Kobato. 9 : From Snowman to Watermelon

December 15, 2009

Kobato goes undercover.

I should do Seitokai one of these days, but it’s such a big chunk of work I’m doing this one first. A touching episode of Kobato~ Summer arrived and Kobato gets into yet another story of scarred hearts.

We start with Puppy-san lecturing Kobato. He tells her that summer is their worst enemy, since people experience lots of happy things. Therefore there are less scarred hearts and so it’s troublesome for them because they now have a time limit. Kobato isn’t quite listening to him though and notices a flyer in the post bin. Puppy-san who’s getting washed by Kobato continues explaining about how their job’ll get harder now, but Kobato just continues reading. The flyer is about some summer festival by the way. When Puppy-san jumps up and wants to complain, a gust of wind blows him into the water and the flyer out of Kobato’s hands.

Endless Eight : Puppy-san version

A girl who’s passing by, accidently catches the flyer. As Kobato arrives and asks it back, she takes out a handkerchief saying Kobato’s hands are soaked. After drying her hands, Kobato accepts the flyer. Mr Cool spies with his little eye a Kobato and an innocent girl. He gives a look which could turn summer back into winter and then heads back inside. The girl explains Kobato what a summer festival is like, but that she might not be able to go this year.

girl (1)~ Nat-chan~

Girl (2)~ Clumsy moe~

Suddenly, another girl trips and falls near Kobato and the girl. The girl (2) seems to know girl (1) and addresses her with Nat-chan. Nat-chan tells the other girl she shouldn’t text while walking. Nat-chan looks at the girl’s cellphone and looks a bit disappointed after that. Soon after, the two girls leave and Kobato notices she still has Nat-chan’s handkerchief. Another voice suddenly call out for her…

"the cat *bleep*ed me again..."

Kobato wrings out Puppy-san and expects a fireball coming up next, but well… Puppy-san’s too soaked to create any kind of spark.

A bit later on the balcony, Mr Cool explains Kobato that the girls from earlier came from Seinan Girls’ Academy. He quickly heads inside after hanging up his laundry. Puppy-san says they should return the handkerchief now that he’s dry. And some while later, Kobato is searching around the Academy. When she finds out Nat-chan’s class, she’s just getting praised by a teacher. The other girl from earlier seems to be in the same class, she’s busy trying to take a picture and gets scolded soon afterwards by the teacher.

The girl, Yukino, gets praised by two other girls though. She took a brilliant picture of some butterfly with her cellphone. Nat-chan doesn’t seem to be happy though, as she notices a camera as cellphone strap…

Plot device detected!

The lesson is over and the teacher tells them they have pool cleaning duty. Kobato waits for Nat-chan to arrive, but gets found by a teacher. Puppy-san tells Kobato to run for it since it only means trouble for them. Kobato does so and the leaves the hallway.

When arriving outside, Kobato notices Yukino trying out a camera with the 2 other girls from class. A bit later, Kobato introduces herself to Yukino as they walk over to the pool. At the pool, Nat-chan is busy scrubbing the floor when Yukino calls out to her. Kobato then hands over the handkerchief from earlier. Nat-chan thanks Kobato and notices she even went through the trouble of washing it for her. Yukino suddenly admits that she has to go to her part-time job. Nat-chan warns her that a job is against the school rules, but Yukino knows that and her 2 friends cover her up saying it’s necessary for her if she wants to buy a camera. Nat-chan’s disappointed that Yukino didn’t tell her, Kobato notices her disappointed face and proposes to help.

Sad moe... I like Nat-chan~

A timeskip follows. Kobato is now at Nat-chan’s house and Nat-chan brings her something to drink. Kobato suddenly notices a picture on the side.  Nat-chan tells Kobato it’s from a summer festival in their elementary school days. Kobato says they look really close on the picture, but Nat-chan says they aren’t close anymore. She tells Kobato at Yukino keeps avoiding her.

A flashback starts where Nat-chan keeps helping the clumsy Yukino through the time onwards. Eventually Yukino starts getting interested in photography and Nat-chan felt left behind. The flashback ends with Nat-chan saying she doesn’t know what’s on Yukino’s mind anymore.

Nat-chan giving a perfect Sawako imitation

While walking back home, Kobato wants to help them out, but when she doesn’t know where to start, Puppy-san blasts some inspiration in her face. Kobato decides to start by talking to Yukino.

At some place, Kobato finds Yukino working. Yukino tells Kobato she finally saved up enough money to buy a camera. Kobato admires the girl for her hard work. Yukino continues by saying she started it as a hobby with her cellphone, but now she really got passionate about it. Because of that, she got really close to the girls in the Photography Club. Kobato then asks if she doesn’t talk to Nat-chan anymore. Yukino suddenly looks a bit down and starts explaining…

A new flashback starts. At the festival, Yukino and Nat-chan show their new cellphones to eachother. They’re completely the same and so they decide to find a fitting strap for them. A watermelon for Nat-chan (Natsu = Summer) and a snowman for Yukino (Yuki = Snow). In the end they decide to switch them because they’re so cute… or something…

She really reminds me of Hinagiku somehow...

oh right... here's the other loli version :D

The flashback ends and Kobato asks if Yukino started to hate Nat-chan. Yukino denies it and says she could never start to hate Nat-chan. A small bit of flashback follows showing the two taking the picture which was in Nat-chan’s room.

Picture time~

The following day, Kobato goes to the mall trying to find out where the camera sale is. Meanwhile, Nat-chan is wandering around at the mall too. She suddenly notices Yukino and her two friends, Yukino just bought the camera and seems happy. Two two former friends try to chat… but the atmosphere is quite heavy. When one of the extra girls mentions how great it would be for Yukino to join the Photography Club, Nat-chan gets agitated.

While Kobato is walking towards them, Nat-chan snaps…

emotional rocks are dropping on her now...

Yukino is hurt by Nat-chan’s harsh words and runs away. The two extras want to lecture Nat-chan, but when they see her face… they already know it won’t be necessary.

Whoops, did I say that out loud?

Outside, Kobato who chased Yukino tries to cheer the poor girl up, but she tells Kobato it’s better to leave her alone for a bit.

Later in the evening, Nat-chan’s back at home crying over what happened earlier at the mall. She suddenly notices the strap is gone and starts searching around. Meanwhile, Kobato is walking to Nat-chan’s house. She tells Puppy-san she can’t leave things like they are now and wants to lecture Nat-chan on what happened before. But, when she arrives there, she hears noise coming from the side. Kobato runs over and sees Nat-chan searching through the garbage, she tells Kobato the strap is gone. Kobato starts helping her immediately…

I blame Joey and Tristan!

Nat-chan cries saying she said terrible things to Yukino and doesn’t know what she’d do if she’d lost it. Kobato suddenly looks the other way and notices the strap.

Miracle finding~

A bit later, when the cicadas chirp, Kobato and Nat-chan have a chat inside the house. Kobato says Nat-chan and Yukino are still close friends. Nat-chan says that she was afraid of Yukino, but Kobato answers that must’ve been because she was stunned by Yukino hardworking spirit. Nat-chan seems to realize it now and says that she was probably the one who grew distant from her first because she didn’t wanna fall behind. Kobato then gets up and asks for Nat-chan’s phone.

Yukino receives the message with a picture of the strap attached to it. Like every anime, they manipulate time and Kobato and Nat-chan already arrived at the scene. Nat-chan apologizes to Yukino, but Yukino interrupts her saying she still has her strap.

Now I know why... it was all based on a misunderstanding!

Problem solved~

The last scene shows the festival with Kobato enjoying the festival with the others~ Oh right, she also gets 90 points from Puppy-san and ignores him Mr Cool style afterwards thanks to the fireworks!

Yay~ Yukata style~

Oh right... 2 more too :D


Thoughts :

Quite a touching episode I found. Really Nat-chan’s such a cute girl… Anyway, putting personal preference aside I don’t have much to say about this episode since nothing really special happened. Nothing that had to do with the nursery, nothing that had to do with the konpeito, nothing that had to with… a bigger plot? Oh well, it was still a worth watching episode.

Kyon, at your service~


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