Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 11 (EX024) – Return and Decision

December 14, 2009

"Mou~ Urusai, urusai, urusai!"

Hah! Who said Monday can never have Asura Cryin’ despite it being Asura Day?!

Well, exams are approaching… Christmas holiday is approaching… I do hope to complete my stuff for this semester because I’ve been missing so much. I’m looking forward for Christmas vacation because I would like to marathon stuff that I couldn’t keep up with (Nyan Koi!, Kobato., Natsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu). I now have a trauma on picking so much Fall 2009 anime. I think I’ll stay low in the Winter series…

So yeah, where were we? Oh yes. Tomoharu and the others have returned to the Second Stage World and they prepare to save it. But before that, they check up on those who fell during the whole Picasso Kamen fiasco. In the meantime… Tokiya cooks up a very sinister and mad plan…

Expect hospital scenes, a new Daughter… and Natsume-kaichou?

Last episode summary:

After obtaining Yami no Kyojin, Demon powers thanks to Tomoharu traveling through worlds, they set off to the institute that hosted the Black Hole experiment. There, they meet the real Natsume Naotaka, who works on a giant Asura Machina called Uzushio, where Asura Machina are being maintained. Daughters attack the ship and Ania combines Shirogane with Kurogane upon Tomoharu’s request. Kurogane-Kai was born, which almost exceeds the power of Hagane. Using that new and improved Kurogane, Tomoharu manages to destroy the Gate that was slowly eating up the First Stage World, thus giving it a future and continue to exist. Naotaka is eternally grateful and sends Tomoharu, Misao and Ania back to their original world…

Episode 11 (EX024):

Tomoharu, Misao and Ania (yes, she’s still grown-up!) returned at the site of the Meioutei… the same night, like they never left the place. It was still the ruins of the Meioutei they could see and in the background are the unconscious bodies of Yoh and Shuri.

Misao looks at Tomoharu, who then collapses, but only due to exhaustion.

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

Tomoharu wakes up on a couch. He then notices Ania on the other side, sleeping on a sofa and Misao, sleeping on… an invisible bed!

Nia pajama!

Look at that! An invisible bed!

Tomoharu gets up and hears a toaster pinging sound. Ania wakes up as well. Tomoharu is surprised, it’s Kanade who was making breakfast.

She's alive!?

He’s overjoyed and holds Kanade’s hands, which makes the latter blush. Misao cuts in, saying that it was pretty troublesome when Tomoharu suddenly fainted upon their arrival. They couldn’t carry him upstairs. Tomoharu looks around and figures why he’s sleeping on the couch. He then realizes they’re inside Meioutei.

Tomoharu thinks back and remembers Meioutei being blown to bits, but it seems Naotaka has also sent back the First Stage World’s Meioutei in its place.

He then asks what happened to Yoh and Shuri. Misao explains that Yoh was taken to the hospital; Ania says that Shuri’s been taken away by the members of Royal Dark Society. She adds that she doesn’t know what Shuri’s condition is… but based on what happened… it’s unlikely that she survived after being stabbed. But there is no time to mope around, he shouldn’t forget why they returned to the Second Stage World: to defeat Tokiya and Hagane.

Tomoharu then tells them they should head to the Central Vortex fast. Ania stops him, saying that they shouldn’t be on a rush. It takes 10 days for a Gate to be fixed. The Central Vortex acts as maintenance for those Gates and Tokiya needs the Central Vortex at its full potential as he aims to create a Third Stage World, the same way the First Stage World was able to create the Second Stage World, with the same price; Hizaika of the world preceding it.

They still have 10 days to prepare. Tokiya won’t do anything in those 10 days. Ania tells Tomoharu to eat up so he won’t collapse again like yesterday. She then mentions that an Asura Cryin’ is the only one who can stand up to another Asura Cryin’. It seems at the time during the last episode, with Kanade almost completely vanishing, Tomoharu and Kanade had formed a contract. Tomoharu was a Demon at that world, so the contract was only properly fulfilled when Tomoharu returned to being a human, thus saving Kanade from Hizaika…

So he asks if he now has a Daughter. He sure does… it’s an OWL! Named Persephone.

Someone's gonna be sued by Harry Potter~

The doorbell rings. It’s their classmates An and Higuchi. Higuchi tries squeezing another mystery scoop from Tomoharu by asking him how the Meioutei suddenly popped out of nowhere… and I thought Tomoharu was a wanted felon? Well, An cuts their conversation, saying that they’re gonna be late if they don’t hurry.

"Can't we do something else other than stare at his body?"

In the meantime, inside Tokiya’s nuclear bunker. Tokiya seems to be badly injured. Hiwako mentions that Tokiya had protected her, only giving her a bandaged arm. It seems Ania took quite a lot of luck when she bit him before they disappeared. Tooru says she couldn’t believe that she’s a Burial Doll now. Hiwako asks her if she’s regretting it and she answers that the only thing she regrets is Aki disappearing. She feels that it was her fault for not noticing Aki’s state and now she wants to leave it all up to Tokiya. In the next world, if they’re successful, she wants to disappear before they meet Aki.

Hiwako ridicules Tooru’s shallow mind. Tooru asks her why she formed a contract with Tokiya and Hiwako’s answer was simple: she wants to know where she came from. Where did Demons originate? How did the world start… and how will it end? She wants to know everything and Tokiya promised her she would learn those. Tooru is surprised that their contract wasn’t bound to love, but to curiosity. But it was enough to form their Daughter, Charlize.

At school, people are still repairing the destroyed part of the building when they all thought Tooru exploded there. Tomoharu’s group is confronted by Reishirou and they were soon sent to the First Student Council’s office after Reishirou saw Persephone.

Inside the office, Yoh and Reishirou confront them. Tomoharu asks if Yoh is alright and she says she is. Tomoharu is relieved but he still has to talk to Reishirou, who seems to be fuming with anger. Reishirou suddenly proposes a sudden offer: he wants Tomoharu to become the new Student Council President for the Third Student Council, with Shuri and Tooru out of the picture, he is the most suitable replacement.

Tomoharu declines the offer and Reishirou cuts him in the middle of his speech. Reishirou is asking whether Tomoharu feels that something so trivial cannot be brought to light at that time because he needs to save the world. It seems Yoh told Reishirou about the circumstance and he wants to know if that’s the reason Tomoharu became an Asura Cryin’. Kanade tries to interrupt but gets to see Reishirou’s hand block instead!

"Talk to the hand, bitch."

Reishirou asks once again: is it a nobler cause that prevents him from taking up the job of reassuring students’ safety and relieving confusion? Tomoharu answers no. He has learned that there are no such things as small and big things. Yoh then says Tomoharu passed. Reishirou congratulates him and they will now spread the word about Natsume-kaichou.

Hospital buddies.

At the hospital, Rikka, Mahiwa and Haruna were in the same room. Rikka asks Tomoharu if he has already captured Tokiya, which is a negative. She teases Tomoharu, saying the new Third Student Council’s President is quite worthless. Mahiwa tells them Rikka is just bored of living in the hospital. Rikka tells him to shut up and tries throwing a pillow, which fails. She then mentions having a bad eye.

"Shadi came by..."

Tomoharu asks what happened and Haruna explains that the fight with Picasso Kamen (Tooru) had badly injured Rikka’s eye. As a result, she can’t see anymore with her left eye. Tomoharu expresses his concern but Rikka tells him not to. She has Mahiwa and Himezasa. She wants him to save the world instead. Mahiwa and Haruna also express their belief in Tomoharu by depending on him.

On Tokiya’s side… he begins to regain consciousness. He asks where they are and Hiwako informs him they’re still in the Second Stage World.

Part B:

At the rooftop, Tomoharu and Yoh talk about Tomoharu’s responsibility now. He has made a choice, but he still doubts some things. Yoh tells him now that he decided on something, he should also accept the consequences that accompany it. Like what she did… everything she did, she was aware of the risks.

Yoh fanservice!

She then mentions that Hisui, Rhodonite and Bismuth’s altars (trunk) have been stolen when GD’s headquarters was attacked. Tomoharu figures that it was done by Tokiya.

Surely enough, at Tokiya’s base, there are three extra altars laid out in front of them. Tokiya then summons Hagane.

At the same time, Hiwako begins using her Demon powers. The three altars open and Tokiya laughs. Afterwards, Hiwako feels Hizaika for using too much energy. Tokiya then proclaims that he now owns Bismuth, Rhodonite and Hisui.

Shioizumi Uzumasa, you may remember him from series such as Asura Cryin' Season 1 and fictional drama such as "I Know Something About the Future".

At the small hut where the owner of the Meioutei lives (think back to season 1 with the old man who loves spirals). Shioizumi Uzumasa, Kanade’s grandfather, was being asked by Tomoharu if Shuri had gone by, which he answers negatively. He then asks Tomoharu if he had made the right choice (which is a question he presented also back in the first season).

Ania tells him that Tomoharu had chose to save the First Stage World. Uzumasa is surprised, Tomoharu had picked two choices. Tomoharu says that he will also save their world.

Did she really grow up?

Later, darkness falls. Ania was fast asleep that she had to be carried by some goons down the set of stone stairs. Kanade had invited them to sleep over since it’s already dark. She adds that Ritsu already prepared the bath and Tomoharu blushes, leading to Misao correctly guessing that Tomoharu was imagining Kanade taking a bath. She even mentions that he shouldn’t be embarrassed anymore now that he formed a contract with Kanade. In fact, Tomoharu’s always been quite passive. After teasing him enough, she floats off and accompanies Persephone’s flight.

Back at the ground, Tomoharu and Kanade speaks up at the same time. After a short game of “Who goes first?”, Tomoharu decides to go first. He tries calling Kanade (“Takatsuki”) a few times, but couldn’t follow it up after saying her name. Kanade then speaks up, saying that he was also calling out her name a lot of times when she was about to vanish. She likes hearing him say her name.

After gathering up some courage, he holds onto Kanade’s shoulders and confesses to her again. They move closer to each other… about to kiss… and then we cut to Misao, who says that Tomoharu will eventually return to her.

At the Central Vortex, Tokiya and Hiwako arrive and observes the recovering Central Vortex. It hasn’t fully returned to its normal state. Tooru asks Tokiya if he needs to wait but Tokiya says it is not necessary. He’ll go to the Third Stage World now! He summons Hagane, Bismuth, Rhodonite and Hisui and they charge the Central Vortex with power.

Can you say "Hax"?

Hiwako also uses her power, which sort of makes her undergo a bit of Hizaika. Tokiya laughs like a madman again and eventually, the Central Vortex becomes operational again through some god-knows-what means. Probably using combined powers of other Asura Machina to open up a Gate.

Of course, this is bad news for the Second Stage World. As the Gate for the Third Stage World opens, the world preceding it shall be destroyed, like the First Stage World that Tomoharu had just saved last episode. Ania, who was now well-awake thanks to the giant Black Hole that suddenly appeared in the middle of the city, gets alarmed and confused that Tokiya started to move sooner than she expected. You didn’t take too much luck from him so he survived. Now the city… is undergoing Hizaika…

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Normal boy with weird hairstyle + Big-breasted shy Demon = a weird owl?

And so now Tokiya has completely become hax… How on earth do you command 4 Asura Machina with just one Burial Doll… not even an Igniter. Is Hagane really that imba? Is controlling space anything to do with this madness?

In any case, although I did notice Bismuth and Hisui in the OP behind Tokiya. I wasn’t really sure if they were really those Asura Machina… I didn’t even recognize Rhodonite.

Speaking of Rhodonite, I wonder what happened to Kagakagari… is he just stealing underwear somewhere now?

Well, the end is almost upon us. Just two more episodes and we’ll see who comes out victorious between the clash of Asura Cryin’. I do hope it’s a good end.

Next episode:

Everyone has been alerted of the situation. Even those in the hospital. Still no sign of Shuri anywhere. Tokiya has reached a special zone. The next episode is the second-to-the-last one. It is probably a build-up for the final battle in the last episode. Tomoharu shall confront Tokiya.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. tch…she isn’t dead yet… ;o;
    I can understand why you didn’t put in a picture of them kissing *nods*
    yay hax! :D

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