Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop – More Images and SET file

December 11, 2009

See what censorship can do?

Yes. I’m back with more of those low quality card pictures. BUT! They are improved a bit… some SOVR, ABPF and Yusei Fudo Duelist Pack 2 and Tag Force 4 cards have improved quality.

Since this is such a quiet Friday evening and no one seems to be writing, I’ll be putting this one up to save our Project Blue Calendar (which has been achieved 2 months now).

I didn’t really plan on releasing this until I have completed all SOVR cards. But uh… at least there are only a few left. Only 2 cards left, I think.

The image and SET file contains all the images like last time, but this time, it has new SOVR, ABPF, DP09 and TF04 cards.

Images – 17.2MB

SET – 850KB

The FAQ can be seen here. It is also the old post where I first posted my image files.

Have a wonderful weekend from Whatever Animeblog~

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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