FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood 35 – The Shape of this country

December 20, 2009

Isumi: "Who's the bear now huh!? Punk!?"

In the last episode, Sloth (not the sexy one) entered the Brigg’s fortress ‘accidentally’ while doing his job. They saw what the monster’s power is and this will be the episode where they fight back. Expect explanations, surprising follow ups and of course, Olivia.

I think that’s all. Let’s move on.

The episode started with the final line Olivia said the previous episode.

Works every time

Olivia’s plans to immobilize the monster were on the way. First, Buccaneer forced the Elric Brothers to work with them, helping them to carry loads of fuel to Gate 8. Olivia, on the other hand, pushes Sloth to the elevator using three ‘big’ tanks

Since Lust got killed by fire, this one should be different

The team had been successful. Upon Sloth arriving at gate 8, Buccaneer rushes over and slammed Sloth to the ground. Edward, Alphonse and Falman quickly soak Sloth with fuel.

Olivia arrived at the scene and hastily forces Sloth to the balcony by shooting a point-blank tank cannon. Falman followed it by shooting the icicle on the ceiling, hitting Sloth to the head. The Elric brothers bash Sloth outside the fortress afterwards.

So, while Sloth is having his major near-death experience of his life, Buccaneer explained what the fuel does. It is a north-blend fuel that vaporizes even in extremely low temperatures, making it absorbs Sloth’s body temperature in no time.

So, Sloth was frozen alive, everyone is safe, except the Elric Brothers. The two were immediately sent to jail by Olivia, for the purpose of knowing what the heck that big monstrous thing…is

He doesn't drink milk and he go the habit of spitting coffee.

Edward woke up and remembered that he is in prison. The mechanist (I think? He’s an extra extra character only anyway) arrived to thanked Edward for saving his comrades and to get the cheap coffee-trick again from him.

Alphonse asked for an update. It seems that Olivia had ordered some men to search inside the cave Sloth dug. They also learned that Miles went to the hospital to see the one Scar injured.

Another bunch of extras arrived and thanked Edward. However, they couldn’t put Edward out of jail.

Miles: "Be mesmerize with my Ishbalan eyes, baby"

At some hospital, Miles is giving the injured Kimblee an update about what happened to Scar. After giving the report, Miles told Kimblee to rest and leave the rest to them. However, Kimblee declined and told them to stay out of his mission since he wanted Scar so badly. It is countered by Miles, showing his unique red-eyes on Kimblee. He told Kimblee again to stay put and leave the action to them.

Miles left. Another visitor arrived. It is Raven, together with yet another weird doctor. Raven assured that Kimblee will be 100% okay since Kimblee has the stones with him.

Scar should have damage his face more

For Scar’s randomly picked team. May Chang and Dr. Marcoh were discussing one of eastern alchemy’s concept of the ‘veins of the dragon’. May Chang explained that it explains the power running through the earth and demonstrated her long range alchemy to Marcoh.

Afterwards, Dr. Marcoh explained how western alchemy works. He told May Chang that western alchemy uses the energy of tectonic movements. However, May Chang didn’t agreed with it. She felt that the power were coming from an energy something under the earth and not the tectonic movements.

A soldier is now reporting their observation on the hole to Olivia. They describe the hole as huge and following a curve. There isn’t any sign of human there either.

Olivier decided to enter the hole, together with Buccaneer, the Elric brother and Falman.

They made a stopover.

There, Olivia ordered the two to talk about everything they know and since they are inside the hole godknowswhere it is located, no one will hear their conversation.

Presenting the mighty and the indestructuble team

The Elric Brothers explained everything.

Without having doubts that the Elric brothers were saying lies, they proceed to the next course, thinking of the next plan. Olivia asked to the Elric Brothers about what they think about the path.

Edward started to think about hypothesis. He assumed that the path is to create a large circle. Next, he asked Falman about events that turned into a major bloodshed.

Ishval Massacre. Riviere Incident, Civil War in Cameron, Soapman Incident, Wellsley incident, First and Second Southern border conflict, Pendenton, Creta and the Riot in Liore.

Upon hearing about the Riot in Liore, where they have been before and actually ‘solved’ the case of the fake priest, they started asking why did that happened. Falman explained that after the central army took over, everything went downhill.

Edward was shocked and angered to hear what Falman said, but Olivia ordered him to continue what he was doing.

There is one word for it: Zomg

Edward finishes and connected the dots. A transmutation circle was formed, the one they found in laboratory 5.

Dr. Marcoh explained his side of the story. He told May Chang about Marcoh’s side of story. He once asked Envy if they are going to us the whole country to make a philosopher stone but just laughed at him. He also told May Chang about the time he told Edward that he’ll certainly real truth, which lies beyond the truth.

He explained that the “truth” was that the stone is made from live humans, “Beyond the truth” is the existence of the Homunculus and the “Truth beyond the truth” is the transmutation of the philosopher’s stone using the whole nation. However, this isn’t completed yet, Marcoh hasn’t realized yet what they are going to do in the end (…And I gotta wonder what it is called).

Dr. Marcoh finishes his long speech by telling May Chang that one shouldn’t long for the philosopher’s stone and they must decipher the works of Scar’s brother .

Yes. Since the protagonists are there

While thinking about their discoveries so far, they also found out that all of the bloodshed has the military involved and more so, it’s been done since the nation was created. This might be also the reason why Hughes was killed early in the series because he had known what the Homunculus plans.

Olivia didn’t like the idea of what the Elric brothers were saying. Since due to their hypothesis, Briggs is next.

A soldier appeared and told that Olivia should return immediately due to Raven’s visit from central.

We all know that eyes are visible in shades when shocked

Miles arrived and apologizes to Raven for waiting for the major to return. Raven then asked Miles to give the man he’s with a tour. And… it turns out that the guy is Kimblee.

L: "Almost there... if only he will say he's Kira"

The stage was set and they are ready to go.

Olivia and Raven started talking. The first thing they talked to is about the behemoth who got them in trouble *cough*Sloth*cough*. The discussion continued well until Raven took the bait.

Raven asked Olivia, if she is interested in a perfect and immortal army…


The Lazy Prince:

Yay, late! Anyway, good episode. It doesn’t have much fighting scenes but the pace of the plot is going really well.

I don’t have much anything to say in this episode, so let’s go to the preview.

Next Episode:

Part 3 of Briggs. Raven’s sharing the love~ and the Elric Brothers are back at their cage., Hoheinheim is back!  Yeah, I’m kind of sleepy now to think..

That’s all for the day, I’ll blog 36 tomorrow so don’t worry. TheLazyPrince, signing off… *yawn*


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