Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 89 – No Turn Kill

December 18, 2009

This is what it would look like if Yusei lost.

Kiryu and Yusei escape from the mines… but it’s not easy. Nicko and West who brought Yusei’s D-Wheel get mixed up in the process and Yusei had to confront Lotten in order to save everyone inside the mines. Kiryu, Nicko and West then run around and eventually ends up meeting Nicko and West’s father.

Expect another card game, more running and Shock Guns that run on… whatever, batteries?

Last episode summary:

Using Stardust Dragon, Yusei was able to defeat Kiryu’s Infernity Death Dragon, resulting in Kiryu’s loss. Barbara’s original plan was to give Yusei a dynamite to distract everyone and take Kiryu away… but Barbara double-crossed Yusei. Suddenly, Lotten, Marko’s brother, appears and defeats Ramon in one turn. As a result, Yusei, Kiryu and Ramon were sent to the mountains. Inside, Yusei finds all the people who were defeated working there. Just a few hours after getting sent there, he finds an opening for escape, but will Kiryu cooperate with him?

Key Card of the Week:

Gatling Ogre: LV 3, 800 ATK / 800 DEF.

Episode 89:

A small rundown of the last episode. Clips showing Yusei defeating Kiryu, then Lotten’s appearance, then Yusei being sent to the mountains, then Nicko and her brother taking Yusei’s D-Wheel with them, then Lotten noticing and finally, Yusei telling Kiryu that he will take him home, even if he has died.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Nico and her yet-to-be-named brother are pushing Yusei’s D-Wheel up the mountains, believing that with it, Yusei and Kiryu can leave and live happily ever after together.

Inside the mines, Yusei sees the opportunity he was looking for. The time to change shifts has come again and while the slave-drivers are talking about how many would die today, Yusei gut-punches Kiryu to knock him out.


He then carries Kiryu on his back and escapes, not even one soul saw… no, not even the other slaves! Wow!! Yusei should apply to be a ninja!

They sneak off through the small opening between the generator, which also seems to be for ventilation inside the mines… now why doesn’t anyone guard those? After getting out, Kiryu regains consciousness and complains to Yusei, telling him that he should have just left him alone. They try to wrestle but falls off a cliff. Bad end.

No, actually, it’s just a low way down. They ended up in some kind of graveyard for the workers who have died. Sticks with the Duel Disks tied to them probably signifies a body was buried underneath.

Here lies 4Kids' plans for this show.

Kiryu goes emo again, saying all these people died just because he didn’t lose a card game. Suddenly, they hear a strange sound. It was Nicko and her brother, whom Kiryu called “West”, so I guess that’s his name. Nicko and West stop while Kiryu and Yusei climb up. West was relieved that the two were able to escape, as expected of Team Satisfaction. Nicko says that they brought the D-Wheel so Yusei and Kiryu could escape. Kiryu isn’t fit to stay in their town. He’s a very precious hero to West and for her too.

Kiryu then mentions that they have a more important person to rescue, that being their father. Nicko agrees but says that right now, she can save Kiryu. West suddenly spots Yusei’s pendant, which is what their father has. They ask him if their father is alright and Yusei just affirms it even though he did not see him inside the mine.

Yusei says something crazy. He wants Kiryu to leave town alone in his D-Wheel; in the meantime, he’ll rescue all the prisoners inside the mountain. Now while Kiryu goes emo again, they hear another strange sound. This time, it’s Lotten with two henchmen in D-Wheels. Kiryu runs with West and Nicko and the two D-Wheels chase after them. At the same time, Yusei challenges Lotten to a Riding Duel.

Featured Duel of the Week:

Will Yusei be able to save everyone trapped in the mountain or will he fall victim to Lotten's FTK strategy?

Speed World 2 is set on.

Turn 1 - Lotten: 4000 LP, 0 SPC
- Summons Gatling Ogre.

The Key Card of the Week, making its appearance.

Yusei remembers this card from last episode. Ramon was defeated in the first turn using its special ability… but really, how does this guy manage to get this card and five other traps on the first turn? It’s not a coincidence, I bet.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Yusei discards his Effect Veiler monster card, which negates an opponent's monster's effect until the End Phase of the turn.
- Sets 5 cards down.

Effect Veiler: LV 1.

Lotten is surprised that his First Turn Kill strategy has been stopped… but the bullets have been loaded now. And what’s more scary than 5 set cards?

In the meantime, Kiryu, Nicko and West are still on the run… but the pursuers have D-Wheels so they catch up quick.

Turn 2 - Yusei: 4000 LP, 1 SPC
- Discards Sonic Chick from his hand to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron.
- Lotten activates his facedown Continuous Trap, Narrow Tunnel, which allows only one monster to be summoned by each player every turn. If there are extra monsters, they are destroyed until 1 monster remains.

Yusei thinks again. He can no longer summon any more monsters so he can’t perform a Synchro Summon. But since Lotten activated one card, there are now only four set cards. The OTK has been avoided but if Lotten sets a new card… he’s toast.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Sets 2 cards.

Part B:

On the other side, Nicko apologizes to Kiryu. Kiryu says the one who should apologize is him. Because of him, so many people have died… but he has to protect Nicko and West, who have nothing to do with his problems. He spots a mine cart away and they get into. Kiryu pushes the cart and then gets inside afterwards. They now gain an advantage over the pursuers.

Back with Yusei. He anticipates Lotten’s turn. If Lotten draws a Speed Spell or a Trap Card, it’s all over for him. Luckily, Lotten draws another Gatling Ogre, which he can’t summon thanks to his own card Narrow Tunnel.

Turn 3 - Lotten: 4000 LP, 2 SPC
- Sends 4 set cards to the Graveyard to deal 3200 damage to Yusei (Yusei: 800 LP).

Yusei managed to avoid the OTK now… but taking 3200 damage is a monstrous feat for such a weak ATK monster.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Tributes Gatling Ogre to Tribute Summon his Full Armor Ogre.
- Full Armor Ogre attacks Quickdraw Synchron and destroys it.
- Yusei activates a Trap Card called Desperate Tag Change. When a monster of his is destroyed by battle, he can negate the battle damage and Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Warrior-type monster from his hand. He chooses Max Warrior.
- Activates Full Armor Ogre's ability. When it destroys an opponent's monster by battle, 1000 points of damage is applied to the opponent.
- Yusei responds with another Trap Card called Return Marker. He negates a card-destroying or a damage effect from an opponent's monster and then deals damage to the opponent equal to the monster's ATK. Lotten takes 1600 damage (Lotten: 2400 LP).

Full Armor Ogre: LV 5, 1600 ATK.

Yusei gets relieved that he’s still safe… but on the next turn, the risks are greater. If Lotten manages to get a Speed Spell card, he could use Speed World 2’s effect, consuming 4 SPC and dealing 800 points of damage for each Speed Spell in his hand.

On Kiryu’s side, they enjoy a rollercoaster ride in the mine cart. But then the pursuers use some kinda chainsaw included in their modified D-Wheel.

Jason Voorhes would love this ride...

West and Nicko grab on to some of the rocks inside the cart and start throwing it at the pursuers. Eventually, West gets a nice shot at the pursuer’s head, knocking him dizzy.

Kiryu asks the two to stop doing that. West doesn’t comply. He wants to fight like Kiryu. His cool appearance and will to continue fighting has inspired him to save his father. Kiryu thinks after some motivational speeches by Nicko and West. As he is fighting right now, it means that his heart is telling him to survive. He doesn’t want to die if he’s currently fighting right now. He grabs onto the brakes and pulls it, slowing their cart down in a sharp corner. The pursuers couldn’t react quickly and crashes on the wall.

Suddenly, their cart stops at an open space with a revolving platform.

The platform revolves and sends them down into a pile of Dyne, where two other slave-drivers were stationed. They find themselves in a different mining location. As they get escorted down, Kiryu punches the guards and steals the Shock Gun. He instructs Nicko and West to escape but before they could escape, they spot their father!

It's the one on the left...

Kiryu tells them all to go and board the cart. He starts shooting but eventually runs out of… bullets? What the freaking hell? IT RUNS ON FREAKING BULLETS??

They do another rollercoaster ride, this time, with an extra luggage and new pursuers.

Design courtesy of Rivalz Cardemonde.

Kiryu gets a new resolve, watching the family become together again. He will now fight… instead of dying for his crimes, he will fight to repay his sins, for it to not grow larger.

Back with the Duel…

Turn 4 - Yusei: 800 LP, 3 SPC
- Tributes Max Warrior to Special Summon Turret Warrior and gains its ATK (3000 ATK)
- Turret Warrior attacks and destroys Full Armor Ogre (Lotten: 1000 LP)
- Full Armor Ogre's effect activates. When destroyed by battle, it summons a Gatling Ogre from the Graveyard.

Yusei couldn’t do anything anymore and ends his turn. Lotten now has a very amazing advantage. If Lotten draws a Speed Spell next, he will use Speed World 2’s effect… if it’s a Trap Card, he will use Gatling Ogre’s effect. Yusei’s fate will ride on his opponent’s next draw this time… what will happen to Yusei and Kiryu? They’re now both in a very tight situation…

Hooray for epic still shots...

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip


Desperate Tag Change! Even the artwork is like in professional wrestling!

By the way, before the start of the episode, we get the movie trailer again.

So yeah… this episode is still about our Kiryu mini-arc. I wonder if this really has some importance in the coming plot of Yliaster. It would be nice to see Kiryu hanging around.

Hmm… what can I say… I guess Yusei’s fate being in the hands of his opponent’s next draw kinda adds to the tension… even though we all know Yusei’s gonna win. Kiryu also seems to be slowly recovering from emo-itis. He should. He really should.

Other than that, nothing more. I already said some stuff during the summary.

Next episode:

Very vague clips. But we can guess the Duel goes on like crazy. Kiryu is also getting trouble on his side as the dad’s collar is acting up with shocks. Will it be the end of the line for both Yusei and Kiryu?

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. Whee~ rollercoaster ride~ seriously… how is possible for them to stand in that? anyway… it was kinda fun, the duel was pretty exciting and I wonder how it’ll go on.
    Yeah… I’d like to see Yusei in such a show!

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