Seitokai no Ichizon 11 : When Snow Starts Falling…

December 19, 2009

Shiina Mafuyu, codename Yuki, between 10am and 11am

Normally, I’d be doing Kimi ni Todoke tonight, but after watching Seitokai no Ichizon earlier, I couldn’t stop myself. This episode is just too amazing and not blogging it after just seeing it and being swallowed by the atmosphere of it, would truly be a grave sin! Hey… it’s snowing outside, I’m easily touched now. Anyway, prepare for some sentiment, some awesomeness and some big cliffhanger.

Some cold winter day. Sugisaki is inside his room chatting with someone. He tells that person that he is aiming to become a first-class man, but he needs some advice on how to become one. The person nicknamed “Yuki” answers…

No Kyon, no party.

Sugisaki facefaults and tells “Yuki” not to make fun of him and after some serious “lolololol”, “Yuki” asks him what he’s trying to do to become a better person. Sugisaki answers he tries playing eroge… Yeah, that’s not a good answer if you wanna get advice.

Then we make a scene switch, Sugisaki is shown on a swing in a cold snowy night (god, right now I can really imagine how cold that feels). Sugisaki narrates that he thinks love is something where you can devote yourself to others. “Yuki” answers that she wouldn’t love someone like that because she thinks it’s something you share forever and be with eachother even in trouble times. Now, “Yuki” appears on the scene and turns out to be no one less than… Mafuyu-chan!

She walks up to Sugisaki who’s sleeping on the swing and being covered by snow. At first, she’s afraid to touch him, but after a while, Sugisaki is shown inside an igloo, which means she carried him there. The only thing Sugisaki notices after waking up is Mafuyu running away, but since it was dark, he didn’t recognize her.

The narrating goes on with Sugisaki telling “Yuki” he’ll aim to become a member of the Student Council. “Yuki” is surprised by his answer, but thinks he’s funny when he explains that’s his current goal.

I can hear Lulu-chi squeal over this from the Philippines to here.

Back to the future! Well, the present in this case. Kurimu’s quote of the week is about personal hygiene, which she perfectly follows by making a fake campfire marshmallow Usa-maru on a stick. Chizuru mentions that Sugisaki is absent today due to a cold. Mafuyu and Minatsu are surprised and say that it’s weird for him to be sick. He’d even come if he had a 40°C fever, which is true cause he really did come over with a 40°C fever. Unfortunately for him, his condition was kinda bad and he received a ride home from The Sensei.

Yukari-sensei is way more fitting...

Since he’s not there today, the girls wanna take it easy and relax a bit, but that’s not the case when it comes to the Pres. She wants them to have a serious meeting just because Sugisaki isn’t there and can’t disturb them. However, the others aren’t convinced and continue their daily rituals. When Kurimu complains again and starts a meeting, Chizuru asks what’s on the agenda.

Mafuyu proposes them to make a new rule against slackers, but Kurimu and Minatsu find that matter too normal to have a discussion about. Minatsu tells Mafuyu that meetings are all about jokes and comebacks. For example, Minatsu winning the WWE RAW Smackdown Whatever Competition!

Where's the Bankai?!

Both are slightly disappointed when there are no comments on their jokes, which is usually Sugisaki’s job. It makes the two girls depressed thinking that Sugisaki is necessary to have a meeting. Chizuru suggests they talk about their part-time jobs to help students who want to know which jobs are allowed and not. She continues saying that online jobs are hard to check for teachers and that hers might even be violating the school rule. Chizuru says she works as well… a spy or something and makes big money out of it. Kurimu is tainted by that and tries to steal one of the cheques Chizuru is keeping with her, without much success.

Minatsu is next and she tells she works as a ringer in street fights. Chizuru says that’s against the school code, but Minatsu answers she isn’t doing anything wrong…

Minatsu goes Kenshin~

Because that, all the scumbags get scared and run off. She also says something about being a baseball player… I don’t have any knowledge about that so…

Next up is Mafuyu. Mafuyu tells Kurimu she owns her own blog where she recommends games and BL, but actually she’s setting them up… She also explains that it’s important to keep your viewers interested, which she does by acting tsundere and even yandere.

I think someone will faint after seeing this image.

Last one is the pres, but they all figure someone like her doesn’t have a part-time job. She ofcourse, gets angry and tells them she does have one. She worked in a nursery and helped playing with kids and… ended up eating and sleeping with…them… yeah…

Kobato would have a field trip with this...

After that, Kurimu and Chizuru had a date by the way.

Minatsu victory fanfares and rejoices for making a meeting without Sugisaki. However, Kurimu is exhausted because of the meeting and Chizuru says it proves how much Sugisaki actually does for them even included with the paperwork.

And yes… they forgot about the paperwork. After some uncomfortable moments, Minatsu asks for the stamp. Mafuyu says that Sugisaki might still keep it with him, but then suddenly notices a bag. The bag seems to carry all the stuff they need for paperwork.

They decide to open it and find some pretty “interesting” stuff. A scrubber, won at some gameshow; a pair of panties, prototype not stolen; books on how to become a Lady’s man, how not to be left out of society and how to deal with selfish kids (glare at Kurimu); salt… and a whip… Mafuyu knows why he needs those, she thinks he’s a vampire hunter.

I prefer them Bakemonogatari style...

After putting all the items on the table, the girls think Sugisaki is involved in some fighting job or even a Holy Grail War.

Suddenly, Chizuru’s phone rings, it seems to be Sugisaki and soon after, Kurimu snatches the phone away. Due to a television playing in the background, she gets the wrong idea and thinks Sugisaki is involved into some saving-the-world-with-booms-and-bangs business. Minatsu is also tricked by the tv trick.

In the evening, when the work is finished, Kurimu and the others sigh out of relief. Mafuyu says it’s hard to believe that Sugisaki does it every time for them. They all admire him for being able to have fun with them, do the work, do his studies AND play eroge. Mafuyu then suggests they should go visit him. The others aren’t convinced by the idea and Minatsu even states that Mafuyu herself is bad with guys. However, they all go in the end…

Meanwhile somewhere in Hokkaido, Lilicia is getting turned on by the libido of headlines. She suddenly notices the Student Council who are doing groceries for Sugisaki’s sake. Lilicia is convinced she’ll get a big scoop if she hunts them down.

Some guys suddenly start grouping up on the girls. They try flirting with them, but Minatsu and Chizuru tell them to get lost. When they mention they’re part of the student council, one of guy mentions that they must know Sugisaki then.

Two nerds threatening bishoujo?! Has the world gone mad?!

They start gossiping about Sugisaki’s past, his horrible grades and how he two-timed in his former school. One of the girls was his sister-in-law, but he ended up with his childhood friend which hurt the former one. It was so bad that Sugisaki voluntarily got used as a punching back for his classmates. One of the guys walks up to Kurimu and while wrapping his arm around her he tells her to be careful of him.

Kurimu is intimidated, she sums up his bad assets, but then says he told her the two girls are happy now. The two are surprised by Kurimu’s reaction and start bullying Kurimu. Until…



Go Mafuyu! The ally of Justice!



Epic Minatsu <3

Ofcourse it did, you're both nerds! Go back to being hikikomori!

The implied beating-up was gladly provided by who else than Devil Woman Chizuru, probably with the help of epic Minatsu.

A bit later, Lilicia shows up. She tells them she’s part of the Journalism Club. The two grab the chance and start complaining about the girls, but they get owned again.

Later, Sugisaki wakes up in his bed. The girls were preparing a meal for him and cleaning up his room. They’re kinda surprised it’s clean, well, cleaner than they expected. Even Kurimu gives him a special treatment making Sugisaki think he died. He asks if something happened, but they smile and say it was just like usual.

We then move back to the flashback, Mafuyu is shown watching over the sleeping Sugisaki inside the igloo…

Because it's almost Christmas~

The last scene shows Mafuyu waiting outside the Student Council room, she hears Sugisaki humming a certain melody and then opens the door. A shocking event follows…

*cicadas chirp*


*cicadas keep chirping*


Thoughts :

Let’s see… where do I start?

Maybe with this : WHAT THE HELL?!?

Okay that’s done.

Now seriously, wow…just wow. This was an episode like none of the previous ones. Such a deep plot, straight forward acting and a confession?! Really this was nothing like Seitokai no Ichizon, but it was awesome.

Okay, the first part of the episode, except for the flashback at the start was pretty normal. But the following scenes truly showed the development during the whole season. The girls realized what Sugisaki really does for them and that he’s more than just a noisy pervert.

About the flashback and the confession at the end. I think we should relativize this a bit, since it was at end. We know that the episodes are kind of chronological, but the effect will be less than we expect it to be. Afterall, Sugisaki aims for a true harem ending, I don’t see him end up with Mafuyu alone. There’s also the fact that every season/arc has its girl which now is Mafuyu. Hell, I even predicted this the last episode! I still wonder about the song Sugisaki is humming though…

Anyway, the next episode will be absolutely interesting! No way I’ll miss it!

I saw Sugisaki pinning Minatsu? the first appearance of that Maka-Make-Meguro-something guy/second ever-to-appear male in this series? Loli versions of every girl?!

Kyon, at your service!

wow…what a long review *feels proud of himself*


One comment

  1. BY GAWD NEW MALE CHARACTERS OTHER THAN SUGIS–oh, they’re nerds who can’t even win against a bunch of girls…


    OH MERCY LILICIA JUST OWNED THEM!! Too bad though, I was hoping she would visit Sugisaki too.

    Also, I have a feeling that preview with Nakameguro-kun is probably just from Mafuyu’s wild imagination again.

    Nice review, Pokkyoncho.

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