Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Episode 85 – Because Crow Needs to Duel Again Instead of Aki

November 24, 2009

Laughing at Crow once a day is a tradition.

Monday was supposed to be Asura Cryin’ Day but uh… some things couldn’t be avoided. Now I’m bringing you Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s instead. Expect Asura Cryin’ tomorrow or something.

I had a hard time with my schedule when my grandmother fell ill and was hospitalized for days. I wasn’t even able to complete my enrolment. My PC even got a ridiculous virus thanks to my cousin’s PSP. I just had it fixed yesterday and this post was halfway done. Now I’m posting it to get it out of my system as I could not bring myself to use my crappy and laggy laptop in posting anymore.

Now enough of my rant and explanation for being inactive for awhile. This episode is about Zora’s son named Leo. No, he’s not Rua. This Leo person had been gone for 3 years and is back to fix the clock but he couldn’t bring himself to talk with Zora properly which results to him facing Crow in a card game.

Expect a bit of heartwarming end, a kinda good ending for the Duel and well, more Zora.

Last episode summary:

Security continued to pursue the Jack imposter. Carly did her own investigation and discovered a second Jack. Yusei and Crow finds Trust Guardian on the shore just below where Jack had been spotted and they assume he’s dead. Kazama and the Duel Chasers spot Jack but they were unable to apprehend him. Suddenly, the real Jack Atlas appears and Duels his former self. Everyone was shocked not only seeing two Jacks but also four Red Dragon Archfiends, three of which are in the possession of Pseudo-Jack. With the help of the Crimson Dragon’s power, Jack defeats the Red Dragon Archfiends with his Majestic Red Dragon. Later, they find out that Pseudo-Jack is actually a robot, like Ghost. Meanwhile, Yliaster has progressed in their Circuit…

Key Card of the Week:

Time Wizard: LV 2, 500 ATK / 400 DEF.

Episode 85:

The episode starts with Zora sighing in front of the love shack. The complete set of Signers (with Bruno and Rua) ask her what’s wrong. She explains (while being a Yusei fangirl) that it was because the grandfather cuckoo clock was going to get replaced. Crow then says that it was about time since that clock is broken anyway but Zora gets angered by that.

Main focus of today's episode. The cuckoo clock of Poppo Time.

Opening song: FREEDOM by La-Vie

Inside the garage, Bruno was doing maintenance on the D-Wheels. While they were talking, an unknown voice gets mixed in their conversations, complimenting the wings on Black Bird and Wheel of Fortune’s unique shape. After a while, they all start taking notice and looks at the garage entrance.

Kiryu? You became blonde?!

They all wonder who that guy might be. Bruno suspects it’s a rival team from the WRGP. Jack then gets up and tells the guy that their garage is off-limits to people other than their group. The guy laughs and tells them it was formerly his room. He now introduces himself as Leo, Poppo Time’s son. Poppo Time? It’s the name of Yusei’s love shack (and sometimes garage). I didn’t mention it before? Well, that was because I didn’t know it actually had a proper name!

By the way, say hello to the Character of the Week: Leo.

Now they get it. This is the same son that Zora’s been talking about. When she looks at Crow, she is reminded of her son, which is why she always gets cranky around Crow because her son was no-good.

Did you see that?! Crow just pulled off something you wouldn't normally see in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Leo explains that he was out for three years to train. In a flashback, it is revealed that when the clock had stopped working, Leo tried to fix it but failed. Zora complained about how Leo’s father wasn’t even able to fix it. They argued and Leo left.

But now, things have changed. Leo proudly tells them that during those 3 years of absence, he has been training under a clock worker. He is now a genius clock repairer. Jack then tells him to go and talk to Zora now and fix the clock but Leo hesitates. Aki speaks up and tells them Leo is worried that if he meets Zora, they might argue again. She knows this from personal experience

Suddenly, Leo holds Aki’s hands and says how wonderful that she understands. Yusei goes defensive and pulls Leo back (evidence of Yusei x Aki, you say? How about pulling a guy who held the girl’s hand away for absolutely no reason at all?) Yusei keeps a straight face and tells Leo that he should hurry up then, the clock is planned to be removed. Leo panics and then runs out, saying he has not much time.

Aki and Yusei stop him to remind him about his outfit. He should dress up more appropriately.

Now Leo is wearing formal attire. He doesn’t know how to tie his necktie properly and Jack comes to the rescue, pulling all the air out of Leo…

"I should be the only blonde around this part of the streets, mofo!"

Aki takes over and arranges it properly. Now it’s time for the moment of truth. Leo walks in through Zora’s office and Yusei and company watch from the glass store window. Leo starts off good but then gets off-track and reveals a bit of truth, saying that he only saw a clock being repairing on the street and asked how to do it, thinking maybe he can do it as well. Before any of them gets the chance to make a witty comment, Leo is chased by Zora out with a wooden chair. Zora then exclaims that Leo broke the clock in the first place.

The group is shocked. They ask Leo for the truth about 3 years ago and he reveals it. It seems during maintenance of the clock, Leo was complaining about doing by hand and not by machinery. He noticed a gear that isn’t moving so he hammers it. The gear moves but another one stops so he hammers it again. The process continues until he hammers everything and then the clock suddenly fails to work. Zora is completely angered and tells Leo that she’s disowning him as a son.

Leo runs away, almost crying and says he won’t ever come back. Crow runs after him and tells him what he’s been training 3 years for. Leo says he’ll forget it. He doesn’t want to work for an unappreciative mother. Crow gets a bit angry and challenges Leo on a Duel. If Leo wins, Leo can leave to wherever he wants, but if Crow wins, Leo will stay and apologize to Zora. Crow explains that Zora is like a mother to all of them (what ever happened to Martha?) so a person who hurts their mother should go through him. Leo gladly accepts the Duel.

Jack says that Crow is trying to make Leo apologize by force (like you’re one to talk, JACK.). Yusei doesn’t think so. He knows Crow has a plan.

Featured Duel of the Week:

Leo vs Crow!

Turn 1 - Leo's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Monster Clock.

Monster Clock: LV 1, 0 ATK / 0 DEF.

Crow thinks Leo’s underestimating him, summoning a monster with 0 ATK. Zora cheers on Crow and tells him to beat Leo badly.

Turn 2 - Crow's turn: 4000 LP
- Summons Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain.
- Special Summons Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind.
- Attacks Monster Clock using Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind.
- Monster Clock's effect activates and absorbs the attacking monster and gains its ATK (1300 ATK).
- Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain attacks directly using its effect (Leo: 3500 LP).

Crow asks Leo if he has ever talked to Zora long. Leo tells him that it’s Zora who wouldn’t listen to what he says. Crow then continues saying that he will await for Leo’s answer after the end of their Duel.

Turn 3 - Leo's turn: 3500 LP
- Summons Clock Knight No. 12.
- Activates Clock Work. He Special Summons a Clock Knight monster from his hand that is lower than the level of a Clock Knight monster on his field. He Special Summons Clock Knight No. 3.

Clock Knight No. 12 (left): LV 4, 1200 ATK / 1200 DEF. Clock Knight No. 3 (center): LV 1, 300 ATK / 300 DEF.

Leo explains how Clock Knight monsters work. They use a Coin Toss system to provide positive and negative effects for the user. When the result is heads, the Clock Knight monster will receive 1200 ATK. But if the result is tails, the Clock Knight monster is immediately destroyed. Another thing is that if there is another Clock Knight monster present on the field, the Coin Toss can be done another time if the result is unfavorable.

Continuing Leo's turn:
- Activates Clock Knight No. 12's effect. The result is tails.
- Activates Clock Knight No. 12's second effect to do another Coin Toss. This time, the result is heads. Clock Knight No. 12 receives a 1200 ATK boost (2400 ATK).
- Activates Clock Knight No. 3's effect. The result is heads and it gains 1200 ATK as well (1500 ATK).
- Attacks Fane the Steel Chain using Clock Knight No. 12 (Crow: 2100 LP).
- Clock Knight No. 3 attacks directly.
- Crow Special Summons a monster from his hand which is Blackwing - Ghibli the Hot Wind through its own effect when the opponent declares a direct attack.
- Leo cancels his attack because Clock Knight No. 3 can't destroy Blackwing - Ghibli the Hot Wind due to its high DEF.
- End his turn and his monsters return to their original ATK.

Blackwing - Ghibli the Hot Wind: LV 3, 1600 DEF.

Crow says that Leo is using a Gamble Deck, yet he’s using a loophole to overcome it. Life is not easy. You have to take risks and there is no such thing as an easy way out of everything. He draws a card, which is revealed to be Mirror Force.

He had that card?!

Turn 4 - Crow's turn: 2100 LP
- Sets the Mirror Force card down.
- Summons Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North.
- Uses its effect to revive Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain from the Graveyard.
- Tunes LV 2 Blackwing - Blizzard the Far North with LV 3 Ghibli the Hot Wind and LV 2 Fane the Steel Chain to Synchro Summon his ace monster, Blackwing Armor Master!
- Blackwing Armor Master attacks and destroys Clock Knight No. 3 (Leo: 1300 LP).

Blackwing Armor Master: LV 7 Synchro Monster, 2500 ATK / 1500 DEF.

Leo then tells them he’s quitting. Crow says that after all that talk, he’s just a big quitter. He’s no genius clock repairer, he’s just a kid. Leo complains and his reason is simply…

Never heard of Lightning Vortex or at least Mirror Force?!

During the flashback montage of Leo working on clocks while away for 3 years, it seems it wasn’t all what he told them. He sucked as a clock repairer. Every night he stayed up to work on clocks. In reality, he doesn’t have the courage to fix his father’s clock nor even apologize to Zora. Leo then continues the card game and draws…

Eh... good enough...

He mentions that it is his father’s card. He then remembers the time when his father gave it to him. He was crying under a tree because Zora was mad again at him for getting into trouble at school. His father gives him the card, Time Wizard. It seems had always wanted that card before. His father explains that Zora is just like because she loves him.

Leo and his father, Zora's husband.

Leo gains confidence and plays again.

Turn 5 - Leo's turn: 1300 LP
- Summons Time WIzard.
- Uses its effect, the Time Roulette. We all know what that does!

Retro time! The Key Card of the Week making its appearance!

Due to Time Wizard, Leo somehow sees all the times when he was a little kid with Zora and his father. He would always be happy when he sees his father working on clocks. It was his dream as well. His father told him to pick the path that he thinks is right and stick to it until the end.

Continuing Leo's turn:
- Time Roulette is successful, Time Wizard destroys Crow's Blackwing Armor Master.
- Monster Clock and Clock Knight No. 12 attack directly.

At that point, Yusei and Jack knows that Crow has already read the situation. They know that Crow’s Trap Card could bring about a reversal but…

Continuing Leo's turn:
- Crow does not respond with his Trap Card.
- Crow takes all the hits and loses the Duel (Crow: 0 LP).
- Leo wins.

Rua and Ruka couldn’t believe it and so can’t I! I mean, it’s been 3/4 of the episode and this is the first time they actually said something!

Crow then speaks up, telling Leo that he can do whatever he wants, as promised in the Duel. He can leave for wherever. Leo then starts crying. He says he won’t leave. His mother is there, his father’s precious clock is also there, he doesn’t have a place like that anymore. That’s his only important place in his life. He’s ashamed. Ashamed that he couldn’t fix the clock that his father made. Ashamed that he couldn’t even do it even after his father died. Ashamed that he wasn’t able to live up to his mother’s expectations. He runs off inside the house, yelling out his frustration but he promises to fix the clock.

Yusei and Jack approach Crow, who they know that lost on purpose. They hear Zora muttering, that she will trust her son this time.

Later that day, the clock starts to move. Rua and Ruka see this and they both get excited. Such cute kids~ Soon, everyone sees the clock and Bruno is more excited than usual. Leo pops out beside the building and Zora runs over to hug him. They both cried.

Aww, happy end~

Yusei pats Crow for a job well done.


Closing song: -OZONE- by -vistlip-


Leo’s dad is… Jounouchi/Joey Wheeler?!

As much as I don’t like filler episodes, this is one of the better ones. I like how the drama of this episode worked out. Humor is still in effect, but it’s still a bit touching, if you ask me.

But yeah, it’s just your regular filler episode. It’s card games + drama. ZoraxCrow anyone???

Anyway, we’ll probably see Ghibli be released in the upcoming The Shining Darkness pack.

Next episode:

In a town where Duelists rule the streets, Yusei is seeking his old friend… to save him once again after the time of the Dark Signers. It’s Kiryu! And he’s back! Will Yusei be able to do what he could not complete before?

This is the Bunny Chief, over and out!



  1. really… such duels with “haha, I can win but I’ll let you win because you’d look good” suck :/
    maybe it’s just my hatred for Crow… I like him more with an allergy for cats.
    Kiryu’s back?! omg I can hear someone squeal already XD

    • Look at the bright side. Crow lost to a guy named “Leo”!

  2. Crow, if you’re gonna bother to run Mirror Force, actually play it.

    This wasn’t a bad episode, but… yeah, filler city.


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