Seitokai no Ichizon 10 : Don’t be such a Drama Queen

December 16, 2009

yes... prepare your tissues and maybe some onions... to call out those tears.

Episode 10 was kinda released late by the subbers, because of that I’m taking it on right now. What’s to expect? Well, a school festival episode with only 2 minutes of school festival scenes. We really like Seitokai for being original!

Like said in the introduction, only a small bit of school festival scenes to be expected. We start with an overview of the whole campus. Lilicia is trying to sell something called “scandalous grill”. The selling rate are as high as name sounds in your ears.

so now you know why they're called scandalous too

Meanwhile, the Seitokai is having a meeting on the usual spot. While Kurimu looks at the fishes after installing some bubble making thing in the aquarium, Minatsu notes that the fish aren’t growing at all. Sugisaki mentions that doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad, he looks at Kurimu while saying so. Minatsu gazes over the crowed schoolyard, when Kurimu suddenly notices at cotton candy stand. She makes up a lame excuse to go over, but Sugisaki sees through it and says she’ll get fat but…

Lesson #1 : Kids never listen.

Kurimu also received some squid balls with it and offers one to Sugisaki, but he declines saying he’s afraid of an endless eight starting. Minatsu finally gets to the topic and wonders what Kurimu’s quote of the week is about. She answers that she wants to create a touching story, a tear jerking story! Something they can preform at the play tomorrow. Minatsu jumps up asking what happened to the Academy Rangers plan, the pres answers she was just joking about that.

Mafuyu states that it’s not easy to create a touching story, but Aka-chan doesn’t believe that and gives an example of pure drama…

Will somebody please think of the cheese?!

Kurimu starts crying after that, but the others are left astonished. Kurimu quickly picks up the usual pace and states that she wants someone of them to die today. Sugisaki facefaults and asks why she wants that. The pres explains that death always causes touching moments…

nihaha... *cookie for who gets this*

Minatsu is taken in by the pres’ words and starts fantasizing about her own personal preference aka action heroes. No point in asking of whom she was thinking off…

Minatsu gets the role of dying character, Mafuyu wants to be the character that loses her memory. A Kimi ga Nozomu Eien reference to brighten up the idea, though I would suggested the more recent ef story, which I think is a lot better than the former. Anyway Mafuyu continues that she’ll be that character and that she’ll forget all the precious moments she spend with Sugisaki. Sugisaki states that there were no sweet memories to start with.

Chizuru also wants her part in the plot. She proposes a tragic love story between Chizuru Chizuko and Sugisaki Kenichi . He loved Chizuko, but when he wants to confess to her, she tells him she already made a boyfriend.

Cry me a river~

Indeed, they all feel sorry for Kenichi and force Chizuru to add an epilogue. Epilogue : Kenichi leaves school, gets hit by newspaper piles and ends up in hospital without any memory. Again they all end up in tears and once again, Chizuru is forced to put an epilogue to the story.

Kenichi and Chizuko ended up together afterall and are now oldies. Kenichi tells Chizuko he enjoyed his blessed life, then exhales his last breath. Chizuko smirks after that saying she finally got what she wanted.

The Seitokai members are outraged by Chizuko’s behavior, but Chizuru replies that she meant that as a true happy ending. When they all ask how that’s supposed to be a happy ending, Chizuru answers Kenichi never knew about Chizuko’s true feelings and therefore led a happy life, he also never kissed her by the way. Minatsu counters saying they can’t leave things to Chizuru and suggests they all make a story together.

After a small eyecatch, they get to work and create their tearjerking story. Well, it’s a drag to explain everything since it’s just plain stupid…  and it’s better with images!

Now how did she ate it?


Mad scintist

Noble man without a harem...

The end.

All of them agree that making a tearjerking story is harder than they expected it to be… Meanwhile, Lilicia is still having trouble selling her Scandalous snacks…

And after the break, when the festival is over, Lilicia wonders about what she did wrong.

Meanwhile that the student council…

Quote of the week~

Chizuru tells that the real work for the student council starts now. The pres however wants to know why Chizuru is still dress in her sheep outfit. They all just practiced the Academy Ranger sketch with Kurimu is enemy and Minatsu as rising hero. Chizuru was Ranger Sheep Mokyu…

For now, they need to arrange the lost and found items of the school festival which are boxed up in the storage room. While working, Mafuyu finds one of the new BL volumes in a box and decides to read it. She gets stopped by Sugisaki who tells her to get back to work. Sugisaki was holding a pretty rare lost item and realizes it just after telling Mafuyu to get to work again…

The legendary pantsu hunter Kagakagari striked again?

Sugisaki denies that he’s the one who stole the item, but when Kurimu asks then how he got the panties he can only think of a lame excuse.  Suddenly Mafuyu feels around her skirt and realizes… yeah you know. Minatsu and Chizuru are shocked, but Kurimu is amazed and thinks of Sugisaki as a detective.

A new quote of the week bans Sugisaki since he’s talking too much. Because of the ban, he starts up a rant of monologues which piss off the others. The funniest one is when Sugisaki starts telling them about something called “Pokkoncho” without the others know what it is. In the end… he never told us what is…

"Google it"

After working the Seitokai crew takes a break. It seems like none of the people were truly happy with their work. Kurimu wonders if the people at the festival didn’t have fun, but Mafuyu responds that it might be the opposite. They had so much fun and if they clean it up, the festival really ends… Everyone cheers up thanks to Mafuyu’s words.

Kurimu decides to pass on a message through the speakers. She asks the students to come and pick up their lost items that were brought to the council room. She comforts the students saying she’ll organize more fun events in the future and that they should now end the fun festival.

Thank you for stating my life motto Kaichou.

Everyone at the council is touched by her words, though Sugisaki mentions that many students have already left since it’s late. Meanwhile, the sensei and Lilicia where listening to Kurimu’s speech. Lilicia isn’t happy yet and decides to take a look on the slacking Student Council. While she eavesdrops, the four girls prepare leave. Sugisaki stays behind and tells them to be careful.

The girls aren’t really happy with him staying late though, but Sugisaki tells them he’ll be fine. Chizuru tells him they’re all worried about him doing all the work for them. Minatsu agrees and states that they don’t like the thought of him working all over for their sake. Sugisaki tries to stop them, but Mafuyu repeats her statement from earlier.

In the end, they all stay and work together like a happy student council. Lilicia is now convinced as well and makes exit.


Thoughts :

Why are this week’s episodes all so… random?

Really… they do it to make me pissed right? Anyway, we had our usual portion of Seitokai humor. Funny Air tv and Endless Eight references. Mafuyu is going to get in the spotlight now, she was the one with magic words in the end afterall. I wonder if next week’s episode will have a Mafuyu x Sugisaki flashback…

Kyon, at your service.


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