If that didn’t give you any hints, then keep on reading. If it did, then also keep on reading.

Kurumin repeats her “shocking” statement for last time. Sawako is astonished and paralyzed by her words, she starts thinking what’ll happen if she’s going to help her with that. Of course, Sawako doesn’t want to help her with something like that, because her heart doesn’t allow her to. So she stops Kurumin when she’s about to leave…

"No! I want you to date ME!"

Sawako tells it to Kurumin, who gets depressed. She tells Sawako she’s the only one who knows about her “secret” and that’s why she wants Sawako to support her. Sawako answers that she thinks Kurumi and Kazehaya are a good match, but she won’t be able to support Kurumin with whole her heart. She continues with saying the Kazehaya is really special to her and apologizes.

Then… Kurumin snaps~

w-wut?! what kind of dating sim is this?!

She fires a salvo of questions at Sawako who isn’t able to respond them all at once. Kurumin finds it unfair that Sawako gets attention from Kazehaya for free, while a popular and cute girl like her needs to put a lot more effort in it to get his attention. Sawako is shocked, but before she can react, Kurumin is already running off…

Later that evening, Sawako and her parents are watching TV. The situation is pretty similar to what Sawako just has been through.



Sawako thinks back about what happened and wonders Kurumin was right. As long as someone’s kind to her, it doesn’t have to be Kazehaya.

The following day, Pin declares the hunting season sports festival opened. Chizuru shows off her sparkling red T-shirt. Kazehaya (who looks different somehow) and the guys laugh. Ayane turns Sawako’s haircut into something a Bulbasaur would be jealous about. Kazehaya passes by and wishes Sawako the best with a high five. Sawako is slightly touched, but then all the other classmate follow Kazehaya’s example thinking it’s a good luck charm.

Then it’s time for the soccer match, Sawako’s class leads 3 – 2 and Chizuru scored a hattrick (3 goals in a match). The guys at side wonder about where Sawako is, cause she keeps switching places. Suddenly the ball gets kicked into no-man’s land (which… isn’t really a problem cause THERE IS NO ONE!), this somehow seems dangerous to everyone, but luckily Sawako is there to stop the ball. She kicks the ball with a Matsuri sei-no~, but then realizes she also kicked away her shoe. The shoe ends up… at a complete different angle…

Shouldn't it KO her at least? :<

Yup, Kurumin who just rejoiced about finding Kazehaya catches the shoe with a nice header. Meanwhile, Chizuru defies all logic and shoots the ball in a loop across the Earth and then makes it end up in the opponent’s goal! 4-2 and game over. Everyone cheers about about them winning and Sawako is really happy to be able to celebrate the victory with everyone. Kurumin who’s watching from a distance… isn’t amused.

The guys with Kazehaya then head on to their training for their softball game. Sawako wishes Kazehaya good luck as he leaves. Chizuru brags about being MVP (Most Valuable Player), while Ayane tells her they need to get ready for volleyball. Chizu then asks Sawako what she’s planning to do next, Sawako tells them she has to go look for her shoe. Chizuru then wants to ask her to come and cheer for the volleyball team, but Ayane stops her saying Sawako needs to go cheer on the boy’s team. The two girls leave Sawako, but Ayane turns around one more time saying…

was that 10% yandere?

Both Chizu and Sawako don’t get it, but as Kurumin passes by, we all do get the point don’t we? Kurumin hands over Sawako’s shoe and gets irritated about Sawako’s praising. But since there’re people watching, Kurumin acts all sweet and flowery like usual.

"Now let's go for a spin on my pumpkin ride, babe~"

Sawako apologizes onces again, but Kurumin answers that she shouldn’t address her with “Kurumi” anymore. Once again, Sawako tries “Ume-chan”, but she gets a glare as answer. She states that “Ume” gives her a complex because it’s an old ladies’ name, but Sawako thinks it’s cute. Sawako tries to cheer her up saying “Sadako” is also one, but then Kurumin answers she’s named “Sawako” not “Sadoko”.

The tone, the look away, the blush... 100% dere-dere

Sawako realizes that Kurumin has always called her “Sawako”. She decides to ask her out to watch the boys’ game. Kurumin refuses first, but when Sawako mentions that Kazehaya plays, she’s easily convinced.

A bit later, the are sitting next to eachother. Sawako narrates her opinion of Kurumin changed, she feels like Kurumin is more about about her feelings now. Then the boys arrive… like they’re about to start a gang war… Kazehaya waves at Sawako, but Kurumin demands the honor of it.

The guys talk about how many girls have come to watch their game. When suddenly Sawako is mentioned, Kazehaya feels a little astonished, but then it seems like they were just praising her. Then Ryu mentions that her name isn’t “Sadako”, which makes them all VERY surprised, even Kazehaya, though for a different reason~. After thinking really long… through the depths of his dark and fussy memory, he finally remembers Sawako’s name.

Meanwhile Sawako and Kurumin are talking about dictionaries and stuff. Kurumin mentions that Sawako should try talking to guys more in order to realize who’s really special to her. She tells Sawako to think of someone who’s sitting close to her, then suddenly a baseball flies into Sawako’s direction…

Tch... I miss obvious hitting-head-with-funny-object humor in this series

Sawako is astonished, just like Kazehaya. Kurumin smells her chance and tells Sawako to talk with Ryu more…



So she finally showed her true nature huh… and wow, it’s been a while since I heard Aya Hirano’s voice like this without being pissed over how much season 2 sucks. Anyway, even though it was supposed to be dramatic, I couldn’t stop but laughing at Sawako’s funny reaction to Kurumin’s complete chara-switch.

Somehow this show really starts to remind me of Toradora. I mean, the love cross-overs that got introduced now between Ryu and Sawako for the sake of Kurumin x Kazehaya. Then also Kurumin’s behavior that really looks a lot like Kawashima Ami‘s behavior.

In any case, this is an interesting development now knowing that there’ll be 24 episodes of Kimi ni Todoke. I’m not sad about this, I love this series.

Kyon, at your service~


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