Seitokai no Ichizon 9 : Chizuru’s Reply

December 3, 2009

Chizuru goes into overdrive!

Another late night post coming up. Seitokai’s already at it’s ninth episode and of course, we’re gonna review it as usual. The episode focuses on Chizuru, but like usual, the other characters get their time into the spotlight as well.

It starts with a strange flashback. A room, which looks like some school clinic room, with Chizuru and Sugisaki in it. Chizuru is comforting him saying it’s hard to heal a wounded heart and says a wound might still be there even though you think you’re over it.

Let it all out~ Let it all out~

Before the opening starts, we get to see Chizuru waiting on a bridge and a girl arriving a bit later. After the opening, we’re back to the usual Student Council room. Kurimu found some books in the library and tells them to read. Mafuyu gets excited and searches for BL books within the pile Kurimu brought with her. After she left with one of her so-called BL classics, Kurimu shows her book proudly to Sugisaki.

Starring Shinku and... Suigintou, yeah... Suigintou

Kurimu explains that when you become an adult, you automatically go back to picture books out of nostalgia (or something). Sugisaki isn’t really convinced, not even after Kurimu explains is “The Game of Life” way.

Sugisaki tries another victim on his route. Minatsu is questioned by him next. She shows her interesting shounen jump issue.

you get 3 tries in trying to name the series

Sugisaki is disappointed in Minatsu since he expected her to read something of a more-approved level. Minatsu doesn’t follow his reasoning saying if Kurimu can read picture books, he can’t complain about her reading comics. But since he stresses on it, she reveals a notebook she got from Chizuru with criminals’ names in it… 1 try to guess which series…

Next up is Mafuyu… but Sugisaki’s enthusiasm drastically drops after he notices what she’s been reading. Mafuyu, however, complains that she also wants to be in the spotlight.

That's being pressed on the facts

Sugisaki doesn’t have a choice since he also promised to follow her “route” and tries the cool-guy look. Mafuyu tells him to treat her normally, which eventually succeeds after a few tries. Unfortunately, Sugisaki still can’t live with it and says Mafuyu is having trouble with men but still reads BL. She answers saying she only does it because she wants to learn about men in her way. In the end it ends with a duel between both their passions… Minatsu concludes it best :

Eat that Berlin!

Last is Chizuru… and her book “Best 10 ways to eliminate someone” shows which way we’re heading with her. Sugisaki realizes it soon enough and crawls backwards at the speed of light.


Chizuru says Sugisaki is too much of a drama queen and then takes up the book she was really reading, a love fortune book. The other girls are surprised by Chizuru’s choice saying she’s better fit to curse people instead of telling their luck. Sugisaki challenges Chizuru to try out her skills on him, which she happily accepts. After some spooky first tries, Chizuru tells Sugisaki to hold hands with her. After a long looooooooooong silence and awkward staring, Kurimu is fed up with it and gets in between the two. The other girls don’t blame Chizuru for holding hands though, they blame it on Sugisaki’s perverted taste. However, Chizuru’s prediction has been proved, which was that the first one trying to break them up was the most jealous one. Kurimu denies it, of course, and argues with Sugisaki about it. Chizuru then gets up and passes by thanking Sugisaki… She leaves after that, leaving a letter behind on her desk.

After the break, Sugisaki picks up the letter and tries to put it away saying he can’t read a love letter in front of everyone. However, the letter written by a girl seems to be addressed to the whole Council and that makes Minatsu complain. Sugisaki counters…

Rather Kanade as in "demon"


Kurimu snatches the letter away and tries to read it, she fails at the first kanji though (who can blame her?). The sensei snatches the letter away from Kurimu this time and uses her same “DUCK!” trick. She starts reading the letter making Sugisaki dream it’s a love letter, but crushing his hopes soon after she reveals the letter is addressed to “Aka-chan”. After fooling around with them, she reads the true content of the letter.

The writer apologizes for what she did to “Aka-chan” in the past. They seemed to have been best friends when they were in middle school and she tried to make her life difficult because she didn’t want Aka-chan to leave.

Sugisaki, Minatsu and Mafuyu apologize to Kurimu saying they didn’t know she had such a tough life. However, Kurimu states that the letter can’t be addressed to her. Then they figure it’s actually addressed to Chizuru.

We take a scene switch and see Chizuru meeting the girl on a bridge like in the beginning of the episode. A flashback proceeds with the girl throwing Chizuru’s stuff in a river. The girl narrates that she hurt Chizuru on purpose, but Chizuru never got angry because she wanted to protect her.

Kanade, voiced by no one less than Haruka Tomatsu

Chizuru tells Kanade that she didn’t want to protect her. She was indeed hurt and angry, but everyone from the Student Council mended her scar. Kanade asks if she’ll ever forgive her. Chizuru responds that they’ve both been hurt, so they’re equal now. She makes the “finito~” sign and wishes for a sunny tomorrow.

Meanwhile in Student Council, the members are nervous about the letter since they read it without Chizuru’s permission. Of course, the fear for the worst possible outcome since well… it’s Chizuru. Kurimu even mentions that Chizuru squeezed her cheeks for three days because she ate the last pudding.

it suppressed her growth though

Chizuru then enters, making them all hide under the table once again. They try to hide it, but they spoil themselves, luckily Chizuru isn’t angry at all. She planned it from the start and asks Sugisaki to do the fortune handshake again. She asks how it feels and Sugisaki answers that she’s calmer now. The flashback from the start of the episode pops up again, but Kurimu disturbs it by falling and breaking the handshake. She complains to Minatsu, but Minatsu tells her she jumped in herself without being pushed.


Thoughts :

It was quite a different kind of episode than the usual Seitokai no Ichizon if you ask me. The comedy takes in the first place as usual, but it just had a different feel to it. I liked the handshake fortune thing, mostly because all three of the other girls were green with envy and jealousy. One more thing, I can’t stop thinking on what happened in the flashback… Did someone die or something?

Kyon at your morning service~!



  1. Sorry about not posting yesterday… you had to fill up for me after being out all day.

    Anyway, I liked this episode. Does this mean the real Chizuru is Mokyu? Mafuyu’s showing improvement as well, now being more competitive about her hobby. Now we know, everyone’s a bloody tsundere!

  2. Im really interested in Sugisaki’s Past…

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