Kobato. 6 : Dobato Goes Digimon

November 21, 2009

Today... we bid farewell to Puppy-san... *sob sob sob*

Requested title, I can’t turn down a request can I? Anyway, like promised yesterday, here’s the Kobato. 6 review! We’ll finally see that there’s more to Kobato’s story than we know yet. Expect to see some plot devices, weird Digimons and lots of Kobato moe.

The whole nursery is planning to go out on a trip. Before they leave, Sayaka asks everyone if they haven’t forgotten anything. Mr Cool suddenly notices Kobato doesn’t have her bag with her. Dobato is surprised herself and quickly runs off to get it… but trips…

Yeah, well... no comment...

The opening follows and after that, Kobato is in the main office looking for her bag. Puppy-san greets her and Kobato asks him to come with her. Suddenly, the phone rings and Puppy-san tells her to pick it up. Kobato does so, but instead of greeting with the company name, she uses her own name. Eventually things work out and the man on the phone tells Kobato to pass a message from him to Sayaka. The message isn’t a very bright one: Stop the nursery. The man adds that he won’t provide money for the nursery anymore. Kobato suddenly remembers the thugs from last time and asks if he’s related to them. He replies he isn’t responsible for their actions, which makes Kobato apologize. The man LOLs and then we get to see him (partly)…

Phone goes hairdryer.

Akuma no denwa desukara~

The last thing he says before hanging up is that he’ll shut down the nursery. Puppy-san sighs after hearing it and then says he’s passing on the trip. He opens the window and leaves.

Kobato finally arrives and Mr Cool gives her a cold shoulder welcome back. Kobato tells him about what she just heard over the phone. Mr Cool seems to know the person and tells Kobato not to mention anything about the call to Sayaka.

love love~

"It was my boyfriend, okay?"

Meanwhile, Puppy-san is running through town. He stops at a certain place and steps into some time-space continuum.  He arrives at some wooden hut restaurant called baumkuchen (literally translated from German:  tree cake). A bear is busy preparing some tree cakes while Puppy-san enters. It seems that the two know each other from before as they greet each other with sarcastic remarks. Puppy-san remarks the bear’s stupid cafe name, while the bear owner mentions that Puppy-san’s not in the position to talk since he’s in a teddy form. Puppy-san shouts that he didn’t do anything wrong “back then”.

Puppy and Bear tsuntsun?

After getting scolded at by Mr Bear, they get to business. Puppy-san tells him that he needs Mr Bear to look something up.

We switch to a park and Dobato. While the kids are having fun, she’s still wondering about the phone call in the morning. Sayaka suddenly calls out for them to eat lunch. They all reply and runs over, once again… Kobato trips and falls…

Marina (one of the chibi) tends Kobato’s bump and Sayaka tells Kobato that she’s getting hurt because of spacing out so much. She asks Kobato if there’s something wrong. Luckily, Mr Cool gives a hand by saying she’s always being an idiot. Then says Kobato shouldn’t make Sayaka worry about unnecessary things. Kobato looks down and nods, Marina observes them but doesn’t act.

Back at the cafe, Puppy-san asks the bear to look up information concerning the nursery Kobato works at. The bear is slightly surprised that Puppy-san asked him and not commanded him like he did in the past. If people wouldn’t listen to him, he’d start shooting fireballs at them. Of course, Puppy-san gets annoyed and proves he can still shoot fire like before.

Kumayaki or yakikuma?

The confrontation stops once the oven (ironically) pings. The bear shows off his nicely-baked baumkuchen and tells Puppy-san he’ll look up the information. While the bear is showing his cool attitude by granting Puppy-san’s request, Puppy-san’s eating the cake…

At the park, Kobato is standing on a bridge staring into space. Marina suddenly calls out for her and asks her to go search for something. The chibi girl noticed that Kobato is worrying about something and wants to help Kobato by finding something that brings luck. But before Kobato can ask what it is, Toshihiko and another boy call for them to play hide-and-seek.

I think she also received a pendant from Mikado...

I guess the picture explains who’s the seeker…

Puppy-san returns to the “normal world dimension” holding a small souvenir. He’s annoyed by his body which allows him only to carry one package. Suddenly, a mysterious form calls out to him… It’s a…


... there we go.

Puppy-san calls him “Ginsei”. Digimon (as I’m gonna call him) taunts Puppy-san by saying he really has a pathetic body now. Puppy-san gets angry and starts attacking. Both get into a short, but intense battle… But Puppy-san’s fire blast gets the Digimon off-guard. He barely blocks it using his paw.

Ginsei asks him why he’s in that body. Puppy answers he needs to do something, the Digimon reasons it’s because of Kobato, which makes Puppy-san react. He says he can’t lay a finger on her or he’ll be sorry. The bunny leaves saying he’ll come back to settle the score one day.

In the park, Kobato is still searching, but as usual she can’t find even one. Mr Cool reasons that it’ll take a long time again before she’ll find them. But since they’re leaving, he calls everyone to come over. Everyone gets out of their shelter and Kobato finds them… When everyone’s back, Sayaka suggests they should take a picture in remembrance of this day, but then notices Marina isn’t there.

Mr Cool and Kobato go on a search for the girl. They look around in the park shouting her name. Suddenly, Kobato notices someone lying behind a tree. They quickly run over and find Marina…

Aww... anti-climax...

They wake her up and Marina seems fine. She tells Kobato she wasn’t able to find a four leaf clover. Kobato blinks and wonders what she’s talking about. Marina explains that those bring luck, but they’re rare to find. She wanted to find one because Kobato’s looking down lately. She apologizes for not finding it, but Kobato hugs the girl and says it’s alright.  Mr Cool smiles (?!) and suggests they should take the picture here.

Later, Mr Cool readies the camera and walks over. Everyone has gathered underneath the tree now and looks at the camera. Suddenly, Kobato notices there’s a four leaf clover in Marina’s hair. It messes up the picture, but makes the girl happy. A bit later, all the kids find several more of them and then they finally take the picture~

Just how blind was Marina?

Happy picture~

Later, back in the city, a bird awaits Puppy-san. He notices master “Genko’s” (the bear) baumkuchen is completely messed up.

Find the bird~

Puppy tries to remember the bird’s name but fails. After facefaulting, the bird introduces himself as Zuisho and says he got a message from Mr Bear. But, instead of hearing it, we skip forward to Kobato entering her room. She wonders where Puppy went and even thinks of some doom scenarios. Puppy-san makes his entrance soon after though, he asks how her trip went. Kobato reveals a four leaf clover she picked for him.

Deredere Puppy?

Kobato wishes for the fortune of the nursery and that the happy days can last long. Then, we get to see the announcement of Zuisho. He told Puppy-san that Sayaka’s father got tricked into borrowing a lot of money for the nursery. Her father passed away 2 years later and when Sayaka took over, they continued harrassing her…

Puppy-san sighs and looks at the bottle with the four leaf clovers beside it. He says the nursery will close down some day…



Quite a lot of new stuff in this episode. The dimension, the bear, the bunny and even the bird who revealed the name “Nihiru”. Well… it’s still to fussy to make assumptions about it, but I guess it’ll all have something to do with Kobato’s wish somehow. Plus, knowing that Kobato has 24 episodes, it’ll (hopefully) get cleared out without having to wait for a second season.

God… 4 posts in 4 days… I’m really going at it! Expect Kimi ni Todoke tomorrow (hopefully)

Kyon, at your service~



  1. Whee~ title~

    The loan shark’s voice… if I’m not mistaken, isn’t that Shinichiro Miki’s (as in Lockon Stratos and Roy Mustang)?

  2. hmm…
    ANN has him… but I dunno his name yet :
    “Shinichiro Miki as Kazuto Okiura”

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