Kimi ni Todoke 9 : Fuwa Fuwa Time?

December 6, 2009

Sawako's Extreme Makeover!

Sawako’s adventures in life continue and after getting a private soccer lesson with Kazehaya-sensei, she starting to get the hang of it. Kurumi finally on the move and starting to interact with the main cast. There’s also a weekly portion of Pin for the fans. In other words, enough to look forward to I’d say.

Like I said, Sawako improved her soccer skills. Now she is able to kick a ball successfully without any aim or sense of direction! Well, not only that. A girl notices Sawako’s unbelievable agility and calls it teleportation.

She also killed a human being in the process

Chizu pats Sawako’s shoulder and praises her for her improvement while other girls are mumering about how Sawako teleported. Sawako shows us in a flashback how she improved. Last time, she wanted the ball to reach Kazehaya and it indeed reached him. Then he taught how to stop the ball before kicking it and yes, that’s why Japanese suck at soccer.

While Chizu is getting ready, she tells Sawako to head back already. Sawako does so, but no one’s in class yet. Suddenly, Kurumi calls out for Sawako. Sawako is stunned by Kurumi’s looks and thinks of her a doll-like person. Kurumi asks for Kazehaya, but since he isn’t there, the subject gets switched and Sawako thanks Kurumi once again for helping her with the papers. Kurumi is flattered by Sawako’s words and tells her it’s alright. A long staring contest follows and eventually they both come to the conclusion they the opposite looks like a doll.

Yeah... like a Burial Doll

Sawako is shocked and falls through eternal space thanks to Kurumi’s words of flattery. Kurumi suddenly gets called by her friends and leaves. Sawako snaps out of it a bit later, but checks if she isn’t dreaming by pulling her cheek.

In class, Sawako is still daydreaming about what just happened when Chizu and Ayane enter the scene. When they ask why she looks like she’s in a daze, Sawako tells them the story.

She's definitely gonna be the next Alice

The two wonder if it really was a compliment, but their attention then gets drawn to Kazehaya entering the classroom. He asks Chizu how the girl’s sports team is doing and Chizu answers that they’re doing great thanks to Sawako’s improvement. Kazehaya smiles and praises Sawako for her efforts. She’s stunned again and her heart skips a beat, but then she remembers that Kurumi was looking for him. After telling it to him, Chizu asks Sawako if she met Kurumi before. Sawako responds and uses formal speech again to address Chizu. Chizu complains about it, but Ayane mentions that Chizu also still uses “Sadako” to address Sawako. Sawako remembers that Kurumi addressed her with her first name from scratch and tells to herself she needs to try calling Kurumi by her first name as well.

Aka-chan would work too

Out of the blue, Chizu asks Ryu if he finally managed to remember Sawako’s full name. He gives it a try but fails miserably using “Kuroyama Takako”. It gives Ayane a splendid idea though. She tries out the same technique she used on Sawako last week. She challenges him into addressing Sawako with her first name only. Somehow it seems really hard for him, I guess you need to be Japanese yourself to truely understand it/feel it. In the end, he gives up saying he can’t do it, but it gave both of them a really hot, heart throbbing feeling.

Sawako the Terrorist

They both look away from eachother with a blushing look on their faces. Sawako says in herself she feels more nervous than usual when talking to him, but still doesn’t realize how people call that feeling.

Later, Sawako is carrying a large pile of papers around while some students notice Kazehaya and Kurumi talking to eachother. Because of the surprise, Sawako almost drops everything (again), but she manages to keep them up this time. The two students, obviously a couple, quarrel a bit because he thinks Kurumi is cute. The girl’s jealous and says he can’t get her and she already fits better with a guy like Kazehaya. The seemingly easy to understand for normal people conversation gets misinterpreted by Sawako.  She really thinks the two fit and wants to become more like Kurumi.

When back in class, Sawako asks Ayane and Chizu about getting a perm. The two get… quite the mental images…

Sawako's Mokyu~

They try suggesting different kinds of hairstyles, but all of them seem to have an odd side to them. Eventually sticking with the old seems best for Chizu and Ayane.

Just as easy as we forgot K-ON!... huh what? K-ON!?

Ayane finally asks why Sawako wants to change her hairstyle all of a sudden. Sawako answers she thinks it’s cute to look like that and Ayane immediately gets the clue… Ka~Ze~Ha~Ya~ Well that being the case or not isn’t really important and eventually the subject gets changed to the sports festival. Ayane suggests they should ask Pin to get a ball for them to practice.

In the evening, Sawako reminisces about what she saw over noon. Kazehaya and Kurumi looked happy and fitting with eachother.  She wishes to be cute and beautiful like Kurumi. Suddenly she gets called by the 2 extras who always appear once in a while. Sawako addresses them in a formal way again and they correct her. She then tells them she’s waiting for Ayane and Chizuru who are asking Pin for a ball. Well… since we’re at it, Pin allowed them use a ball.


The two girl cheer Sawako up and tell her to give it her best at the sports fest, they leave soon after. Sawako suddenly hears someone call Kazehaya’s name. She peeks from behind the shoe lockers and notices Kazehaya talking to a random guy. Kazehaya talks about Kurumi and uses her first name without any awkward feeling. Sawako notices this and feels a strange sensation in her chest. A painful feeling she never experienced before. The feeling gets worse as she reasons further that Kurumi might be someone special to Kazehaya.

... It's called a heart attack dear...

Kazehaya walks up to Sawako and says hello. They both blush when they look at eachother. Sawako still feels a painful feeling inside her, but Kazehaya isn’t aware of that. He’s blushing because he wants to call Sawako by her first name.

When he’s about to say her name, Kurumi calls out for him. An embarrassed Kazehaya looks up and denies he was saying something important when Kurumi asks to join in. Sawako takes his words serious and so she doesn’t realize he was trying to say her name, but she does notice that she’s been thinking about him a lot, even that much that she’s sweating a lot. Kurumi walks up to her and wipes Sawako’s sweat away.

Forget Kazehaya! From now on I support SawakoxKurumi!

Sawako realizes that Kurumi really is a good person and says she became a fan of Kurumi. Kurumi tells Kazehaya she became real friends with Sawako now. Sawako is shocked by it, same with Chizu and Ayane who just arrived in time to see Kurumi take Sawako’s hands and hear her ask it again.

Kazehaya OUT!


Thoughts :

Fuwa Fuwa time~

It caught my attention today, but the chibi face were really prominent this time, I guess they can cut production cost that way…

Kurumi is finally on the move now. She even pulled of a Pin by interrupting Kazehaya’s moment of truth.

I don’t have much to add most is included in the review so I can only advice you to read that.


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