Kobato. 8 : Nyan Koi!

December 9, 2009

Here's your milk bowl, now lick from it slowly, very... slowly...

In this episode Kobato gets blasted away by Puppy-san and accidently hits a holy cat statue. The head breaks off and Kobato gets cursed. The only way to get rid of the curse is to help 100 cats and so the story goes… or not?

Last time, Kobato received  her forth konpeito. Today, she’s on her way through the park when she suddenly notices a box. She looks inside and finds a pure white kitten in it.

Oh gureitz!

Puppy-san isn’t really happy with the kitty and says Kobato should ignore it because she can’t take care of it herself. Though before he realizes it Kobato was already hugging to kitty. She tells him that she can’t leave a poor animal alone. Puppy-san asks her what’s she intending to do then…

Feel free to take home.

Guess how Puppy-san reacts to that?

Later that day, Kobato walks home with the kitty. Grumpy Puppy says he can’t believe a girl like Kobato who can’t even take care of herself, will try to take care of another being. At the stairs, Kobato meets Mr Cool who’s heading downstairs. He gives off his usual cold presence and says practically the same as Puppy-san just did. When he left, the kitty suddenly starts scratching Kobato’s clothes. Kobato is surprised, but Ioryogi explains that it’s probably hungry.

He is certainly close to the right spot

Meanwhile, we see the Chii-twins doing their homework together. Kobato suddenly knocks on the door and as the two open, she shouts that she’s hungry. After trying to offer her candy, Kobato explains that not she is hungry, but the kitty. The two suddenly make “hush” noises and tell Kobato they better head to Kobato’s room.

There, they explain that pets aren’t allowed in the building because neighbors would complain about the noise. The kitty happily drinks its milk the meantime. One of the Chii’s asks if they can’t bring it back to the owner, but since Kobato doesn’t know the owner that’s a no-go. Kobato suddenly realizes that the nursery might be a good place for the kitten, the Chii-twins agree saying they’ll be able to visit it there any time. One thing still remains, the name. The Chii’s suggest they name it Miruku or milk (whichever you like, I’ll call it Mikuru).

They following day, Mikuru is brought to the nursery and becomes a rising star of popularity. When Sayaka and Kobato notice how much fun everyone’s having they think of keeping the kitten, but then one of the kids starts sneezing.

Hey it's Junpei~

In the head office, Sayaka tends Junpei’s nose and Kobato wonders what’s wrong. Mr Cool who’s entering explains that the boy is having an allergic reaction to cats. He goes on saying that it’s impossible to keep a cat at the nursery if someone can’t handle them. Sayako agrees and apologizes to Kobato. Mr Cool says it’s just what Kobato deserves after taking a kitten without thinking of the consequences.

While the kids are sleeping, Kobato is sitting outside wondering what she should do. She stares depressed at the ground while Puppy-san is being molested by the kitty.

okay... so I might have edited this a bit...

Sayaka suddenly appears on the scene asking is she can sit beside Kobato. She apologizes for not being able to help with the kitten and says Kobato shouldn’t blame Mr Cool either. She explains that he might be projecting himself onto Mikuru. Kobato looked astonished, but Sayaka realizes she said too much and says it’s nothing. She gets up saying Kobato will be alright.

While Kobato is heading home together with Mikuru and the heavily wounded Puppy-san, the Chii-twins visit the nursery. Sayako tells them about the cat allergy of Junpei and Chii white tells Chii black they should ask their mother afterall. But she replies that it would cause trouble for her.

In the city, Kobato is trying to look for people to take care of the kitty, without much success. The Chii-twins suddenly arrive and meet up with Kobato. They tell her about what they heard at the nursery and cheer Kobato saying they’ll help her look for a new owner.

Too many babies...

Ferocious Chimera

Yakuza Grandpa from Nyan Koi...

Koyomi-oniichan :D!

As you can see above, they had quite some trouble finding someone, but then they meet Domoto. The kitty was scared because of the grumpy grandpa and climbed onto his shoulder.

After the break, while the Chii-twins are playing with the cat, Kobato explains the story to Domoto. He tells Kobato he’ll try his best to find someone who can take care of Mikuru. She apologizes for making him do this, but Domoto tells he likes to help her because she’s working so hard. Kobato tells him about what Mr Cool said, but then reasons that no one would dare to leave a cute kitty alone and that there has to be a reason. Then continues saying that Mr Cool looked lonely when giving his cold reply and says she can’t do things half-heartedly. Domoto smiles at hands his phone number just in case. Kobato and the Chii’s head on to ask around some more.

It doesn’t have much success again. Most people can’t take care of it or aren’t at home. The kitty is getting hungry again and just then, Mr Cool passes by on his scooter and notices the girls doing their best to find a home for Mikuru.

Meanwhile at the Kobato residence, Sayaka calls Chii’s mother and explains the situation saying Kobato and the Chiis are really doing their best. After hanging up, Mihara takes out some stuff for the kitten, but then notices an obaa-chan searching around.

Back with the trio, the sky is turning dark and the kitty is getting more hungry. They decide to buy food for it. The twins head inside and meanwhile Kobato waits outside. She sobs about doing such a bad job. Luckily, she gets comforted by the kitty and while heading back home, the Chiis tell Kobato that they can keep the kitty home for tonight without bothering anyone. When they arrive back home, they notice Obaa-chan waiting for them.

Obaa-chan back from episode 1~

The grandma tells Kobato she’s willing to take care of the kitten. She thinks it’ll be a good playmate for her grandchild (oh dear it’s gonna get eaten?!). Kobato rejoices, but then gets a flashback of Junpei’s sneezing. She asks the grandma if the baby will be alright because of the allergy thing. The obaa-chan gets up and replies that Mr Cool asked her the exact same thing and says he was asking around everyone if they were willing to take care of a stray kitten.

Kobato is touched and realizes it was Mr Cool. The obaa-chan bids them farewell and heads back. The Chiis stops the grandma for a second to hand over the catfood. They say goodbye to the kitty with a sad expression.

Back at home, Kobato notices the room got bigger with Mikuru there. Puppy-san is quite happy with it and rolls around until he hits Mikuru’s milk bowl. Kobato picks it up and reasons the Chiis must also feel the same way and wants to see them again. She meets Mihara in the hallway and she tells Kobato they’re at the rooftop.

At the rooftop, the Chii’s wonder if the kitty is happy now. Kobato, who just popped up from behind, comforts them and says it will be happy for sure. She returns the milk bowl to Chii white and then looks up at moon. She tells the twins that the moon was also shining brightly on the first time she met the grandma and tells the story about the crying baby to them. The Chii’s get excited when Kobato told them she sung to make the baby fall asleep. They asks her to sing the song for them… and Kobato sings~


While singing, Mr Cool arrives home and recognizes the song back from episode 1. We also get to see flashes of Mihara, the grandma and the kitty together with the baby. In the end, the Chiis fell asleep and Mihara had arrived on the rooftop covering their backs with a blanket.

When going back downstairs, Kobato notices light in Mr Cool’s room. She decides to knock on the door and Mr Cool opens. Kobato bows and thanks him for helping out with Mikuru. Mr Cool looks relieved but quickly gets back into emo-mode. He closes the door, but accidently hits Kobato. She was trying to ask him for his cellphone.

We get to see Domoto calling around his friends without much success, then Kobato calls him with Mr Cool’s phone. She tells him about the kitty and how Mr Cool found a new owner for it. Domoto looks astonished, but replies he’s glad for the kitty.

The following day, Kobato notices there’re two more konpeito in her bottle. She doesn’t get why since Mr Cool was the one who found a new home for Mikuru. Puppy-san explains that Kobato healed the Chiis’ worried hearts by singing a song for them. Kobato is happy now, but Puppy-san isn’t since his ear was hurt, Kobato gets a ZERO. However Kobato isn’t all disappointed.

the end~



God, that song still pierces through me like an arrow. I get a bit emotional when hearing Kobato’s high pitched voice singing that song.

As for the episode, Mr Cool is finally showing more improvement. You still have to wonder how long he’ll keep his act up though. But let’s be honest, he did a good job in today’s episode trying to help the poor little Milk.

Ofcourse, the main roles for this episode goes to the Chii twins. Chise and Chiho, both voiced by the seiyuu who go famous through voicing/singing Ranka in Macross F. Nakajima Megumi. They’re adorable aren’t they? I like how Clamp likes to reuse old characters for different settings. Even the apartment where Kobato lives looks a lot like the one from Chobits.

Anyway, the preview for next episode showed some schoolgirls. Dunno what to expect from that, but you can expect 9 as soon as I get the subs!

Kyon, at your service.



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