Kimi ni Todoke 8 : Soccer and Braids

December 2, 2009

Limited Edition : Braids twintails

Here we go, Kimi ni Todoke 8. A bit later than usual, but still the same good quality.

Last time the relationship between Sawako and her two friends got deepened, now it’s time to get closer to Kazehaya. Sawako starts realizing she might feel a lot more for him than she thought before. But that’s not the only thing you can expect this episode, Kurumi finally gets into the picture! Unfortunately for the fans… it’s still less than 20% of the episode…There’s good news for the fans too, cause the episode starts with Kurumi. Her friends walk up to her when she’s waiting for some reason. They apologize to her for being late, but she smiles and tells them not to worry about it.

Cause flowers immediately appear when you're voice by Aya Hirano

Her friends talk about Sawako who’s still the talk of the town. Not only her notes that saved Class D’s class average, but also that she’s close to Kazehaya. The girls start laughing though when Kurumi mentions that Kazehaya might fall for a girl like Sawako. One of them even mentions that he probably likes Kurumi, which makes Kurumi a bit nervous and tries to evade the subject.

We move on Sawako who’s walking to school. Some strange things happen while she’s walking over though. Guys making funny faces and girls trying to tickle her.

Get down baby!

In class, two girls explain to Sawako it’s because they believe that if they make her smile, they’ll be blessed with good luck. Sawako is completely astonished by the fact and says it’s the first time such a thing happened. She promises the world that she’ll laugh and the boys behind her try to test it out by making a boke-joke. Sawako laughs with it, but…


Sawako's smile can stop Global Warming

Ayane and Chizu arrive after that, they greet Sawako and say she became good friends with the two extras. The two extras nod and Sawako is moved again since she didn’t realize they were friends yet. Chizu suggests that Sawako should start addressing them with their first name instead of being formal.  Sawako gets nervous, but she eventually says them with a bit of stuttering. The biggest test is yet to come though… As Kazehaya enters, Ayane tells Sawako to address Kazehaya by his first name. Sawako gathers all her strength, but the first-name-thing is yet a bit too hard for her. However, she realizes it made her heart skip a beat to address him informally.

A bit later during class, Pin announces they’ll elect a representative for the sports festival, but since it’s too much of a hassle, he just picks Kazehaya. Pin tries to pump up the class spirit, but the only one who gets excited is Chizu (for obvious reasons).

"and it's not carnival!"

Kazehaya asks Sawako if she has ever played soccer, which is not the case. That’s why he asks everyone to practice a bit during lunch break. Sawako tells she’ll do her best not to let the others down, Pin says she can take it easy and just stay home at the day of the festival.

Kurumi overhears some girls talking about how Kazehaya got elected as representative for the sports fes. The two extras from earlier in class tell Kurumi to take the job for their class so she can be with Kazehaya. She acts like she doesn’t want the job, but her friends tell her they’ll nominate her.

During lunch break, Sawako practices together with her classmates. Not everything goes fluently though, Sawako greatly sucks at playing soccer. Chizu realizes that and tells her to practice on kicking the ball first. However, time’s up already and they need to head back. Chizu is a bit annoyed by how less time they have to practice, Sawako is kinda shocked by that since she thinks she’s the cause of the time lack.

She's praying to the soccer lords

When they’re about to head back, they notice Kazehaya playing soccer with some other guys. Sawako is amazed by how much fun he’s having and how happy he looks. He looks at Sawako for a sec and says he likes her braids-look. Once again, her heartbeat goes into overdrive. It takes Chizu some time to finally get Sawako’s attention and tells her to head back with her.

After classes, Chizu and Ayane ask Sawako out to go shopping together, but Sawako turns down their offer saying she has other business to take care of. Sawako plans on training and doesn’t want to interrupt their plans, that’s why she let’s them go.  While walking across the hallway, she notices Kazehaya and some others going downstairs. She spaces off for a sec, but then gets herself together saying she needs to practice.

A small flashback of Sawako failing to get a soccer ball, explains us why she’s watering the plants instead of practicing. While watering them, she notices the window where she had a conversation with him. Meanwhile, Kazehaya enters the sports committee meeting. Kurumi who’s been elected too, notices him and invites him to take the chair in front of her. Kurumi starts talking about CD she lent from him a while ago, but Kazehaya isn’t paying attention to her. He’s too busy looking outside at Sawako who’s watering the flowers.

Pull his collar and slam him backwards! You should know how to do it!!

Kurumi notices how Kazehaya is having fun while seeing Sawako trying to kick a rock. Sawako is taking her practice serious though… with the rock. Kurumi isn’t quite amused.

A bit later, the school bell rings and Sawako completely forgot her work while trying to practice with her soccer rock. Suddenly a ball rolls against her heel, she looks and notices Kazehaya a little bit further. He tells her to follow him and at some open area, they start practicing. Sawako narrates that the air around her feels different than normal. As they look at eachother, Sawako tells us she doesn’t want a smile from him this time, but…

Kazehaya-kun ni Todoke~


Thoughts :

It was an amusing episode. It didn’t cover much stuff, but it clearly showed Sawako’s developing feelings for Kazehaya. I wonder if the sport festival will be a clash between her and Kurumi, like in Toradora! for those who remember.

The color use in this episode really made me melt again… Damn, I miss summer…

But enough of my personal regret, next episode seems to be the rival episode we’ve been waiting for! Well, the preview didn’t reveal a lot, but Sawako’s words were hinting us about it. Looking forward to it!

Kyon, at your service!



  1. lol. Now I want more Kurumi in this show… 89 points :D
    But of course… I’m still a Sadako fan because of her voice.

  2. thanks for the info
    Im gonna use this in my project as refrence..
    happy new year btw :)

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