Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 32 – The Fuhrer President‘s Son

November 26, 2009

Do not anger Roy's granny

One more… again…

The episode focuses on plot build-ups, so don’t expect fighting scenes from this episode (There’s slight but yeah… it will suffice). The three teams are back in action and started taking their plans on the second stage. What are they planning? Find out.

A very bad mistake

The episode started with the Elric Brothers searching for May Chang. However, they got the wrong lead.

On the other hand, May Chang is found strolling at East City. An old woman accidentally bumped on her and helped her return her baggage. May Chang forgives the old woman and told her that they are going to the north. She and a hooded man went inside the train afterwards

Kimblee: "Posing like this makes the fans go wild, see~"

On Scar’s side. He also brought a hooded man. They got chased by the police on the underground tunnel but escaped afterwards.

The report was given to Kimblee, who was now in the army, trying to pin down Scar. He is wondering why Scar is getting a lot of attention these days.

Kimblee and his other associates arrive at the train station, where he saw the old woman from earlier. Kimblee paused for a while, but decided not to meddle in more unnecessary subplots (so he thinks…)

Roy: "What's happening!? Am I inside a transgender world again?"

Roy is visiting Hughes’ grave when the old woman arrived and talk to him. It is revealed that the old woman is Grumman in disguise. He explained the reason why he is in disguise is because he predicted that Roy is in big trouble.

At the Elric Brother’s side. The two went to the central library after acknowledging that they wouldn’t find May Chang that way.

Quote of the day

Roy explained his situation: about the upper echelon and taking his entire piece collection from him. Grumman also revealed that he was too, asked to be a member of the upper echelon but since he doesn’t want the idea of those ‘immortal soldiers’, he was immediately sent to the East Headquarters.

Roy then asked about the riot in Lior (the Christian thing with the priest). They said that the city was suppressed by the East Army but it became a riot when the North Army took over.

Roy then gave him a generous offer, which Grumman accepted entirely.

Roy invited Grumman for a cup of tea, which Grumman denied. Grumman then noticed the papers Roy was holding…

Edward: "Oh shi-"

While Edward is searching for some books about Xing, Armstrong appeared out of nowhere. He told Edward that the girl he was looking for went to the north. He also gave Edward a letter, an introduction letter to meet the general of the North Headquarters.

Scar used Smokescreen!

Scar is still on the run but got surrounded between an overpass. The train came and covered them with smoke. Through magic, he disappeared and rode the train. Since minor characters know that if they shoot, it means that their lives are gone, they decided to report it to Headquarters first.

While Alphonse is talking to himself, a boy went towards him. He was astonished that the pile of armor is none other than the Fullmetal Alchemist’s brother, Alphonse. The boy then asked why he is researching about Eastern Alchemy, but since Alphonse can’t tell him that he’s finding a way to fight the Homunculi, told a satisfactory lie to him.

Edward runs toward Alphonse, shouting about their planned trip to the north. The boy confronted Edward, again, amazed. Edward, got pissed about the boy’s sarcastic compliment, got two guns pointed at him. It is revealed that the boy they are talking to is the Fuhrer’s son: Selim Bradley.

Jawdropping plot twist!

The Elric brothers were invited to the Fuhrer’s house, which they had no choice but to go. There they meet Bradley’s wife and later Bradley himself. They talked about Bradley as a human being, and not a Homunculus.

Run Edward, run

The two left the house around afternoon. The two were really surprised about what they found out but left the thinking for later. Their next stop: The north.

"Expect to see me more."

The police raided the cabin Scar and his hooded companion were, but found it empty. Kimblee arrived at the west and tries to predict where Scar is going.

Edward kawaii...

The Elric brothers were now on the train, talking about their first time going to the north… there, new adventure awaits!


The Lazy Prince:

Still not enough fighting eh… also Ran Fan will be missing for a while… But nonetheless, it is a good episode. Let’s just wait for things to heat up again and we’re back on track.

And wow… Grumman has more role on this one eh. I gave him a thumbs up for doing such daring move (no points since he’s not my type).

Anyway, next episode:

I guess there will be fighting on this episode. I just have to watch more…. And new characters spotted!

So… this is the lazy prince, see you next episode…



  1. It’s nice to see Ed back in red.

  2. not to mention fur!! FUR COLLAR!
    I know what’s gonna happen ne-ext~

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