FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood 33 – The Northern Wall of Briggs

November 27, 2009

-The very first episode with snow-

So… yeah…

This episode focuses on Scar and the Elric brothers (Roy was added at the idle list. For now…) as both teams are headed to the north of Amestris. Expect to see the new characters, fight scenes and also… Armstrong’s sister (Yup… not the super girlish one from the first FMA). Other than that, enjoy reading~


Since the episode started from a recap… let’s do it as well…

Last time. The Elric brothers were searching for May Chang to know the secrets of her Alchemy. With the help of Roy and the disguised granny Grumman, they have learned that May Chang is headed to the North. They have also been invited at the Fuhrer’s house after meeting Selim, Bradley’s son. There they saw the other side of the Fuhrer.

Scar, on the other hand, was playing tag with the army so that they wouldn’t know their exact route. However, the stakes increase when it is revealed that Kimblee will be responsible on taking down Scar.

So.. let’s start…

And we all thought those things are just for decoration...

Kimblee is now observing the area where the train is. It seems that Scar made a good runaway this time. However, Kimblee found good evidence. They went to the forest to look for the route that is covered by rock due to a land slide. There, they found signs of transmutations. Yup, they are now positive that Scar is headed north.


Edward and Alphonse excitedly went out of the train station to see the snowy city of the north. It is revealed that this is their second time to see a place filled with snow. The first one happened when they are kids, which is a rare event at Resembool.

After Edward rested from his epic fall outside the train station, the two decided to go find something to eat.

Kimblee: "Posing for the fans is what I do best"

Kimblee’s force arrived somewhere at North, still looking for any clues where Scar is. A soldier then reported about where Scar is together with a hooded man. Kimblee, who is too eager to fight Scar, told everyone that he’ll face Scar alone and disallow any help from his comrades.

Kimblee: "How do you feel about a James Bond pose?"

Scar and the hooded man are now on the train, which is located somewhere at the North. Scar, uneasily bothered about the surrounding, peeks outside. No one is there.

Scar peeks again after hearing a new train approaching. Kimblee jumps from the military train to the train where Scar is. Kimblee went inside the compartment and saw the hooded man. Sadly, the hooded man isn’t what he thought to be Dr. Marcoh.

Scar goes for a surprise attack on Kimblee. Kimblee dodges Scar’s attack swiftly.

Since every battle with Scar has this

The fight goes for a halt. The two reintroduce each other just by looking at each other (The trigger is that overused flashback of Kimblee murdering everyone with a simultaneous explosion powered up by the stone).

Scar rampages, destroying the whole compartment.

Kimblee: "Oh no... my source of power is gone!"

After that, the real introduction started even though they know each other really well now. Scar continued his rampage after Kimblee told about the murder (Really surprising that he’s got a good memory).

Kimblee knew that he was at disadvantage since he hasn’t gotten any exercise ever since he entered the jail. Kimblee thought that he can still win… however…


Scar hastily throws a sharp metallic object towards Kimblee. Kimblee, who has indeed gotten rusty from his time in jail, got impaled by the object instantly. Kimblee, knowing that he lost the fight, destroyed the chain of the train, separating him and Scar. The two fighters were indeed disappointed about the result of the fight.

Psychopaths are what they needed here at FMA

The train stops as soon as the train conductor found that one of their cars is missing (if you add the destroyed one, that’s almost half of the train) even though the military themselves told them not to stop.

There they found the injured Kimblee. Kimblee, however, scolded the train conductor why did they stopped the train with pride.

Now you know why Marcoh brought May Chang with him: Nobody will watch him if he's alone.

Marcoh and May Chang were already at the North, without much difficulty. They are near where Scar hid his brother’s works.

Those extras know that the army is indeed evil

Some random Winry screentime (no point to discuss)

The Elric brothers reached the mountain path leading to the Briggs fortress. Upon arriving, the person who brought them there told them that the place is owned by the army and they will die if they stray from the path.

The warning is indeed true. Edward and Alphonse are now lost but didn’t gave up hope since their teacher *cough*Izumi*cough* told them that she survived a month there. While talking, a huge silhouette appeared and attacked them.

The silhouette appeared to be a human. He first immobilized Alphonse and continued attacking Edward. Edward however, is at disadvantage due to his automail malfunction.

That is rubber you idiot!

The man catches Edward and started grinding Edward’s automail using his crocodile-like automail. Edward tried to use alchemy but it didn’t work. Edward, who is much afraid of losing his automail than his life, calls for a time out. Alphonse threw his head at Edward. Edward then uses it to stop their opponent’s automail.

The man praised Edward for doing such a nice job for using a regular automail. However, the Elric brothers are now surrounded.

No points! I'm too scared to score her...

The general appeared unto them. Armstrong’s sister: Olivier Mira Armstrong. Edward introduced himself, however Olivier didn’t trust them at all until she found a letter from her brother (which she ripped without even looking at the letter).

Olivier invited the two inside, but stated that she will definitely not treat them as kids.

-30 points!

May Chang and Marcoh found Scar’s brother’s research: A combination of Xing and Amestris alchemy. Marcoh’s new path starts here…


Yes! At last… I’m now on time. I should make faster blogs next time…

Anyway, the episode seems fine. 7.7/10 if you ask me. I also noticed the two background songs which are indeed good (When the Elric brothers arrived at North and Scar vs Kimblee). I haven’t listened to everything the soundtrack 1 has but those two are indeed good.

What else? Oh… Olivier Mira Armstrong. I didn’t expect that girl is a new character (The first thought that comes to my mind is Riza… until Wikipedia killed me).

Also.. Scar didn’t do a good job on smashing Marcoh’s face.

Next episode:

Hooh… We’ll be seeing Sloth this time eh. Let’s just expect that the next episode’s battle will be a good one.

That’s all for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 33. This is the lazy prince and thank you for reading…

PS. The next episode soundtrack sounds good as well…..



    Lelouch get on this weekend!

  2. Sloth is gonna be featured next, huh. I also thought the first time I saw the OP, it was Riza. But again, it’s different! It’s like Otousama and Hohenheim!

    The Doppeliner system should be activated!

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