Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 87 – Settling the Score

December 5, 2009

The Classy... Ass?

Well, it seems I got my schedule for this semester now and I’m happily enrolled again. I just fear that my free time will be in serious jeopardy but I’ll really try to make posts.

This episode is the continuation of our mini Kiryu arc thrown in the middle of an Yliaster conflict. Yusei is hired by Marko and he has to face Kiryu from Ramon’s group. Of course, they square off at the crossroads. Barbara is willing to help Yusei with the use of explosives. Will Yusei reach Kiryu’s heart once again or will Kiryu kill himself before that?

Expect a lot of ranting and talk from both sides.

Last episode summary:

Yusei was asked by a person named Barbara to save Kiryu from Crash Town. Apparently, Crash Town is run by Duelists and there are two factions in town controlling it: the Marko group and the Ramon group. Kiryu belongs to the Ramon group, where he is their fixer, having about 50 straight wins. Anyone who loses the Duel will be dragged by horse, stuffed inside a coffin and then be forced to work in the mountains for the mineral Dyne they’re mining. Barbara explains that Kiryu is willing to die in that place, so Yusei has to stop him. In order to do that, Yusei signs up for the Marko group…

Key Card of the Week:

Booster Warrior: LV 1, 300 ATK / 200 DEF.

Episode 87:

The episode starts with Yusei doing the One Turn, Three Kill move he did last episode. Marko was very impressed and hires Yusei. Yusei explains that he’s quite rare so he expects a high price. Marko promises him he will get all the money he wants after he takes care of Kiryu. Outside, Barbara is seen, seemingly listening to what just happened inside.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

At Ramon’s side. They’re having a total blast. Ramon explains that at the rate they’re going, Marko’s group will be history. He offers Kiryu a drink as well but he passes, saying he might lose next time if he drank and then left. Ramon continues drinking, complaining about how Kiryu should be more sociable. Some guy comments that Kiryu may not be lying about losing because his strategy, which involves discarding every hand card he has and then attacking, is a double-edged sword. Ramon replies that it’s the only thing he doesn’t like about Kiryu.

During his free time, Kiryu practices for his next entrance theme.

Outside, Kiryu hangs out in a cliff, playing his harmonica. He remembers the time during the Dark Signer arc, where he sacrificed countless lives just to awaken his Earthbound Immortal.

Kokapaku Apuuuuuu~~!!

He thinks about it, labeling them as memories of his unforgiveable crimes. Then he thinks back to Yusei calling out to him last episode.

Suddenly, the boy I pointed out last episode appears.

Ryu from the blogging team's rival in terms of their Kiryu fanboy level.

He is indeed a Kiryu fanboy. Kiryu knows him as well. The boy says that Kiryu was amazing again today. He wants to become as strong as Kiryu so he can save his father inside the mountain. Kiryu tells him that it’s impossible. Those who were thrown inside the mountain can never return again. The boy doesn’t give up and believes that if he gets as strong as Kiryu, it will be possible. Kiryu simply tells the boy to get his sister and run away from the town, to a place that isn’t ruled by Duelists. This is starting to tell us that the boy’s sister is none other than Barbara.

The next day, Yusei sits down in front of the crossroad at noon. He explains that town only become alive when the sun sets. He starts polishing his revolver Duel Disk. He then takes out the pendant he received last episode from the captive man and wonders what purpose it is for. Barbara walks out and holds another bouquet of flowers. Yusei tells her he has no need for yet another withered flower.

At sunset, the town starts to become busy. People start getting out of their shelter to witness yet another Duel. The participants arrive: the Marko and Ramon groups and the duo who operates the wagon that sends people to the mountains.

Is this anime WWE Undertaker and Paul Bearer?

Ramon taunts Marko, saying that the worker (the man who lost to Kiryu yesterday) wasn’t an inept worker and collapsed quickly. He hopes that his new present can last long.

Marko is annoyed and says that it’s time for the Ramon’s group’s Shinigami to take a hike. Ramon calls Kiryu and Marko calls out Yusei.

Kiryu is not much surprised after seeing Yusei yesterday. Yusei says that he has come to save him… again. He wants to leave the town with Kiryu but Kiryu says that one of them has to stay in the mountain. Yusei tells him he won’t let that ever happen.

Ramon asks Kiryu if Yusei is an acquaintance of his because yesterday, Yusei called out to Kiryu and Kiryu responded. Kiryu tells him that he’s not going to lose on purpose. He asks Yusei if he really wants to do this and Yusei affirms.

Everyone becomes silent and watches while both prepare to draw their revolver Duel Disks. They suddenly drew at the same time. Nobody knew who drew first, but Kiryu takes the first turn.

Featured Duel of the Week:

Kyosuke Kiryu vs Fudo Yusei III! Who will be victorious in this 3rd battle?!

Turn 1 - Kiryu's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Infernity Reloader.
- Sets a card.

Infernity Reloader: LV 1, 900 ATK / 0 DEF.

Turn 2 - Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Speed Warrior.
- Activates Fighting Spirit and equips it on Speed Warrior (1200 ATK).
- Attacks Infernity Reloader, Speed Warrior gains double its original ATK (2100 ATK). Infernity Reloader is destroyed (Kiryu: 2800 LP).
- Kiryu activates his Trap Card, Infernity Reflector. When an Infernity monster is destroyed, by sending all cards in his hand to the Graveyard, he negates its destruction and deals 1000 damage to the opponent (Yusei: 3000 LP).
- Main Phase 2, Speed Warrior's ATK goes back down to 1200.
- Sets a card.

Turn 3 - Kiryu's turn: 2800 LP
- Sets a card.
- Activates Infernity Reloader's effect. When he has no hand cards, he draws a card. If it's a monster card, he deals damage to the opponent according to the level of the monster x 200. If it's not a monster card, he takes 500 damage himself.

Yusei says that it’s not Kiryu’s style to leave it to chances. Personally, it’s like a Russian roulette. The people start murmuring, they feel like Kiryu isn’t trying to win.

Continuing Kiryu's turn:
- Kiryu draws Infernity Destroyer. Its level is 6 so Yusei takes 1200 damage (1800 LP).

Yusei thinks that at this rate, he won’t be able to save Kiryu. We then get a flashback back to noon when Barbara came with flowers. It was revealed that Barbara had fitted the flowers with explosives. In order to save Kiryu, Yusei has to win the Duel first. They’ll get their chance to escape when Kiryu is taken away by the wagon.

Perfect for those you('d) LOVE to go out (with a bang)!

Turn 4 - Yusei's turn: 1800 LP
- Summons Max Warrior.
- Max Warrior attacks Infernity Reloader and gains 400 ATK (2200 ATK). Infernity Reloader is destroyed (Kiryu: 1500 LP).
- Kiryu activates a Trap Card, Damage Gate. He summons a monster from his Graveyard that has the same or lesser ATK than the damage he took. He Special Summons his Infernity Beetle.
- Yusei attacks Infernity Beetle using Speed Warrior. Infernity Beetle is destroyed.
- Yusei destroys Fighting Spirit for Speed Warrior to remain on the field (900 ATK).

Infernity Beetle: LV 2, 1200 ATK / 0 DEF.

Kiryu comments on Yusei’s way of fighting; he’s not just trying to win, he’s also reaching for his opponent’s heart. He tells Yusei to give up. He has already abandoned all care whether he lives or dies. Yusei says the Kiryu he knows is the one who continues fighting… with dreams and his companions accompanied by a flashback of Team Satisfaction.

Kiryu then tells him that he remembered the time during the Dark Signer arc, where he almost killed Yusei just because of a misunderstanding. He abandoned his friends back then… and after overcoming death. Yusei makes him remember the last Duel they had before, where Kiryu said that he couldn’t bring himself to completely hate them.

Kiryu continues, saying that the crimes he did had deeply wounded him. Dueling was important to him, but above all else, there was something more important than Dueling, it was his friends: Jack, Crow and Yusei. But he ended up hurting them. He couldn’t give up on Dueling, so he decided that he wants to die along with the Duel. Yusei mentions saving him again but Kiryu just talks again, saying that Yusei has come to end his life… it’s ironic.

Yusei insists that Kiryu still has the spark inside of him, his passion for Dueling. Kiryu simply says that the thing Yusei is looking for is not there anymore. Kiryu is simply a puppet holding cards. Marko just tells them to stop the babbling and get on with the card game.

Turn 5 - Kiryu's turn: 1500 LP
- Activates Zero - Max, which can only be activated when it's the only card in his hand. It Special Summons an Infernity monster from his Graveyard and destroys all monsters on the field with lower ATK than the Special Summoned monster. He chooses Infernity Destroyer (2300 ATK) and so Max Warrior (1800 ATK) and Speed Warrior (900 ATK) are both destroyed. But during the turn Zero - Max is activated, he cannot conduct his Battle Phase.

Yusei says that Kiryu still has hope for the Duel. Kiryu responds by saying it’s the Duel that’s binding him. Yusei then says he’ll create hope for Kiryu.

Turn 6 - Yusei's turn: 1800 LP
- Summons Junk Synchron.
- Uses its effect to Special Summon his Speed Warrior from the Graveyard.
- Special Summons Booster Warrior from his hand because a Tuner monster is present on the field.
- Tunes LV 3 Junk Synchron with LV 2 Speed Warrior to Synchro Summon his Junk Warrior.
- Junk Warrior's effect activates and gains ATK equal to Booster Warrior's (Junk Warrior: 2600 ATK).
- Activates Booster Warrior's effect and a Warrior-type monster on Yusei's field gains 300 ATK (Junk Warrior: 2900 ATK).
- Junk Warrior attacks and destroys Infernity Destroyer (Kiryu: 900 LP).
- Kiryu activates a monster effect from his Graveyard. When a monster is destroyed by battle and he has no hand cards, he Special Summons his Infernity Revenger from the Graveyard.
- Infernity Revenger's second effect activates: when Special Summoned that way, it copies the destroyed monster's level, which is six (Infernity Revenger: LV 6).

The Key Card of the Week, making its apperance.

Infernity Revenger: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

900 LP left for Kiryu. His life points are slowly withering away. But if it’s Yusei who’ll end his life, he feels satisfied.

Closing song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Emo Kiryu? No thanks.

Oh yes, the closing song’s video is promoting the Yu-Gi-Oh! 10th Anniversary movie that’s going to come out on January 23, 2010. It shows the seiyuu of the lead characters and the villain.

Dun dun dun...! Paradox!

The Three Musketeers... of card games!

I just wonder why they thrown this arc right in the middle of the Yliaster arc. Again, we don’t hear anything from the other major characters. Yusei isn’t even a bit worried about Yliaster.

What have I gotta say about this episode… nothing much. It’s just Kiryu ranting over and over about how deep his crimes are and whatnot, several flashbacks and Yusei going on all day about saving Kiryu. If they do get Kiryu back, I do hope he doesn’t remain emo like that or else he can just stay in the mountain.

Next episode:

Kiryu is really determined to die along with this Duel. Yusei won’t allow this to happen. The plan seems to be going into motion. Yusei has busted out Stardust Dragon, but will it be enough? The next Key Card of the Week seems like a new Synchro Monster for Kiryu. Watch out next time!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. This is so sad, I actually feel sorry for Paradox, running away from a bleak destiny. Paradox was only trying to save himself from a dismal future so I think that yusei yugi and Jaden should have helped him. Help him live. Either that or save his people. Its like the compassion you extend to the less fortunate. I have given this a lot of thought, realized this, and I guess I would have decided to rather help him fix his problems rather than annihilate him. People have no understanding.

  2. Well, yeah, you know, this is just a movie, not a real life situation of puppies being forced into the puppy mill (how cruel) and people around the world trying to save their innocent lives.

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