Kimi ni Todoke 7 : Her First… Phone call

November 22, 2009

Tonight we'll see how Pin turns into a Dark Signer.

Well then with this review I’ll have a nice 5 on 5. Last time in Kimi ni Todoke, we saw Sawako standing up for her friends. This time, those friends invite her over. Expect the best comedy episode of Kimi ni Todoke so far. Really… I laughed tears with this.

We start at Sawako’s place today. Sawako is busy preparing a nice meal while her mum is watching over her. Sawako narrates that they didn’t get to eat ramen last time since the store was closed when they arrived there. Her father enters when Sawako’s reminiscing about what happened then, he gets completely ignored by Sawako.

The fate of every middle aged man in Japan.

As you can see, the phone just ringed and a shocking moment follows! It’s a phone call for… SAWAKO!! It’s Chizuru who’s inviting Sawako over to eat ramen for real this time. Sawako asks her parents and they support her since they’re shocked as well by the call. A bit later, Sawako heads out and her mum teases dad by saying she’s been arriving a little later now every day.

Sawako meets up with Chizuru and Ayane. Chizuru asks Sawako for her cp number, but Sawako answers she doesn’t have one since she never needed one. The two sweatdrop and let the topic go since they got the point. They enter the store and Chizuru greets the owner. She tells Sawako to take the Miso ramen and while they chat a bit, Ryu suddenly makes his appearance by switching water cans for them. Chizuru tells Sawako that Ryu’s parents own the ramen shop.

After eating their portion, Chizuru pays and heads upstairs. Sawako is surprised, but Chizuru responds that it’s alright. When they arrived upstairs, Ayane suddenly receives a call. She answers that she doesn’t have time to go out because she’s with Sawako and Chizuru now. After hanging up, Chizuru asks if it was her boyfriend. Ayane nods, Sawako goes…

One step at the time Sawako...

Sawako gets comforted by Ayane who says she’ll know the dazzling world of adults one day, same with Chizuru. Chizuru gets angry and says she can at least beat up 99 guys. Unfortunately number 100 was Ryu…

Ryu enters at the same moment as Chizuru admits her defeat. Sawako is kinda surprised again and asks if Chizuru and Ryu are a couple. Ryu smiles, but Chizuru denies it immediately. Ryu then admits that they’re actually brothers. Instead of denying that, Chizuru starts complaining about who should be the elder brother.

We move on a bit as they’re all having fun with eachother. Chizuru suddenly proposes that they should ask over Kazehaya too since Ryu shouldn’t have all the fun…

janakute! SEITOKAI DA!

Chizuru asks Ryu’s phone and makes Sawako do the call. She’s overhyped and nervous about it, but does call him.

For the first time, we get to see his place. His brother, who’s chibi copy of him, starts asking who’s calling. Kazehaya tells him it’s Ryu, but when Sawako answers he pushes his brother away and gets serious. Chizuru and Ayane laugh like there’s no tomorrow, Sawako tells him they’re having fun and invites him over. He answers that he’ll come over immediately and hangs up.

While Shouta-kun is biking over to them, the girls watch old school pictures. Chizuru shows her picture and then Ryu’s. Ryu’s hairstyle has been the same over the years. Then Sawako notices Kazehaya’s picture…

Notice how freaked the left guy looks...

Sawako blushes when admiring the picture. Chizuru tells his hair was short because he was in the baseball team back then. Ryu takes over and says Kazehaya ws really good at baseball and that Pin was disappointed when he didn’t join anymore in high school. Sawako imagines how he must’ve looked like back then while playing sports and working at school. She tells them she wanted to see him like that, Chizuru answers that she’ll be able to see him at the sports festival. Suddenly, Sawako notices Aya Hirano the beautiful girl she met some days ago. The girl’s name is Kurumi (oh dear… why does it spelled almost the same as Kurimu…) and Chizuru adds that she’s really popular. Ayane decides to take the test with Ryu, but he says she’s not his type.


Then they ask what he thinks about Sawako. Surprisingly he answers he likes her “normally” which makes Sawako overjoyed (she’s missing the point obviously). The two go on with Sawako and ask her how she likes them and eventually how she likes Kazehaya.

Kanna~ kanna~

Ayane finally gets the point, Sawako loves Kazehaya for real. Chizuru still doesn’t get the point and thinks Sawako likes Kazehaya as much as she likes them (as friends). That’s why Ayane stops Chizuru when she’s about to ask more, saying that the road to adulthood is one that goes step by step.

Kazehaya arrives, but hits the breaks when he notices Pin entering the ramen shop. He sighs out of relief because he didn’t get noticed and heads inside through another way. Before he enters, he hears Ayane suggesting that he’s a pervert or emo because his hair grows fast. He quickly slides the door open and denies it, which surprises everyone.

He enters and pouts, Chizuru says that even Sawako was laughing. She denies it however but Kazehaya tells her to act as she wants to.

Where should I start...

Ayane notices how Kazehaya and Sawako are getting into their own 2 person world and decides to tease Kazehaya. She calls over Sawako using her real name instead of her nickname and starts cuddling her. Ayane smirks and laughs in herself…

Best Ayane move ever!

Downstairs, Pin overhears the noise the girls are making and gets upstairs as well. Pin enters and turns the room upside down with his dynamic entry. Pin suddenly notices Sawako and asks if it’s really alright for her to be here since he saw “tiny men” when he looked into her eyes last time.

oh dear... double meanings...

Ayane teases Pin a bit, but unexpectedly gets covered by Sawako. Ofcourse, it was just because Sawako was missing the point again. Kazehaya grabs Pin’s shoulder and tell him to leave, the girls laugh at the two guys quarreling and decide it’s about time they go home. Sawako rejoices and says she really had fun tonight.

Later, Sawako and Kazehaya head home together. Chizuru and Ayane wish lots of luck to the “jientorumen”. Ayane decides to leave too, but while walking away she notices Pin’s also heading the same way. Pin (who was obviously waiting for her) and Ayane both leave quarreling. The last ones remaining are Ryu and Chizuru. For fun, Chizuru asks Ryu what his type really is.

Nagisa? oh wait...wrong series...

Chizuru wonders who that might be… Ryu interrupts her by saying she didn’t have to come over to show they all made up since he already know. Chizuru starts blushing and gives a tsundere “hmph~”.

The last scene show Kazehaya and Sawako walking home talking about what happened earlier and how they had fun. They both head home in the star filled sky~

indeed, so let's just enjoy the picture without a nasty comment.



Today’s episode wasn’t just comedy ofcourse, but I laughed quite much with the jokes in this one. I especially liked Ayane’s teasing attitude and how Kazehaya almost goes into tsundere moe, reall “Shouta” is well fit surname.

Some interesting things were hinted in this episode as well. Not only the Chizuru x Ryu connection, which was already a bit obvious. But maybe also a Ayane x Pin connection? It was kinda funny to see Pin wait for her… I’m not sure if there really will be a subplot for them, but it would be kinda funny.

Now we also now Kurumi’s true name and that she’s been in high school together with Kazehaya. I still wonder when they’ll tackle her arc, since it doesn’t look like she’ll have a big role in the next episode either.

Well, that’s it for tonight and probably for a few days…

Kyon, at your service!


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