Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 10 (EX023) – Upgrades and Future

December 8, 2009

In this episode of Asura Cryin', we fight the Vajra.

As promised, I give you episode 10 right after the 9th one.

This episode focuses on Tomoharu and friends’ return to their own world. Kurogane has been improved into Kurogane-Kai and we see Naotaka’s face for the first time. The truth about the First Stage World’s Hizaika and the actions necessary to stop it.

Expect a Macross-like fight scene.

Last episode summary:

We learned of what Ania has been doing the past five years: getting involved in a research organized by the real Natsume Naotaka that spawned the Black Hole accident. Tomoharu went to Rakurowa High School and finds everything almost too normal for his tastes. Shuri is indeed Vice President of the Student Council, Yukari is alive and An confessed to Tomoharu. Then, stray Daughters attacked again, this time Tomoharu was able to fight using Demonic powers, summoning a Yami no Kyojin. In the end, Tomoharu meets up with Misao.

Episode 10 (EX023):

We start with Ritsu explaining what the research was about. Apparently, the Black Hole experiment was a research that aims to create a micro black hole to find an alternative source of energy. The way she explains it kinda reminds me of CERN.

But the experiment failed. It caused a giant rift that not only enabled strange creatures to cross over but also slowly destroying the world’s existence. Abandoned by God, humans made contract with demons. Thus, the Asura Machina was born from the three main figures of the experiment.

Shioizumi Ritsu, Natsume Naotaka and of course, our lovable Ania Fortuna.

Ritsu had become a Demon. She explains not only her but most people who were present during the experiment were turned into one. She adds that as long as there is a rift in space in the deepest level of the Central Vortex (which Tokiya had previously mentioned upon obtaining Hagane), the world will be destroyed.

Tomoharu asks if there is a way to save the world. Ritsu says that it is up to him whether he wants to save the First Stage World… or return to his Second Stage World. But before he answers, Ritsu wants him to meet the man who headed the research: none other than Natsume Naotaka, his big brother… and Ritsu’s boyfriend?!

We skip the OP to Ania, Misao and Tomoharu walking in a hallway.

Ania picks up where Ritsu left off. She mentions that Naotaka is inside the superstring gravity reactor. In layman’s terms, it’s in a different world. Naotaka is there along with Kurogane. Not just Kurogane but almost every Asura Machina. It’s a dimension that only Demons, Contractors and Burial Dolls can cross, which is why Kanade is sitting this one out. It seems Naotaka is in charge of maintenance inside Uzushio, some kinda mother ship for Asura Machina.

How low can you go?

Through a door, they arrive in a seemingly never-ending staircase. Ania says that the place’s dimension is very distorted. It’s a real never-ending staircase. By chance, they can connect to the Uzushio, which happens quickly and they plunge into darkness.

Tomoharu regains consciousness and finds himself in an odd hall filled with statues. Misao tries covering up Tomoharu’s view but his persistence gets the better of her and he sees a naked girl statue.

"Now I know why my brother likes to shut himself here..."

Misao calls him a pervert again and Tomoharu says it’s just a statue. A man speaks up, saying that they are not just mere statues. They were former living beings who had lost their souls. As Tomoharu looks around, Misao points out statues of Kitsutaka Aki and Kurosaki “Yukari”. They now get it… they’re in a chamber filled with Burial Dolls who lost their souls.

Ladies and zentlemen, the REAL Natsume Naotaka.

Ania was with the man, whom she introduces as the First Stage World’s Natsume Naotaka. Tomoharu asks why Kanade is also one of the statues and Naotaka tells him that Kanade sacrificed herself as Hagane’s Burial Doll. He’s sure that Tomoharu saw what happened to his real brother, the First Stage World’s Natsume Tomoharu, who had died in the hands of Tokiya. Even though they were warned by Ania, he still finds it unbearable.

Naotaka shifts the conversation to taking Tomoharu home, his real one in the Second Stage World. Tomoharu suddenly asks what it takes to save the First Stage World. Naotaka simply tells him there was one… but Tomoharu isn’t fit to do it. Tomoharu insists, calling him aniki. Naotaka gives in and tells him… why their world has to be destroyed…

During the time of the Black Hole accident, a strong energy force was unleashed. A gate has been opened and slowly rejects the world. They need to destroy and close down that gate but in order to do so, they would need the same kind of energy released during the opening of the gate… that was possible through Hagane.

Ania adds that NaoTomo failed to close the gate and chose to start over by getting himself killed and starting the loop again, sending Ania to the First Stage World. And now Hagane’s in the hands of Tokiya. Naotaka simply makes maintenance on the Asura Machina, he cannot control them, he doesn’t even have Handler abilities.

Misao, in the face of two expert geniuses that have been creating and maintaining Asura Machina for years, brings up a new topic: what if they re-make Hagane by combining Kurogane and Shirogane? The faces of those two experts, Ania and Naotaka, were simply priceless upon hearing it.

"OH MAI GAWD...!!"

Naotaka says it may be possible. An Asura Machina with complete control over space will be almost like Hagane. Ania quickly protests, saying it is dangerous not only for the Burial Doll but also for the Handler. In the worst case scenario, both of them could “disappear”. Naotaka leaves, saying they’re prepare to send Tomoharu back to the Second Stage World. Ania comes with him to repair Kurogane…

…but Tomoharu stops Ania, telling her to not only repair Kurogane… implying he wants to do it. He wants to save the world his other self has been protecting. Misao agrees and Naotaka notes that no matter which world Tomoharu is from, he’s always the same. Ania adds that his resolve is very strong.

Suddenly, an alarm goes off. From the other side, Ritsu says that another Daughter swarm has appeared through the Gate.

"A space fold has been detected!!"

Uzushio is a mothership that acts as a frontline for oncoming swarms.

The Uzushio. The closest thing you can get by combining Fullmetal Alchemist with Macross.

At the Uzushio, Tomoharu helps by using the Yami no Kyojin to take care of the stray Daughters that have entered the ship.

I really like that new power thing...

Naotaka gives him instructions inside a room filled with shadow people.

"Don't think you're the only one who has a harem, my dear brother!"

In the meantime, Ania begins the combination of Kurogane and Shirogane.

Kanade watches helplessly from a monitor screen. As she tries to leave, Ritsu stops her, saying she won’t be able to fight anymore and we see bits of Hizaika on Kanade’s hand.

In the central chamber, Misao of the First Stage World starts to move…

Part B:

Tomoharu goes outside the ship to fight there. Yami no Kyojin easily takes care of the Daughters. Their only concern is the number of enemies. Misao jokingly tells Tomoharu that if he uses too much Demon powers, he might undergo Hizaika.

She adds in that case, they should form a contract. Tomoharu declines the offer, saying that he doesn’t want to lose memories of Misao, as male Demons forget about their loved ones the more they use their powers. But Misao doesn’t want Tomoharu to vanish nor to forget. Tomoharu says they don’t even know how to form a contract nor if Burial Dolls can make one. But if he does forget… then he’ll just make more memories. That way, he won’t ever lose any memory.

At this point, the OP Alternative that didn’t play earlier is now used as the background music for the following scene.

Insert song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

Ania completes the fusion. Naotaka alerts Tomoharu and tells him to try calling out his Asura Machina’s name. Misao disappears now for the sequence and Tomoharu calls out Kurogane. The new and improved Kurogane arises from his shadow.

The new Kurogane: Kurogane-Kai!

A single blow from the new Kurogane manages to wipe out the entirety of the invasion. Naotaka tells Tomoharu that the Gate is that huge eye over there… yeeeeeah, kinda like FMA, huh? Kurogane-Kai (its new name, in other words, Kurogane Modified) sends out its super black hole burst but gets blocked by something on the way, a stronger Daughter.

The guardian Daughter.

Naotaka explains that it’s the guardian of the Gate. NaoTomo once fought it before and now it’s back. Kurogane-Kai battles with the Daughter but it’s a hard battle. Tomoharu is almost shot down by it until Kanade comes to the rescue and uses her Engetsu to block and send the beam back towards the Daughter but drops down after it.

Kurogane-Kai resorts to swordfight, the same sword that Shirogane uses. The match ends when outside interference from Yami no Kyojin locks the Daughter in a hold while Kurogane-Kai slashes it.

Now Tomoharu has the power like an Asura Cryin'...

Tomoharu quickly rushes to Kanade’s aid after that. The insert song ends.

"No! Not a member of my harem!"

Tomoharu is shocked that Kanade was undergoing Hizaika. It seems Kanade lied about not feeling it anymore. Kanade wanted to be with Tomoharu until the end and she was happy to hear that Tomoharu confessed to her. On her final moments, she asks Tomoharu to be her lifelong Contractor, which Tomoharu accepts. As Kanade confirms it, she loses consciousness.

Tomoharu goes to order Kurogane to fire another huge orb. Kurogane-Kai does so but lacks the power to completely destroy it. If things go on like that, Misao will be completely eaten up. Ania tells Tomoharu to stop until she notices in a nearby monitor that the Misao of the First Stage World is walking towards the Burial Doll chamber.

No! Don't go there! Your other self is there! If you meet her, you'll disappear!

Ania teleports herself to the spot and tells Misao(1st) to stop. Misao(1st) says that no matter what, she will protect the world that Tomoharu(1st) wanted to protect. She will protect the other Tomoharu that emerged.

Misao(1st) appears in front of Tomoharu and tells him that she will help them… she vanishes and the power of Kurogane-Kai is increased, destroying the gate.

First Stage World’s Hizaika has stopped. Now there will be a future for that world.

Back at the Meioutei, Kanade is placed inside a special vessel.


Naotaka hands Tomoharu the Igniter, which Ania took from Tokiya before they were sucked up by the distortion. Ritsu explains that only Asura Cryin’ can use it. It’s a casuality device. Naotaka mentions that everything has a cause and effect, the Igniter controls the “cause”. Misao wants an explanation in layman’s terms and Ania says that with Hagane’s power to control space and the Igniter’s power to control “cause”, it’ll be able to change anything in the world.

Tomoharu mentions it being like God… which I don’t like the sound of… Ania says that it’s what Tokiya wants to do. Misao wonders if they should really trust Tomoharu with such a device, saying that he might use it for perverted purposes. Naotaka says that he trusts Tomoharu because he’s his brother. Naotaka is eternally grateful and so is Ritsu. Their world will now have a future other than Hizaika.

Nani?! Tsundere Naotaka?!

Suddenly, An arrives and talks with Tomoharu, asking if he’s going somewhere NOT MINDING THERE’S A COFFIN-LIKE OBJECT BESIDE HIM WITH SOMEONE INSIDE and like… NAOTAKA, TOMOHARU’S DEAD BROTHER IS RIGHT BESIDE YOU. Is she blind or does she really only see Tomoharu?

Well, Tomoharu goes straight to the point. He’s sorry. He picks up Kanade from inside the capsule and introduces her to An as his girlfriend. An takes it like a real man–err, well, like a… a very positive person and then breaks down and runs off, bidding farewell to Tomoharu.

"Sorry, you're too normal to be in my harem."

It seems Tomoharu called her to decline her offer in person. Misao says she didn’t know Tomoharu was such a popular guy.

Naotaka says he will send them back to the Second Stage World now before the Gate completely closes. His Asura Machina’s real power, which turns out to be Uzushio, is travel between space. This will be the last time Naotaka will have to use that power thanks to Tomoharu.

As the circle glows, Naotaka bids farewell to his brother…

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Woah, now that’s some nice battle effects right there.

Well, I think I expressed much of what’s in my mind along the posts so now I ran out of things to say here… let’s see…

It’s been said quite a few times before: “a world abandoned by God, and so humans turned to Demons for help”. Then Tomoharu received the Igniter, which allows him the powers like that of a God… Tokiya also wants to become like one… This whole God thing really sounds bad news to me, especially since I was spoiled by simply looking at Wikipedia. I do hope the anime has a better ending.

About the superdimensional fortress whatever Macross thing look-a-like. I can’t say much about it. It’s a weird Asura Machina. Then again, it exists outside of a normal dimension. I do feel it was kinda rushed… things like that could take up about 2 episodes rather than 1/2.

The whole First Stage World thing also seems to have been rushed as well. I dunno, it seems that way… it’s like that whiplash of important events starting from Picasso Kamen’s first appearance then Tokiya’s betrayal.

What I don’t really get is the timeline of events. It’s all jumbled for me. In my narrow understanding, I can only figure up to this…

Click to enlarge. Note: This is inaccurate and only based on what my tiny brain can understand.

Note that this is only my perception. I expect it to be completely wrong.

It’s a messy line, I know. It contains a lot of inconsistences and is a weak theory based on what I’ve watched. The anime doesn’t really go deep… because if they did, it’d probably stir up headaches. I haven’t read the Light Novels but I have been spoiled thanks to trusty ol Wikipedia.

Next episode:

They are back in the Second Stage World and it seems Rikka, Mahiwa and Yoh survived. Kanade is… well and alive! Ania didn’t return to being a loli and we have no word on Shuri. But yes, Tokiya and Hiwako are still around, lurking. What surprises could be in store for us next episode?

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. It’s still weird for Ania to be sent back… 5years? while the others were all send back to more or less the same time frame. Oh well, freedom of the animators I guess.
    Yeah things were rushed indeed, but well it’s not difference from the complete series. The opening song would’ve been a lot more epic if they only used it for the fighting scene and not for all the talk that came in between…
    It doesn’t make your work look less good though
    Well done chief :3

    • Well, it was revealed that Ania gave Tomoharu and Kanade luck before they got separated last episode.

  2. So now we also have Ania-hax to explain everything? Is she related to Nagato in some way?

    • By manipulation of odds and possibilities, probably… but Ania’s way cuter and she’s no alien, she’s a Demon. Demon’s are much cooler than aliens.

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