Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 86 – Because We Don’t Know It’s Kiryu Until Yusei Says So

November 27, 2009

"Why do I have to fetch Judai to tell him we're making a movie?"

See? I can do stuff on time too sometimes!

This episode is about Yusei traveling to a town within a desert wasteland. Apparently an unspecified friend of his whom we will refer to as “Kiryu” has been spotted in that area and Yusei wishes to save him. Save him from what? Death this time. Wasn’t that the case before? No, not really. It was more like to let his soul rest in peace… but we all know what happened after that… everybody got resurrected. We just knew Kiryu went “traveling”. Well, now we know where he is.

Expect Kiryu with long hair, no other main characters than Yusei. No, not even Jack nor Crow have come to save their buddy.

Last episode summary:

Leo, Zora’s son who’s been gone for three years, returns to fix the Poppo Time clock that his father built and failed to repair. But he and Zora did not make up and made matters worse. Crow steps in and challenges Leo to a Duel. If Leo loses, he will have to apologize to Zora but if he wins, he’s free to do whatever he wants. The Duel commenced and Crow took the upper hand. Leo quickly loses the will to Duel and gives up but Crow reminds him why he left and why he returned. Leo draws his father’s card: Time Wizard and brings about a turnaround. Crow loses on purpose after seeing Leo’s determination and Leo chooses to make up with Zora. In the end, Leo was able to fix the clock and Zora forgives him.

Key Card of the Week:

Infernity Destroyer: LV 6, 2300 ATK / 1000 DEF.

Episode 86:

In a desert wasteland, Yusei was riding his D-Wheel. He stops at some cliff and sees Duel Disks stuck on the ground like crosses in a cemetery below.

Then, he spots several people running away just beside the cemetery-like set. The people had weird things attached to their neck. They were running away from another batch of extras wearing black Duel Disks.

"We look bad so we're definitely bad!"

The first group tries scaling the walls but were unable to do so. Suddenly, one of them throws a pendant up to the cliff, which lands just near Yusei is.

Property of Sanzenin Mikado.

The second group raises their Duel Disks and places some cards on it. For some reason, it sends shocks to the things attached to the first group’s neck. The first group faint after a couple of shocks. Yusei asks the second group what they are doing but they tell him that they’re just catching bad guys. Good guys who look like bad guys aren’t that all trustworthy so Yusei asks again, this time, to unhand the prisoners. The second group simply takes the knocked-out guys away and tells Yusei that he’s invited to their town, populated by Duelists.

Yusei picks up the pendant. He then narrates that he’s not there for a job, he wanted to check out the town to find a friend.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Burntown 5 miles away.

And so, Yusei drives inside town. It is revealed that someone sent him a letter regarding a friend of his that needs to be saved in that town. The letter was from a woman, judging by the woman’s voice through the letter’s voice-over. The letter explained that Yusei’s friend is most likely to be killed if he’s not taken away from that town.

Yusei stops at a crossroad and some more ugly guys appear, much uglier than the ones from earlier. At least those guys looked human but these news guys… eck…

The guys surround Yusei after Yusei told them he only Duels those who are true Duelists. Before they could start, a woman appears from inside a building and stops them.

Barbara, the letter-sender.

The woman successfully stops the fight through a bouquet of flowers. She tells them that she was the one who called for Yusei. It is then revealed that she is the sender of the letter, Barbara.

And then they lived happily ever after...

A few hours passed. Barbara had told Yusei about the situation. They are now watching the sunset from another cliff. Barbara explains that the town becomes a true battlefield when the sun sets. At the same time, two groups of Duelists meet at a crossroad. Yusei asks what’s going on and Barbara tells him he’ll find out soon.

"We all gathered here today just to see two people play a card game!"

The men wearing the red scarves are from the Marko family, their leader is Marko (No, he’s not the Marco kid from the Garome filler episode).

Marko, leader of the Marko group.

The men on the other side are the Ramon group, led by, surprise, surprise, a guy named Ramon…

Ramon, the leader of the dun dun dunnn! Ramon group!

The Marko guy calls up his fixer, whom he only calls “sensei“. Some huge musclehead steps forward.

For the sake of simplicity, we'll call him Musclehead.

Then Ramon calls his own fixer, some guy he also just calls “sensei“. But this sensei is a very familiar sensei. He even got his own entrance gimmick. The entrance theme is even courtesy of himself, playing a harmonica.

Is it time for the Sephiroth joke yet?

Yusei recognizes the second sensei… it’s Kiryu! Barbara is showing Yusei just how dangerous that town is for Kiryu. Their Duel commences.

Hey, it is Kiryu! Oh my god! It's like we haven't seen the preview of the last episode!

They each pulled out their guns. Kiryu pulls it faster and suddenly straps it on his arm, turning it into a Duel Disk! How convenient! They’re like cowboys except the first one who “draws” doesn’t win immediately.

I can't even imagine how this turns into a Duel Disk...

"Is this the line for the Hell Kaiser fanboys?"

Part B:

A tumbleweed passes by… and now it’s time to Duel, Western style!

Turn 1 - Kiryu's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Infernity Mirage.
- Sets a card.

Infernity Mirage: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Yusei notices that Kiryu is being a silent moe. There’s no Duelist inside him. Barbara explains that Kiryu went there the first time like he was just waiting for death. The town stunk of death. Barbara tells Yusei of the history of their town.

The Dyne mineral.

Back then, a mineral called Dyne was discovered and some kinda gold rush happened. Two people were in charge of gathering the minerals from the mountain, which were Marko and Ramon. They were the ones who recruited people into it. Soon after, they used Duels to force people. Their town became known for Duels with high stakes of money. The best Duelists came around in search of their town and earn cash. Those who lose, however, suffer the consequences.

Turn 2 - Musclehead's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Regal Keeper. Its effect is to deal 1000 damage to the opponent whenever they draw a card outside their Draw Phase by returning 1 of their own hand cards to the Deck.
- Activates Card Destruction.
- Kiryu chains his facedown Full Salvo. He discards all of his hand cards to inflict damage to Musclehead x200 for every card he discarded (Musclehead: 3200 LP).
- Card Destruction resolves and Musclehead draws cards.
- Because his hand cards are zero, Kiryu tributes Infernity Mirage to Special Summon 2 Infernity monsters from his Graveyard, namely Infernity Archfiend and Infernity Destroyer.

Regal Keeper: LV 3, 1300 ATK.

The Key Card of the Week making its appearance (left) and Infernity Archfiend (right): LV 4, 1800 ATK / 1200 DEF.

Yusei recognizes that trick. It’s Kiryu’s ultimate handless combo!

Turn 3 - Kiryu's turn: 4000 LP
- Activates a Spell Card called Infernity Burst. It deals damage to the opponent equal to the number of Infernity monsters on his field x800 (Musclehead: 1600 LP).
- Infernity Destroyer attacks and does what it does best: destroys Regal Keeper (Musclehead: 600 LP).
- When Infernity Destroys destroys a monster by battle and Kiryu doesn't have any hand cards, the opponent takes 1600 damage (Musclehead: 0 LP).
- Kiryu wins!

After Musclehead lost, he was tied by some guy on a chariot and then was dragged, much like when comedians start being corny onstage.

That's gonna leave a mark...

Apparently, this was a Casket Match. Musclehead got shipped away in a casket.

Time to visit the Undertaker.

Barbara explains that those who lose… are sent to the mountains as slaves who will have to work there…

…what? Then what the hell was that casket theatrics about?! The hell was all that dragging for?! These people know how to make big out of something small!

Ramon congratulates Kiryu. Marko fumes. Everyone is all cheery. Yusei wonders what happened to Kiryu and Barbara explains that Kiryu wants to fight and fight until he dies. Yusei tries calling out Kiryu and he does stop. But after confirming that it was Yusei, he starts to ride off again.

Later that evening, Marko tries drowning himself in liquor to remove the taste of humiliation. He was so hostile that he whacked a kid over the head with a liquor bottle. Fortunately, it didn’t lead to any child abuse issues as there is no blood nor was the battle broken. He mentions something about a younger brother Rotton guy who could defeat Kiryu in a flash or something.

Is it just me or is the mark on his cloak look like the Dragon Head birthmark?

Suddenly, Yusei appears in a weird clothing and offers his services as a Duelist who will face Kiryu. But before he can be recommended, he has to be put to the test first. He has to face the Three Stooges in a Duel.

Moe, Larry and Curly?

They all pull out their pistol-shaped Duel Disks, including Yusei. It’s a 3v1 Duel and this time, Yusei’s on the opposite end.

Turn 1 - Yusei's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Change Synchron in Defense Position.
- Sets a card.

Change Synchron: LV 1 Tuner, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Turn 2 - Stooge 1's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Hunter of Peace.

Hunter of Peace: LV 4, 1600 ATK / 800 DEF.

Turn 3 - Stooge 2's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons his own Hunter of Peace.
- Stooge 1's Hunter of Peace shoots Yusei for 800 damage. It appears when a new Hunter of Peace is summoned, the first one deals 800 points of damage (Yusei: 3200 LP).

Turn 4 - Stooge 3's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons another Hunter of Peace.
- Stooge 1's Hunter of Peace shoots Yusei (Yusei: 2400 LP).
- Stooge 2's Hunter of Peace shoots Yusei (Yusei: 1600 LP).

The Three Stooges are confident about their win. Their hands are full of the Hunter of Peace! Talk about arranged Decks!

This is why we shuffle before we play.

Marko seems confident and so is Yusei! He just brushes off the shots and continues his turn.

A flashback reveals that Barbara told Yusei that to save Kiryu, he has to defeat him in a Duel. That would mean Kiryu will be released from Ramon’s group and when he’s being taken to the mountains, Yusei can jack the operation and escape with Kiryu.

Turn 5 - Yusei's turn: 1600 LP
- Discards Quillbolt Hedgehog to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron.
- Because a Tuner monster exists on his field, Yusei Special Summons his Quillbolt Hedgehog from his Graveyard.
- Tunes LV 5 Quickdraw Synchron with Quillbolt Hedgehog to Synchro Summon Nitro Warrior.
- Summons Gauntlet Warrior.
- Tunes LV 1 Change Synchron with LV 3 Gauntlet Warrior to Synchro Summon Armory Arm.
- Because Change Synchron was sent to the Graveyard, he changes Stooge 3's Hunter of Peace to Defense Position.
- Activates Armory Arm's effect and equips it to Nitro Warrior (Nitro Warrior: 3800 ATK).
- Activates Junk Barrage and equips it to Nitro Warrior.
- Because a Spell Card was activated, Nitro Warrior's ATK increases to 4800.

Yusei claims that he will defeat all three at the same turn!

Continuing Yusei's turn:
- Nitro Warrior attacks Stooge 2's Hunter of Peace (Stooge 2: 800 LP).
- Armory Arm/Junk Barrage's effect activates (Stooge 2: 0 LP).
- Nitro Warrior's effect activates and changes Stooge 3's Hunter of Peace to Attack Position and attacks it (Stooge 3: 800 LP).
- Armory Arm/Junk Barrage's effect activates (Stooge 3: 0 LP).
- Activates a facedown Trap Card called Synchro Overlimit. A Synchro Monster that has destroyed a monster by battle this turn can attack once again,
- Nitro Warrior attacks Stooge 1's Hunter of Peace (Stooge 1: 800 LP).
- Armory Arm/Junk Barrage's effect activates (Stooge 1: 0 LP).
- Yusei defeats the Three Stooges!

One Turn, Three Kill (OT3K). Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Marko is mightily impressed. Yusei did a One Turn, Three Kill. He accepts Yusei on the spot and Yusei tells him that he’s quite rare… so his price will be quite high.

Closing song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Kiryu’s back… but the long hair… doesn’t suit him at all! I preferred it when he looked like Hayate!

Man, really, Kiryu looks terrible in silent moe mode. Where’s the egomaniacal laughter that we all came to love (or hate)? This is what I can call disappointment. Well, at least Pin can still laugh like that. Yusei better save him or else…

Now… about Barbara. What could be her agenda in telling Yusei to save Kiryu? She seems to know a lot about Kiryu in his time in the town. Could it be that she’s a stalker fangirl? Or maybe… she’s also a member of Marko’s group and would like Kiryu to be out of their way? After all, she did stop those red scarves people earlier in the episode through a bouquet of flowers and they didn’t have much say about it.

Also, what role does the pendant that Yusei acquired have to do anything with the plot? Where did Kiryu get a harmonica? Is the little kid somehow important to the plot admiring Kiryu?

Where are the others? What happened to Jack, Aki, Crow, Rua and Ruka? Is this supposed to be a filler or will this play a part in the WRGP or Yliaster arcs? We’ll see in the next few episodes.

Next episode:

Yusei is set to battle Kiryu. Ramon seems really confident and Kiryu has long forgotten what satisfaction means… Will Yusei be able to bring back Team Satisfaction Kiryu? Dark Signer Kiryu? Oh god, just please take him out of the silent moe category! He doesn’t fit the bill!

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. gah… you stole all my sarcastic comments I was about to make!
    Yeah… the episode was funny, hell the story is even the best what we’ve seen in this season so far, but…
    WHERE IS THE INTRODUCTION?! really… they could’ve made it a lot better with a decent shot of Yusei receiving the letter and telling everyone about and then saying he’s the only one who can save Kiryu. Yeah I know it still sounds stupid, but it’s at least better than what they’ve done now.
    Now about the mountain stuff… the theatrical coffin scene was SO fail after they admitted they’re just taking them off to work. Really… just say you’re gonna throw him of a cliff, that would’ve been more believable…
    Oh well, I enjoyed more than the whole story so far. Just get the damned grand-prix started and stop the stupid fillers people.

  2. this epo was awesome was yusei wearing the gun duel disk

  3. leave a comment

  4. One Turn Three Kill!!

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