Kimi ni Todoke 10 : When everything doesn’t go… just as planned…

December 12, 2009

I also have that look on my face when I hear about them...

Hoho, you better prepare yourselves for some shocking events. I advice you to put on a helmet and maybe even put the red emergency button next to you, cause this is quite a revealing episode of Kimi ni Todoke. Quite some things will get cleared up and the real war declaration at the end is providing us good stuff for the coming episodes and maybe the grand finale?

Starting at the soccer pitch today, woo soccer! Chizu and Sawako are giving their best “shot” during practice, but for some reason Kurumi shows up on the wrong moment calling out Sawako’s name and ruining the training. The same happens later in class when Chizu tries to explain some easy tactics to Sawako and it happens once more after school when again Chizu tries to explain something to Sawako. It makes both Ayane and Chizu put up an I-am-not-amused expression, but Sawako seems rather astonished by Kurumi’s attention than angry.

*smile and wave*


*insert Marge Simpson's "hmmm"*

At night, Sawako reminisces about the past day and how she made a new friends. When she’s about to sleep, she suddenly gets an image of Kazehaya in her mind and gets all nervous making it hard for her to sleep afterall.

The next day is yet another blue sky filled with silky clouds day and in class Sawako and Kazehaya are getting fuwa fuwa as well. Unfortunately, both are so nervous about seeing each other that they start to evade each other. Ayane and Chizu are watching the scene from a distance and while Chizu wonders what’s happening between the two, Ayane had already figured out that both are “nervous”.

Suddenly, Kurumi makes one of her annoying entrance moments again. Kazehaya responds to it, because he’s trying to get out of the awkward situation. Kurumi makes use of that and brings in all her spontaneous advantages (no, no physical advantages… unfortunately).  Sawako admires the “natural” looking scene from a small distance and fangirls about Kurumi’s spontaneous behavior.

Indeed, being able to wave with her fingers like that... don't try that at home!

However, when Kazehaya turns around to look at Sawako. Sawako gets hyper embarrassed and tries to evade his face.

After classes, Sawako is doing some paperwork carrying (or something) while Kurumi suddenly budges in and surprised her. Sawako addresses Kurumi with her informal name and gets thanked by Kurumi for it. Sawako wishes to be more like her and imagines a hilarious scene with her acting like a total spontaneous girl and all-included Engrish accent.

Now let's eat hamburgers all day and wear a flag on our head. Then we'll be real Americans!

Kurumi suddenly asks Sawako if there’s something wrong and if there is, she should talk to her about it. She takes Sawako’s hand and while the guys are having PE, Sawako and Kurumi are having a chat outside.

Sawako explained she’s having a hard time trying to talk to Kazehaya. Quite an interesting sequence follows. Kurumi tries to manipulate Sawako for her own interests. Sawako isn’t aware of that and thinks Kurumi is actually giving her advice, when she’s actually trying to get her away from Kazehaya. Kurumi tells Sawako she knows him since a long time and says that Sawako shouldn’t feel special about Kazehaya talking to her since he’s just seeing her as friend. Ofcourse, that’s where it goes wrong. Sawako sees this as a good thing, while other girls who already realize they’re in love, would see “JUST friends” as a bad thing. So, Sawako is actually happy with Kurumi’s advice and when Kurumi says she’s also just friends with Kazehaya. Sawako tells Kurumi the same thing. And yes… Kurumi DOES realize she’s in love with Kazehaya so…

Indeed, so now kiss her and make up!! :D

Both had back to class and Sawako leaves Kurumi saying she feels a lot more relieved now after talking to her. Kurumi’s plan failed and Kurumi’s background explains a lot of details about how she feeling about what Sawako just mentioned (oh yeah… it was a pretty dark background).

And so she became known as Hell Kaiser Kurumi (chan)

Meanwhile in class, Chizu explains why she doesn’t really like Kurumi. Back in middle school, she asked Chizu to help girl who fell in love with Kazehaya because Chizu knew him well. The girl finally got to talk with him, but got rejected. Soon after another girl followed and then another and more and more followed… In the end Chizu got fed up with it and stopped with offering her help. The fangirls got angry with Chizu because of that, but Kurumi told them(with a crying puppy expression) the fighting would stop if no one confessed to him.  The fangirls calmed down and hugged Kurumi, giving her the pure maiden/angel image. So… in short, Kurumi used Chizu to get both a good image AND to get rid of possible love opponents in the battle royal for Kazehaya. Quite clever no?

That's why I like you so much Ayane!

So yeah, that’s Ayane’s reaction to Chizu’s story. She’s pretty clever too isn’t she? Well, let’s rephrase it, the fangirls and Chizu are just blinded by love or plain stupid not to notice. Anyway, back at the guys practicing baseball. Kazehaya tells them to take a break while he gets something to drink. He walks off and suddenly notices Sawako watering the flowers.

Sawako’s thinking back of what she said to Kurumi and feels embarrassed about it. She’s surprised when she hears Kazehaya’s voice calling out to her. Kazehaya blushes and says he’s nervous now not knowing what to say to her. Sawako realizes now that Kazehaya was also feeling nervous all the time and that it wasn’t just her. Kazehaya is astonished by Sawako’s smile of relief and tells her it’s the same smile he saw at Ryu’s place.

And yes, finally the nervous, fidgeting, even slightly annoying moments are over! Both talk about the puppy they found some time ago. It seems he’s been growing a lot lately and Kazehaya needs a doghouse for him soon. He invites Sawako over to his house to visit Maru (dog) once.

What "he" are you talking about?!

The two laugh, but they didn’t realize someone was eavesdropping on them. Kurumi , who’s been watching from a window above, calls out to Sawako. Kazehaya looks up and addresses Kurumi with “Kurumizawa”.

yes... like in HinamiZAWA

Her true name isn’t Something Kurumi, but Kurumi-zawa Something (in this case Ume). Well I put it like this so you would understand that Kazehaya wasn’t addressing her with her first name, but just with her formal name. That ofcourse is a big hint that Kazehaya and Kurumin~ aren’t that close. Sawako realizes she’s been mishearing things all the time and feels relieved. Kurumin~ also realizes this, but doesn’t really feel relieved as she busy twitching all over. Kurumin~ tries to act natural asking Kazehaya if she can borrow Sawako for a girl talk. Sawako is shocked and Kazehaya is slightly annoyed by Kurumin’s interruption.

Later on, Kurumin and Sawako are walking down a road. Sawako’s wondering what a girl talk could be about, but that is cleared quite soon after… as Sawako dares to call her “Ume-chan”.

So... she doesn't like being called Ume...

Kurumin quickly changes her attitude again and smiles saying it’s better to call her “Kurumi”.

Wow...just wow

Kurumin goes into frontal attack now… She says she likes someone and wonders what to do. She tells Sawako she needs advice from her. Sawako panics since she has no clue on how to help someone in love, but Kurumin says she needs Sawako to help her out.  Sawako says in herself that it’s the first time someone has ever relied on her that much. She wants to help out Kurumin, but still fidgets saying she’ll probably ruin the mood being there. Kurumin calms her saying she shouldn’t worry since it’s someone close to her…

* cicadas chirp*


Thoughts :

So yeah… I think I explained everything pretty sufficiently in the review itself. Also since Kurumi’s real name has been mentioned, I’ll keep on calling her Kurumin~ Cute don’t you think?

Now I’m pretty convinced Kurumin is the rumor spreader too! Not that it matters anymore now, she showed her true self in the episode (finally). So yeah Aya Hirano going heel, it’ll be interesting from now on. Her plans weren’t fitted for the Sawako type of girl. But I can’t blame her, in real life, the chances you meet a girl type like Sawako are rather slim. Then again… the chance you find such shy and stupid fangirls… is rather slim too…

Anyway, next episode will give us quite a bit of fun. The sports festival, Sawako’s and Kurumin’s reaction to what just happened and Kazehaya… well, he’s gonna go shouta moe again. Until then, goodnight.

Kyon, at your service!


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    Now we see Kurimu… Kurimi… Kurumi… oh well, UME-chan’s true colors 8D

    NEVER trust a Hirano Aya character!

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