Darker Than Black Ryuusei no Gemini 06 – Izanami

November 24, 2009

Yeah.. Just like how Spiderman does it

Look! It’s episode 6 of Darker than Black 2 and I’m still one episode away… again. Tch.. if only I can watch large videos.

Anyway, this is the episode I was waiting for. The episode episode focuses on Izanami, what it is and why do they have to put a large deal about it… Of course, there will be plot twists, battles, and an increase in body count.

So… let’s start.

That just won't work with Contractors

The episode started with Nori eating a sponge cake.

It is revealed that Nori’s mom, Michiru, returned home just to bake a cake in their house (renumeration hits no one). Nori was confused, since it is his ‘first time’ to see his mother and he doesn’t know what to do.

Michiru was surprised how her son treats her. So, as a reward, she told Nori not to get close to Suou because he ‘will’ get hurt.

Michiru left. Nori was still confused about what his mother said to him. But since Nori is a man of actions, he starts moving instead.

Suou: "Hooh... Dolphin.."

Suou, July and Mao are at position, observing the submarine which appeared just moments ago. Mao couldn’t contact Hei due to bad reception which July told them that Hei is moving in the wrong direction.

The trucks had arrived. But yes, no Hei.

The white thing there is Hei's D-wheels

The truck where Hei is had stopped. Hei look at the mechanical box where Izanami is stored but found nothing.

Genma confronted Hei. He said that it is all Kirihara’s plan and he didn’t even expected that they will catch Hei so easily. The battle between the two started.

July as their anti-spoiler device

On the other side, Kirihara was talking to Genma, telling him he needs to capture Hei alive.

Knowing Hei is in a pinch, Mao took over command and started moving.

Genma in Sentai mode

The battle continues. Genma asked if he still have time playing with him since his ‘honey-chan’ will die. Hei replied that he already taught her to defend herself. However, Genma is talking about Izanami, which he described as ‘that doll of yours’.

July revealed that Izanami is a person, which Mao didn’t know.

While they are talking about killing ‘Izanami’. Hazuki started to move. Mao followed her and told the two that they are after them.

Suou and July started running, although Suou stopped. She returned back, saying that she has to shoot Izanami.

While running, July revealed (…again) that he has met Izanami before. You know… the doll with the silver hair…

C'mon! There should be some booster in there as well

After hearing what Genma said, Hei starts finding a way to run. Luckily, a family van showed up and he joins the ride.

Genma wanted to catch up on Hei but it’s no use. He used the truck as armor.

Okay. Yin is there. *continues watching*

Hei stopped Suou who was about to shoot the container in the nick of time. However, the shot hits a platform and the container hits the ground. Yes… we have now evidence that Yin is still here.

Hei ordered them to retreat. Then he confronted Hazuki. As he always does, go to the other side to be chased and disappeared.

When both Hazuki and Hei entered the sea, the MAC are now positively sure that Hei lost his power as a Contractor.

Dun dun dunnn....

The three ended up in the park. Suou asked about ‘Yin’. Mao explained that she was once their partner and also… Hei’s girl.

Suddenly, Michiru interrupted Suou’s melancholic scene and starts choking her with her water power.

You're looking at another anime setting Nori...

Nori takes a break searching for Suou (or his mom?) when Nori’s rap henchmen appears and told him that some Contractors are fighting in the park.

Upon hearing it, Nori runs.

We all know the mini-version is better

Michiru said she doesn’t have any intention to harm Suou. She also said that she wanted to come with her. Suou declines the offer and gives her a near hit shot.

Suddenly, before Michiru makes a counterattack, a specter showed up, Michiru lost control of her power and the water started drowning her.

Nori was there and couldn’t do anything but to look at his mother die.

Bones doesn't want to give Yin yet

Somewhere, in the white fields, Hei is talking on the phone. It is revealed that he is working for Orielle. However, Hei ended the deal for not saying that their target will be Yin.

On the subway, Suou is still talking about what happened earlier. Hei arrives shortly after that.

They left the city using the train. They discussed their plans and oddly, everything is headed to Tokyo.

Kirihara and Youko are also discussing about Hei. Kirihara asked Youko about what section 3 really is. Youko just replied that it is better not to think of them as allies.

Cooking Master Chef Hei

Hei’s group ended up in a unused house. July is making tea, Suou is still confused about the Contractorxhuman deal and Hei starts cooking because he doesn’t want to eat weed again.

Hei told Suou to not shoot anymore. Suou, however, told him that she won’t shoot in return of Hei not drinking alcohol.

Hei went out to buy vegetable afterwards, which Suou tags along.


Nori and the twin-tai- Nori’s father talk about Michiru. They started to cry as they remember about Michiru.

I sense something here...

Suou and Hei finish getting their needs and walk home afterwards. While on their way, Suou saw Yin’s specter again but disappeared afterwards. Suou hits the light post afterwards and continues walking.



Wow. Yin. I guess I have to continue blogging.

I wonder what will happen though. It is showing an obvious love triangle.. and since this is an ‘anybody can die’ anime, I bet someone will die in the end. Let’s just hope I am wrong.

Poor Nori… I hope he gets more screentime. That or they are also crying about that.

And why Izanami? I guess there’s more plot twist that will happen later on… I just hope they won’t bore me.

So.. Next episode:

Nothing is shown in the preview anyway. Is it just me or the one narrating is Yin? As well… I guess Tokyo is moments away, I just hope everything will turn out to be fine.


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  1. hey do you know what song is played when hei tells suou to stop shooting? i’ve been trying to find it but its not in the cd so ya please help

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