Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 9 (EX022) – Resolve and Power

December 7, 2009

Here's another wicked Tomoharu moment.

Yes, I know this is really late. But uh… got some complications after not researching where oh where episode 9 went. I’ll try to do 10 soon.

In any case, the episode tells us about the five years that Ania spent in the First Stage World. We also learn of the real origin of the Asura Machina, is Yukari the Shuri of the Second Stage World, how humans become Demons.

Expect moe moe Ania, a lot of crying, truths and a new power for Tomoharu.

Last episode summary:

Tomoharu was sent to a world where things have worked out differently. There have been no involvement with Asura Machina among the people in Rakurowa High School. Puzzled by this, Tomoharu continues searching around and finds stray Daughters, which were defeated by a mysterious girl. Tomoharu is taken in by another girl, who turns out to be Kitsutaka Aki, Tooru’s sister who died in their original world. Tooru and Tokiya are also there but they are also normal. Later, Tomoharu reunites with Kanade and soon, the girl who defeated the Daughters reveal her identity to be none other than Ania… who was sent there 5 years before Kanade or Tomoharu.

Episode 09 (EX022):

And so another episode starts out in a dream. A loli Misao was hiding inside the trunk of a tree, crying. Eventually, a shota Tomoharu finds her and helps her.

"This is exactly why you'll turn into a ghost in the near future..."

The current Tomoharu can see what’s happening from a distance and Misao narrates that every time she’s lost, Tomoharu always finds her. This time, she wants Tomoharu to do it again. A black hole appears beside Tomoharu, where Misao’s voice seems to be coming from. He reaches for it but he couldn’t.

Still reaching, he is woken up by a soft sound and feeling he suddenly grabbed… normally, you’d think it’s Kanade… but times have changed…

Now you can molest Ania legally.

Different girl, but you’d get the same reaction every time. Ania gets annoyed that she thought it would be nice to wake up Tomoharu but all he did was not only grab her chest but also call out another woman’s name. In her rage, she bites Tomoharu and takes his luck. He ends up bouncing out of the room and outside, into a pile of leftovers.


Of course, those leftovers are for the stray animals that Aki was keeping…

Fact: Wild Pokemon are jealous about trained ones.

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

And so… the morning table breakfast scene.

In every world he goes, he has a harem.

Aki wonders why Tomoharu looks so dirty so early in the morning. Ania explains that it’s because of violating a girl’s purity. As Tomoharu asks for seconds, Kanade simply gives him another share, silently. The atmosphere for Tomoharu becomes heavier and the sisters wonder again what could have happened between Kanade and Tomoharu. Ania suggests it must be because he also violated Kanade. Tomoharu denies it but gets punished anyway by the armed sisters.

After breakfast, Tomoharu thinks back to yesterday. It is revealed that Tomoharu had confessed to Kanade, but was cut short by the falling stray Daughter. He wonders if Kanade had heard about what he said.

Outside, Ania was waiting for them. Tomoharu was the first one to arrive so he starts a conversation. He mentions how big Ania has grown (if we know what he means~). He asks if she really is the Ania he knows… and if she really arrived 5 years earlier. Tomoharu then adds that it must have been tough for Ania to be alone in such a strange world as a little kid. Ania blushes while looking away, saying that her ability made life easier anyway. But she’s happy that now Tomoharu’s seen how beautiful she has become.

Kanade arrives with Aki, who was also wearing a Rakurowa High School uniform. Aki starts pulling Tomoharu away to school as Ania says that she needs to talk with Kanade first.

On the way to school, Tomoharu wonders if Aki is gonna be fine heading to school, considering she’s carrying not one but TWO deadly weapons with her. Their conversation is cut short by a falling tuna… or something.

Hey, it's Kondou Mikoto, the Red Kämpfer!

Oops, false alarm. It’s Aine! Reishirou’s Burial Doll. Aine apologizes and then wonders why Tomoharu seems to know her. Tomoharu explains that she may not know it but he knows Aine from long ago. Aine feels like it’s a confession of love. Then… Reishirou and Shuri arrive!

Yay~ It's Shiro-kun~

Reishirou hits Aine in the head, telling her that he already mentioned earlier to let the vendors take care of the fish. Aine explains that as part of the Cooking Club, she wants to check out the ingredients.

Tomoharu then gazes upon Shuri.

"Gosh, you look so weird in white!"

Shuri explains that her clothes are the official Vice President’s clothes. Reishirou and Shuri go ahead and then Reiko appears from behind Tomoharu.

As grumpy as her brother...

Reiko tells him not to cut classes so frequently, especially now the Christmas party is almost on its way. She drags Tomoharu to school.

At school, Tomoharu and Higuchi work on the Christmas tree with Reiko acting as their boss. After a small montage, Tomoharu rests on a bench, saying how Reiko and Higuchi didn’t change, which is nostalgic. Then he is approached by An.

"Are you supposed to be Tenkuuji Najimi from Akikan! with that hairband of yours? Wait, never mind."

An says she and Tomoharu haven’t been able to talk much lately, thinking it’s because of his brother’s accident, which Tomoharu just goes along. It’s been only a month since that accident. Tomoharu quit the track club and then started skipping classes. As she feels that this is a rare opportunity to talk, she asks Tomoharu for an answer about going to the Christmas party as a couple.

Tomoharu couldn’t answer. An then figures out he must still be having a hard time and leaves, saying that she’ll wait for an answer when he’s ready and apologizes for being self-centered. In Tomoharu’s mind, it wasn’t the case… it’s just that he’s not the Tomoharu that An was hoping for to answer her… the Tomoharu she knows is already gone…

As Tomoharu throws his can of juice into a trash can, he thinks about his situation. This is not his world. Another girl walks up to him and asks him if he’s crying.

"Asakura Ryouko?! But you were...!!"

He first mistakes the girl as Shuri, then the girl is surprised as no one’s ever made that mistake before. Tomoharu changes his answer to Yukari, which earns him a bingo! Yukari’s smiling face has suddenly sparked a thought of the Shuri he knows in his mind and he starts crying. This further supports that the Shuri from the Second Stage World is actually Yukari.

On a bench, Yukari asks if he’s the Second Stage World’s Natsume Tomoharu. Tomoharu is surprised that she knows and she explains that Ania told her since they’re friends. Yukari asks how the Kurosaki Shuri he knows was like. But as he tries to remember, he also remembers the part where Shuri was killed by Tooru. Tomoharu begins to cry again and Yukari holds him near her.

Yukari then asks what he plans on doing now after his loved ones had been hurt. Will he lose hope and will? Tomoharu thinks otherwise. He will do everything to stop that from happening again.

Ania then finds Tomoharu to talk…

Again like a ninja...

Part B:

At the rooftop, Ania and Tomoharu look far into the city and Tomoharu gets shocked.

FLEIJA was here...

The world is slowly undergoing Hizaika. Tomoharu looks back at the unaware students. Ania explains that because of that failed experiment, the world they’re in is slowly disappearing. The original inhabitants are unaware that their existence is vanishing. That is the reason why the First Stage World’s Natsume Tomoharu was willing to risk everything in one final shot… to keep his world alive.

It's a Monster House!

Suddenly, Daughters appear from the rift in space. Ania explains that through that created rift, many creatures from other worlds pass and wreak havoc. Ania goes into action to subdue the creatures. The Student Council helps the students evacuate.

Aww... I expected a mahou shoujo henshin sequence...

As Ania gets rid of some of the Daughters, Tomoharu spots Reiko being attacked. He throws a stick at it to divert its attention but Tomoharu gets quickly defeated. As Reiko was about to get attacked again, Aki saves her. Reiko escapes in the meantime.

Tomoharu looks around and sees everyone fighting, even Ania and the Student Council in their own way. Tomoharu is approached by another Daughter and Kanade arrives. But as they were about to get attacked, Aki shield them, earning her some wounds.

The Daughter gets back up and tries attacking again. Tomoharu sees Kanade and Aki about to get hit and then strengthens his resolve to protect them. He develops a dark aura and summons, according to Kanade, a Yami no Kyojin (or Giant of Darkness).

And your superpowered hero's dark side abilities have surfaced.

The Kyojin effortlessly beats the Daughters using its magical beam. Later that day, the preparations for the Christmas party resume. At the rooftop again, Tomoharu realizes that those humans from other worlds develop Demonic powers upon moving worlds. He was no exception. Ania apologizes for keeping it a secret. Tomoharu explains that the world they are in are not his world, but the world that the other him has protected. He wants to go back to his own world. But before that…

"Hah! I live!"

Tomoharu heads to the clinic to apologize to Aki. If only he had been able to fight from the start, she wouldn’t have been injured. Aki tells him it’s all in the past. It was her decision to protect them. But as Tomoharu continues to apologize, she hits him in the head with the blunt part of her sword.

Despite cringing in pain, Tomoharu is still weightless according to the weighing scale in front of him...

She explains that she is stronger than the average person. That is why she is willing to protect others using that strength. Wouldn’t Tomoharu do the same? Now they have the same look and eyes. She adds that she prefers to be thanked rather than apologized to. Tomoharu smiles and thanks Aki. Aki hands him her prized possession for good luck.

"It's a hero-specific item."

Later, at the what was known in the Second Stage World as the “Ruins of La Croix/Rakurowa”. Ania admits something to them…

During the five years she was in the First Stage World, she was involved with the research in the lab. This means there was never an Ania from the First Stage World… the First Stage World’s Ania and the Second Stage World’s Ania are the same. Therefore, during the flashback in the first episode, it was really the Ania we all know that was in the research institute.

Yes, I just grabbed it from my old episode 1 post~

Secondly, after the accident, Ania has created several Asura Machina. Asura Machina was known to have been brought from another world in the Second Stage World. Therefore, the original creator of the Asura Machina that Ania has been researching all her life was actually her… being brought back five years, using the things she learned from the Asura Machina.

Finally… to avoid breaking the chain and history itself… Ania gave NaoTomo Hagane… despite knowing that NaoTomo would later be killed and Tokiya would gain Hagane. If it weren’t for that event, she won’t be able to get sent into the past so she needed to reproduce the event. It was a tough decision for her, but she needed to do it.

"There, there~ Oniichan will be very gentle~ hee hee hee~"

She even told NaoTomo all that she knew about the future… about being killed… about Tokiya obtaining Hagane… but despite that, NaoTomo still went. Tomoharu now figures out that Ania loved the First Stage World’s Natsume Tomoharu. Ania tells them that he was kind to her during the time she was all alone. Tomoharu says they are grateful to Ania, which Ania thinks is a lie until Kanade hugged her.

Tomoharu says that he knows what Ania did during the time they became separated. Ania gave them a lot of luck in order to meet again at the same place. Ania breaks down and cries in Tomoharu’s arms.

Five years of isolation in a strange world, her inner kid has finally let out. It's just symbolism, you know. She's still grown-up after this!

And so, later. They all head inside the control room of some sort. In a monitor, they saw Kurogane, cracked but still in one piece. They were greeted by Ritsu inside.

Oh my god, it's Ritsu! Play the drums!!

Ritsu explains that Kurogane was surprisingly not much harmed during the travel. Tomoharu asks Ritsu where Misao is. She points to a door and tells him to look himself.

Kanade and Tomoharu goes inside and sees Misao inside a circular vessel.

Who's that Asuramon?! It's Misaotwo!!

Kanade wonders about Misao’s condition but then Tomoharu speaks up, saying that it’s not the Misao they know… and then suddenly, a voice confirms. A rather familiar voice… it’s Tomatsu Haruka!

It's the legendary Misao!

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Now you can take the Ania path and no one will ever say that you’re a lolicon, Tomoharu.

Wow, this episode is just amazing. The episode had revealed a lot about Ania’s time, five years of it, and things have started to make some sense. A world that God has abandoned had resorted to Demons. Truth being shed upon by some light. A newfound power for the hero.

Their next step is to return to where they belong… and settle everything with Tokiya and Hagane.

Did I mention how cute Nia-chan is still? I kinda like the new her than the old her. She has more of a use during battle rather than being always the hostage. How many times has she been abducted as a hostage anyway? Kagakagiri… then Kyoumu… then Picasso Kamen and Hiwako… wow.

Speaking of Kagakagiri, doesn’t he have a First Stage World version of himself somewhere? Or Yoh… or Mahiwa.

Next episode:

Are we going to see Natsume Naotaka’s real face? Very weird things in the next episode. Several tubes containing familiar characters. Kanade with her fire powers back. Well, I guess we’ll see next time. Like I said, I’ll try to do 10 soon even with my tight schedule.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. PARADOX! meh who cares
    Misao’s back~
    As for Nia-chan, I prefer her grown-up form now :D The repulsive side of tsundere!

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