Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 88 – Hell is Actually Just a Mining Mountain

December 10, 2009

To commemorate the arrival of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, KaibaCorp. has created the Stardust Dragon Jet!

The conclusion of Yusei vs Kiryu III. A surprising turn of events brings them side-by-side. There is also a new trailer for the movie on 2010 (check the last part of the post)

Expect some turns of events and again, just Kiryu and Yusei.

Last episode summary:

Having hired by Marko, Yusei prepares to Duel his friend, Kiryu of the Ramon group. Esmeralda Barbara hides some dynamite inside a bouquet of flowers, as they aim to rescue Kiryu after Yusei defeats him. They will interfere with the wagon’s path towards the mountains… but to realize that, Yusei must first defeat Kiryu in a Duel. The match started and both Kiryu and Yusei are almost at the same level. In the last turn of the episode, Kiryu summons his Infernity Revenger, seemingly setting up something for a turnaround…

Key Card of the Week:

Infernity Death Dragon: LV 8 Synchro, 3000 ATK / 2400 DEF.

Episode 88:

The episode starts with the last turn of the last episode…

Duel status from last time:
Kyousuke Kiryu: 900 LP
Fudo Yusei: 1800 LP

After Infernity Revenger was summoned, Kiryu feels a bit of pain. Kind of like whenever Hell Kaiser Ryo Duels in the late part of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX season 3.

Hell Kaiser Kiryu?

Kiryu notices his LP and exclaims that just a bit more and he’ll be gone. If it’s against Yusei, then it’s alright; he’s satisfied. Yusei argues that Kiryu must not be satisfied with just that. The Ramon group overhears this and starts to activate their Duel Disks. Ramon reminds Kiryu that his Duel Disk has been rigged with a bomb.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Ramon asks Kiryu to shapen up and do something. Kiryu tells Ramon again that he doesn’t intend to lose on purpose. More specifically, he can’t, because he’s enslaved to the cards. Kiryu says he desires to lose and this prompts one of Ramon’s men to prepare to activate the bomb. Kiryu says that may be the case… but he’s still here. He wanted to lose every time, but he’s still there; alive. Ramon stops the guy and trusts Kiryu.

Turn 7 - Kiryu's turn: 900 LP
- Summons Infernity Dwarf.
- Tunes LV 6 Infernity Revenger with LV 2 Infernity Dwarf to Special Summon his new ace monster, Infernity Death Dragon.
- Activates Infernity Death Dragon's effect. When he has 0 hand cards, he skips his Battle Phase and destroys one monster on his opponent's field, dealing damage to the opponent equal to half of the destroyed monster's ATK. Kiryu chooses Junk Warrior (2900 ATK) and Yusei takes 1450 damage (Yusei: 350 LP).

The Key Card of the Week making its appearance.

Ramon’s group is now relieved. Kiryu’s serious about this Duel.

Turn 8 - Yusei's turn: 350 LP
- Summons Card Breaker by destroying his facedown Limiter Overload.
- Limiter Overload activates and Yusei Special Summons his Speed Warrior from the Graveyard.
- Yusei tributes Speed Warrior to Special Summon his Turret Warrior (2100 ATK).
- Tunes LV 2 Card Breaker with his LV 5 Turret Warrior and LV 1 Boost Warrior to Special Summon his own ace monster, Stardust Dragon.
- Sets 1 card.

Card Breaker: LV 2 Tuner, 100 ATK.

Stardust Dragon: LV 8 Synchro, 2500 ATK / 2000 DEF.

Marko’s group also rejoices a bit. Yusei has brought out a mighty monster. But the fact that Kiryu’s dragon is more powerful in terms of ATK remains…

Turn 9 - Kiryu's turn: 900 LP
- Sets 1 card.
- Uses Infernity Death Dragon to attack Stardust Dragon.
- Yusei activates his facedown Continuous Trap Card, Power Frame. The battle is negated and afterwards, Stardust Dragon gets equipped with it and its ATK rises by the difference in ATK points between the monster that had attacked and the monster equipped. Stardust Dragon gains 500 ATK (3000 ATK).

Marko’s group rejoices again, Stardust Dragon now has equal ATK with Infernity Death Dragon. Ramon’s group becomes silent.

Kiryu smiles while telling himself that Yusei is also serious about this Duel and ends his turn.

Turn 10 - Yusei's turn: 350 LP
- Summons Second Booster.
- Uses Stardust Dragon to attack Infernity Death Dragon.

Second Booster: LV 3, 1000 ATK.

Ramon’s group starts to panic. Yusei is trying to end the dragons in a tie and the attack directly with Second Booster.

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Kiryu activates a Trap Card called Infernity Break. When he has 0 cards in his hand, he can destroy one of the opponent's cards by removing an Infernity monster on his Graveyard from the game. He chooses Power Frame.
- Does not respond with Stardust Dragon's effect.
- Power Frame is destroyed and Stardust Dragon's ATK returns to 2500.
- Activates Second Booster's effect. When a monster of his suddenly changes its ATK points, he can tribute it to increase the monster's ATK by 1500 (Stardust Dragon: 4000 LP).
- Stardust Dragon destroys Infernity Death Dragon (Kiryu: 0 LP).
- Yusei wins. Series is now 2-1.

It’s showtime! Yusei reviews Barbara’s plan. As soon as Kiryu gets taken away by the wagon, Barbara will hand him the bouquet. Yusei will then use the dynamite sticking inside to cause a distraction as they rescue Kiryu.

Undertaker's gonna win another Casket Match!

I bet if ever 4Kids decided to continue dubbing 5D's, they'd drop this whole arc...

This is what it would look like if their plan succeeded...

But instead, Barbara doesn’t seem to have the dynamite and stays silent. Yusei faces her but she blasts him with… some kinda electrical orb shotgun… that fires an orb instead of scattered shots. It was a double-cross!

Gah! It's a pun on shotgun! A SHOCK-gun!

Barbara goes heel...

Part B:

"Nice save, you idiot!"

Kiryu gets stuffed inside a coffin. Far from what Yusei and Barbara talked about. Yusei is on the ground, stunned by the shock gun. Suddenly, a huge D-Wheel comes rampaging down the town.

D-Drill? Is this even possible?!

Now it makes sense! It's one of those Kamen Riders!

The D-Wheeler grabs a Duel Disk pistol and throws it at Ramon’s face.

"Oh, poopie!"

Ramon gets up and notices the guy is none other than Malcolm/Marko’s little brother, Lotten/Rotten/Rotton. God… let’s just go with Lotten and Marko…

The Lotten person, Marko's younger brother.

The guys operating the coffin wagon gets stopped by Lotten, telling them to wait because there’s one more they should take. Lotten gets off his D-Wheel and challenges Ramon to a Duel. Ramon was hesitant at first because the sun had almost completely set, Duel time is almost over. Lotten angers him by saying he must want to run away scared, one turn is enough. Ramon gets insulted and accepts.

Featured Duel of the Week:

Ramon VS Lotten! The final battle between Ramon group and Marko group!

Turn 1 - Lotten's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Gatling Ogre.
- Sets 5 cards.

Gatling Ogre: LV 3, 800 ATK / 800 DEF.

Ramon gets a bit relieved. He mocks Lotten’s intelligence about the game. There was no such thing as a one-turn kill with that as you can’t do anything much in the first turn of Duel… and that’s where he’s wrong.

Continuing Lotten's turn:
- Sends 5 cards from his Spell/Trap Card Zone to the Graveyard and deals 800 damage for each card to Ramon via Gatling Ogre's effect (Ramon: 0 LP).
- Lotten wins in the first turn.

You fell twice in front of your men... now that's shameful...

Ramon gets taken away as well. Lotten gets on his D-Wheel again and faces the remnants of the Ramon group. He threatens them but also offers them “scarves”, meaning converting them to the Marko group.


In the meantime, Yusei asks why Barbara did it. Isn’t she concerned about Kiryu? Well, the answer is simple. Barbara likes men with power, not some emo guy. Kiryu would have been easily taken care of by Lotten but since it would still take some time before Lotten completed his training and it’s better to use a trump card in the end, she employed Yusei’s help, as Kiryu’s friend. Lotten had been the icing on the cake, defeating the rival group’s leader.

"Wanna make out as well?"

She offers Yusei a place in Marko’s group but he refuses, earning him a slap in the face. Lotten takes over, telling him to have fun in hell. Yusei is then taken away inside a coffin as well.

Marko approaches the crowd and announces the ruler of the town is the Marko group. As they celebrate, the Kiryu fanboy from last episode watches worried as the wagon heads off to the mountain. A girl pats his shoulder, which is revealed to be his sister, Nico. She comforts him with a hug.

The girl, Nico, and the nameless Kiryu fanboy.

At the mountains, Yusei, Kiryu and Ramon were led inside a mining cave. Ramon complains and grabs Kiryu by the collar, saying that they’re all there because of Kiryu losing. The guards laugh it off while breaking them up, saying Ramon lost as well and now Marko’s group rules the town. In the meantime, Yusei notices a loose nail on the old-style wooden cuff they were on and keeps it.

If this is hell then I guess heaven is actually a cafe.

At the mining area, they receive some necklace that delivers shocks throughout the body whenever a card is placed on a nearby Duel Disk. Yusei remembers that thing from episode 86, with the escaping prisoners.

Typical slave-driving scene. Kiryu and Yusei work alongside in one area. Kiryu keeps on working but pauses at some time, earning him some whips to the back.

Soon afterwards, an alarm sounds. It’s time for the slave-drivers to change places, a shift.

"Now that I think about it... maybe a scarf does look good on me..."

While the slave-drivers talk, Yusei looks around and sees a generator. Then, a person collapses and some slave-drivers take him away. Yusei tries to help but Kiryu stops him. Yusei asks what’ll happen to the man and Kiryu replies that he doesn’t know; there are no hospitals in hell. Kiryu finds it funny that Yusei even followed him to hell. Yusei responds that he doesn’t intend to stay there. He will escape hell with Kiryu.

Kiryu points to the necklace thing but Yusei easily takes care of it with the nail he took from earlier. When the workers rotate, they can escape to a narrow opening between the generator he saw earlier.

The only difference that Yusei and the other guys who attempted this before is that Yusei can hax any mechanical object... oh and because he's the main character.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Back at Crash Town, Marko’s group are getting wasted on the streets accompanied by commemorative fireworks. At the square, Marko praises Barbara for her work. Barbara says now the town belongs to him but he responds by saying that the town is now hers: the new name of the town will be Barbara Town. The square will be renamed as Barbara Square.

"Let's sell this for some bling, yo!"

In the midst of the party animals, Nico and the little Kiryu fanboy push Yusei’s D-Wheel away secretly. Soon, Lotten notices that Yusei’s D-Wheel is gone and asks some drunk Marko group person about it, but he has no care in the world. Lotten then gets a bad feeling. He thinks he should just kill Yusei and Kiryu.

Back at the mines, Yusei still insists on taking Kiryu away. Kiryu tells him to leave him alone and escape by himself. He has already died… Yusei then says that he will take him back home, even if he’s dead.

Closing song: -OZONE- by vistlip


Haha! I knew it! Barbara was a part of Marko’s group!

I had a feeling from back in episode 86 that there was something out of place… and I surely hit the spot if you read my episode 86 post a few weeks ago.

The way Lotten defeated Ramon reminded me of how Dr. Takada killed all members of the Tokyo Oniwabanshuu from Rurouni Kenshin.

In any case, it was a bit funny when Marko had declared that he owns the town now. The people who have gathered didn’t seem to have a care as they celebrated and just left like nothing.

Doesn’t it also seem unfair that Kiryu stops working for about 3-5 seconds and then he gets the whip while Yusei stands around for longer and just gets a warning. Then again, Kiryu had been reigning supreme in Crash Town for a while and he’s from the rival group. Yusei, however, was the one who sent Kiryu there and even though he became a worker, he was still part of the Marko group.

By the way, the episode started with another new trailer for the upcoming 2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary Movie.

Next episode:

Yusei gets fed up with Kiryu’s emoness and punches him in the gut, knocking him out (probably) so he can take him by force. Outside, he is confronted by Lotten in a Riding Duel, meaning Nico and her brother successfully got Yusei’s D-Wheel to the mountains. Surely enough, next week’s Key Card is Lotten’s Gatling Ogre, meaning Yusei has to deal with it or else he loses.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


One comment

  1. lol nice guessing you did there xD
    oh boy… where should I get started this time?
    A gundam motorcycle? OH COME ON…
    And Lotten, a gun is meant to SHOOT with, NOT to throw…IDIOT!
    As for Barbara… she’s more evil than all the other guys in that town, I even started to respect her for second.
    I hope Kiryu dies…he’s annoying now… he can take Yusei with him actually…

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