FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood 34 – Ice Queen

December 13, 2009

Scary... and I like it

Sorry about the lateness…

Anyway, the story focuses on the members of Briggs, what they are and their circumstances. We’re also going to see a new member of the Homunculi named Sloth. And no, not the sexy sloth.

I think that’s all, let’s start~

Buccanner: "I bet he picked that up somewhere"

The episode started with Edward, talking with the doctor of the Brigg’s fortress. Alphonse was with them, and Buccaneer joined afterwards. They talked about how normal automails are at great disadvantage on Briggs and the Elric brother’s reason of going there.

Olivia Armstrong joined them afterwards, as Alphonse is checking out his helmet.

Even before Brotherhood, he's always like that

Olivia Armstrong is now in charge of the discussion. She ordered the two to spill what they know. However, since the Elric Brother get second thoughts on telling the truth to the company since them probably get court-martialed due to it. In the end, they decided to leave the homunculus part aside.

*shakes with fear* Moe~

After telling everything. Olivia declined at first but accepted to help them find the girl. She said that she is interested in eastern alchemy and technology like that has its uses in war. Olivia left with Buccaneer afterwards, asking his subordinate Miles to give them work inside the Brigg’s fortress.

Olivia talked with Buccaneer as they walk. Olivia is still wondering what the Elric Brothers were hiding.

"Kinky isn't it?"

Miles leads the way, together with Elric Brothers on his tail. Edward started asking about a lot of things, specially their secrets. After the tons of question thrown by Elric, Miles decided to show him his.

He was half Ishbalan. He receives the tone of his skin and his red eyes came from his grandfather. He started talking about the massacre. However, instead of pitying Miles, Edward talked back.

After the discussion, they continued walking.

"If you ever complain, I'll drop you off my fortress"

The discussion made the three open up for each other. Miles talked about the reason why he was at Briggs and how he manages to escape the extermination by pure luck. It is also shown by the way Miles talks about Olivia how he respects her.


They went at the balcony, still having conversation. The topic went to ‘Survival of the fittest’, which Miles told them that it is the concept Olivia holds.

Miles told them that their job is to remove icicle on the ceiling. He left afterwards, telling the two that he’ll ask one of his men to give them a tour afterwards.

MANLY tears

The one Miles sent is Falman; one of Roy’s subordinate before he got pawned by Bradley. He was promoted to second lieutenant which the Elric brothers jokingly told him that it is probably his last promotion.

As promised. Falman gave them a tour inside the Briggs fortress. They went to the Development lair to the lowest part of the Briggs. There, a guy named Bobby was called to check one of the pipes.

Yeah. You're almost close at loosing your precious screentime

Bobby revealed that somebody is digging and it’s really close to them. The earth cracks as it goes nearer.

All news are like that

Olivia, Buccaneer and Miles are discussing about a sudden call from the Crimson Alchemist; Kimblee, asking for support from the Briggs due to injury. Suddenly, the alarm goes off. One of the men told Olivia that there are intruders from the underground.

So kids, sleep always and once you grow up you'll be like this guy

A large behemoth(named Sloth) came out of the hole. The Elric Brothers noticed that the behemoth is an homunculi. The Elric Brothers tried to talk to Sloth but he didn’t know the two.

Buccaneer gave Elric a near-hit shoot, believing that they are ‘really’ spies from Drakma. However, Sloth threw a pipe on them.

Sloth started moving. The troops shoot him but it didn’t have any effect. Accidentally, Sloth had reached the upper level.

"Time to play GTA mode"

Upon arriving on the next level, Olivia welcomed Sloth with a taste of a bazooka. However, Sloth withstands the attack.


Olivia tried shooting Sloth with their tanks afterwards. However, it only gave him minor damage (He even ignored it some of the time)

"And be used to it. Since I'll always be around now"

The Elric brothers arrived at the scene, telling Olivia that their attack doesn’t have any effect on the Homunculi.

Olivia started to barricade Edward questions, questions he can and couldn’t answer. Olivia then asked the behemoth’s body consists off, which Edward replied that it is identical to a normal being.

Olivia afterwards told Buccaneer to get some oil and pour it at Sloth. She told them that since they couldn’t kill it, she’ll take away all of Sloth’s senses.

The battle continues…


Nice episode. I should have blogged this a long time.

Everyone of the new characters Is interesting. Olivia, Miles, Buccaneer and even Sloth! Falman was surprisingly there too but I agree with the Elrics, he won’t have much screentime as before (He doesn’t got much screentime the last time either too anyway).

What else? As what Olivia said, Sloth’s gonna experience hell the next episode. I wonder if he’ll end up next to Lust somewhere next episode?

Well… next episode:

That’s all for today. This is theLazyPrince, thank you for reading~



  1. oh my… I didn’t know you had a thing for Bear Women…
    She’s cool… but moe? *gulps*
    good work though you saved my day

  2. Well… me makes FMA more spicy~. I’ll give here 84 points for that

    Didn’t you noticed that she’s the only female character appeared there?

  3. Now you have a thing for women isolated from society?!

  4. woman? I thought she was a bear…

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