Asura Cryin’ 2 Episode 8 (EX021) – Same and Different

November 25, 2009

I have to admit... this was kinda cute.

Yeah, I know, again… I’m late. Monday was supposed to be Asura Day but yeah, just look at my explanation in the opening part of my Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s episode 85 post.

So let’s get down to business: Tomoharu was indeed warped to the First Stage World. There, he wanders around in search of his party members. He ends up being recruited in the Kitsutaka household where he meets the villains and his member. Later, we see our beloved Nia-chan.

Expect a grown-up Ania?! ZOMG!

Last episode summary:

Picasso Kamen and Hiwako kidnap both Ania and Tokiya. A deal was made in exchange for Tomoharu. The deal was nothing but a setup and Yoh joins Tomoharu’s group’s attack. Just when everything was going their way, Picasso Kamen reveals herself to be Tooru and defeats Shirogane and Shuri. NaoTomo shows up with Hagane to take care of things but is shot by Tokiya. It is later revealed that Tokiya was the one who organized the farce and that he wishes to create a Third Stage World; a world with Aki. He takes control of Hagane and has a contracted Demon, who turns out to be Hiwako and their Daughter, the ice phoenix Charlize. Tooru is sacrificed as Hagane’s Burial Doll, thus making Tokiya an Asura Cryin’. Before Hagane could unleash a devastating attack on Kurogane, the space gets distorted and everyone gets eaten by it…

Episode 8 (EX021):

Tomoharu wakes up in a sidewalk. He is shocked to find Meioutei still standing in front of him. He checks inside and it surely is Meioutei… and it’s like it hasn’t been destroyed at all. One thing different is… that he’s alone. No Ania… no Kanade… and no Misao…

Opening song: Alternative (オルタナティブ) by angela

Tomoharu recalls the past events. They were attacked by Hagane and got swept up in the warped space. Natsume Naotaka is actually him of the First Stage World. He figures he has to go to Rakurowa High School to find some answers, more specifically, he looks for Saeki Reishirou.

At the same time, a new character spots him...

At school, people were noticing and giving Tomoharu a weird stare as he passes by. He searches for the First Student Council’s building, but even after asking a person about it, he doesn’t find an answer. The girl he asked mentioned that they only have one Student Council around, but then she started muttering something about Tomoharu being the witch’s… witch’s… furniture? Whatever it was, she ran off before she could continue her statement.

The school is a no-go. Tomoharu tries the church where Shuri lives but…

Do they serve the Holy Water there?

A girl peeks out of the nun cafe and greets Tomoharu.

Guess who? You can't? Well neither can I...

She leads him inside and he recognizes her as Himezasa (you know, the Burial Doll of Suishou… Rikka’s Asura Machina… uh… yeah, I’m empty as well… who is this person?! I think the flashback in the following screenshot was from the talent show episode back in season one. The part when Rikka and Mahiwa were heading home.)

Yep... still doesn't ring a bell!

Anyway, the girl who looks like Himezasa explains that she is not Himezasa… but Himezasa’s younger sister. Tomoharu learns that Himezasa had died during middle school because of her weak body. Himezasa’s imouto continues explaining that Rikka never gave up on Himezasa and worked hard to provide medical care and earned money through hard work. The care is proof of that.

Yay, Rikka-kaichou!

Himezasa’s imouto is happy to have talked about her elder sister again and takes her leave. Rikka approaches Tomoharu. Rikka knows Tomoharu but as the First Stage World Tomoharu. Tomoharu calls her “Rikka-kaichou” but Rikka corrects him; she should be addressed “owner” now as she already graduated. But even though she graduated, she still hears a lot of rumors from school (as expected of a cafe).

One of the rumors is Tomoharu being the boyfriend of the “Witch of Rakurowa”. Before Rikka could continue, Tomoharu cuts her off. He wants to know stuff about almost everything she hears… but then she busts out her weapon.

Some things never change...

Tomoharu is now walking around outside. He reviews what he learned from Rikka in the cafe. It seems after graduating, Rikka bought the church and turned it into a church cafe (is that even legal?!). The current President of the Student Council at Rakurowa is Reishirou… and the Vice-President is Shuri. The church isn’t Shuri’s house. Tomoharu now fully understands that this isn’t his world after Rikka did not know anything about Asura Machina, Daughter or Burial Dolls.

Tomoharu now wonders how he could get back to his own world but then he hesitates as he cannot possibly defeat people who Yoh and Shuri couldn’t even beat. As he continues despairing, the sky’s color turns distorted. A Daughter appears! Tomoharu was hoping not to see one in the First Stage World. The Daughter spots an extra nearby and starts to approach it.

"Me hate extras!!"

Tomoharu calls upon Kurogane… but to no avail. Kurogane was badly damaged during the fight with Hagane and its condition is unknown… He goes for the Daughter on his own, yelling at it to stop. It does stop but it was because of a glowing tag that was suddenly on its forehead, which caused it to be impaled by a pole. Tomoharu checks out the girl who was attacked and now a different girl appears in a building beside them.

"Pick a card... any card~"

The girl threw another batch of tags and it hit the Daughter. It glows a bit and then an electrical wiring gets snapped off and it wraps around the pole that impaled the Daughter, sending electrical shocks throughout its body, effectively killing it. That’s undeniably the power of a Luck-Eater. The girl welcomes Tomoharu and she knows that he is the Second Stage World’s Tomoharu. Before Tomoharu could ask Ania the girl about stuff, the sky turns distorted in a nearby area again. The girl jumps off like a ninja.

Another girl appears, this time, the one from earlier in the episode. She seems to know something about the ninja-girl-who-suspiciously-looks-and-sounds-like-Ania-but-it-is-still-unconfirmed-at-this-point-of-the-episode-although-it’s-obviously-her. The girl explains that the ninja is the “Witch of Rakurowa”.

What's up with all these witches these days?

Part B:

She kinda reminded me of Tooru in a way… and this is why…

Dun dun dunnnn!

Tomoharu is inside the large and spacious bath. He recalls what happened before being inside the bath. The girl invited him to her house but before they talk, Tomoharu needs to take a bath because he smells. The girl introduced herself as Kitsutaka Aki… Tooru’s sister.

Back to the present, Tooru walks inside the bath.

Here's Tomoharu with his Crow impression!

Tomoharu doesn’t talk as Tooru mistakes him as her sister. He stays silent. Tooru just goes to the washing area while Tomoharu tries to avoid peeking. Tooru then asks (what she believes to be) her sister to peel off a band-aid on her back. The next scene cracked me up when Tooru was asking if “Aki” was listening and Tomoharu responded in a high-pitched tone… and Tooru didn’t even suspect the slightest bit of doubt.

Tomoharu walks behind Tooru to peel off the band-aid.

Check if there's other areas with band-aid that needs to be peeled.

At first, he misses, making Tooru feel a bit embarrassed. The second time, he peels it off but caused Tooru to moan (wow, just wow…). As Tooru looks back to thank her “sister”, of course, she discovers that Aki had a sex change–I mean, it was not her sister at all! You can already guess what happens next…

Outside the bath, a person overhears Tooru and Tomoharu talking as they walk to the living room. Tooru says it was her fault that she didn’t check on who was at the bath anyway so she apologizes for kicking him.

What he said.

The person inside the kitchen checks on the living room… it was Kanade. She quickly patches up Tomoharu’s injuries from… ironically, the hands of Tooru. She then asks if Tomoharu is the same Tomoharu she knows. Tomoharu starts telling her about the events from the Second Stage World like going to the beach, doing a talent show at the Saeki siblings’ house and the three-legged race.

Kanade then feels relieved. Aki confirms that Kanade is the same as Tomoharu. They found her wandering around 3 days ago on the street. Tooru explains that Aki likes taking home just about anything she finds…


Tomoharu then smells something burning: it was Kanade’s dinner! Kanade quickly runs to the kitchen to retrieve the dinner. Later, they all ate. Tomoharu was grateful for the food and Kanade says it was a bit burnt though. Aki adds that it was better than Tooru’s cooking anyway. Tooru says the same about her sister and takes a bite and then compliments Kanade’s cooking ability. Kanade can stay as long as she wants but when Tooru looked at Tomoharu… she says he can leave as soon as he wants.

Aki then brings up the topic about Natsume Naotaka, Tomoharu’s older brother. She says that Naotaka had died a month ago due to… superstring… gravity reactor accident… thingy… let’s just say he got killed by science. Tomoharu remembers NaoTomo talking about it and then he asks for further information. Apparently, it was something Naotaka was working on for a long time but it went out of control. Then, a person overhears the conversation and adds further information. Hooray for science.

KOALA!!! Again!!

Tomoharu gets agitated by Tokiya’s presence but Kanade holds his hand, telling him the Tokiya they are seeing is not the same Tokiya who obtained Hagane. Tomoharu calms down and sits down. Tokiya joins the dinner and Tooru comments that Tokiya is a freeloader. Aki is really attached to him. Tokiya continues explaining the incident, saying that such small black holes shouldn’t be able to destroy much things. There had to be a catch that made it destructive.

After dinner, Tomoharu helps Tooru with the dishes. Tomoharu asks about Tokiya, if he had always been that… aloof and clumsy. Tooru says he is… but he’s also amazing, being able to research a lot about foreign companies. She just wishes her sister doesn’t spoil him and he should become a more social person. Tomoharu then asks her a weird question (with her permission): if Tokiya would hurt another person to achieve his goals… will Tooru help him? Tooru answers yes. But she knows Aki will surely find an alternative than hurting people.

Later that evening, Tomoharu and Kanade talk. Tomoharu says that he’s been thinking about their own world. The time they spent with Tooru and Tokiya back in episodes 1 and 2 were fun. If only Aki was still alive in their world, maybe Tokiya wouldn’t have had to resort to obtaining Hagane. Kanade agrees. Tomoharu is grateful that Aki helped them reunite. But still, Misao and Ania are missing.

Kanade holds Tomoharu’s hand and assures him they’ll find them later. Tomoharu suddenly remembers something. He asks if Kanade is still undergoing Hizaika. Kanade finds it odd that she cannot use her Demon powers anymore… so the Hizaika has stopped as well. Kanade turns emotional now that she doesn’t have her powers anymore. She won’t be able to protect Tomoharu anymore. Tomoharu places his hands on Kanade’s shoulder, telling her that it’s his time to do the protecting.

Full moon, check... one boy and one girl, check... bodily contact, check... hmm...!

Before they could do some love-love and stuff. A new stray Daughter appears.

Nice timing...?

Then Aki comes out to defend their home and their guests. Aki pulls out her twin blades.

Is she supposed to be a ninja or a samurai?

Aki defends her home and their guests. Tooru and Tokiya comes afterwards but Tokiya stops Tooru, saying Aki can handle it by herself. Tomoharu asks how Aki becomes strong despite not having any powers at all. Tokiya explains that, in Aki’s words, it is determination. The will to fight, to win, to protect and to survive. Those kinds of human traits make the human stronger.

Aki manages to defeat the Daughter, slicing it in half. As Aki returns to everyone, the Daughter regains consciousness, it’s still alive! Before it could jump on Aki though, several tags on the ground light up, crushing the Daughter under some rubble. The Daughter undergoes Hizaika, meaning it’s over.

The owner of the tags show up. The witch from earlier. She says that for Tomoharu and Kanade to have been picked up by the Kitsutaka sisters must have been a lot of luck. Aki calls her a witch but the witch corrects her; she’s not a witch, she’s a Demon!

Nia-chan... all grown-up...

Kanade finally notices… a Demon with the Luck-Eater abilities. It’s undeniably Ania!

How dare they make you wait that long!

Closing song: Kanata no delight (彼方のdelight) by angela


Niaaaaaa~ You’re taller~~

Weirdness at its best. The parallel universes are always interesting, seeing characters act the way they’re not supposed to and even some who retain their characteristics from the original world. This, of course, is the case for all anime which involves travelling to a parallel universe/world.

Yes, the Daughter earlier is very familiar… it’s not just any Daughter… it’s the Daughter from the OP song!

And we all know what happens after it appeared in the OP, Tomoharu’s eyes turn red and then some freaky monster appeared… could it be Tomoharu’s Daughter? Born from Misao who could have be a Demon in this world since Kanade is a normal human.

Anyway, it appears the distortion wasn’t just of dimensions… but of time as well. The three of them arrived at different time periods. Ania arrived five years earlier, Kanade appeared 3 days before Tomoharu. But still, Misao is missing. Where is our Tomatsu Haruka?!

During the latter half of the episode, Tokiya stopped Tooru from helping out Aki. It appears to my eyes as a sign of his jerk…ness. You can clearly see Aki having a hard time yet Tokiya stopped Tooru from helping. If you think about it… you could think that maybe this was the same case with the Second Stage World. Aki was used up by Kurogane without anyone noticing… but maybe Tokiya noticed… or maybe Aki was used to being pushed very hard. One thing’s for sure, Tokiya seems to be taking Aki for granted.

In any case… the question remains… How did Ania survive five years without Kanade sleeping by her side?!

Next episode:

Tomoharu returns to Rakurowa High School where he meets An again. Aki and Ania also join him. We also see Aki in the hospital… or school clinic. This could be what I was talking about, with Aki straining herself through work. Anyway, another stray Daughter appears. It looks like the one from the OP again… and it could have appeared in school, much like in the OP (note the extras wearing Rakurowa High School uniforms). It’s unclear where they are thanks to the distorted sky and quick preview. We’ll see it next episode… I’ll probably do it earlier than this one.

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!


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  1. Nia-chan de-ponytailed rules! + 25 points
    less loli than before, but still wearing miniskirt! +15
    Anyway, the joking exclude, it was an interesting episode with Tomo arriving in the second world. I still think that Koala kaichou is evil though… he’s just doing some half-assed acting and Kanade’s just stupid enough to believe it.
    Good job, late doesn’t mean less quality so *thumbs up*

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