Seitokai no Ichizon 7 : Tokyo Trip

November 19, 2009

Kurimu preforming a perfect Tomoharu imitation

Et voila~ after Kimi ni Todoke yesterday, we continue with Seitokai no Ichizon today and probably a Kobato one tomorrow. The Seitokai members are bored as usual, until Minatsu makes an interesting proposal. The title should already give you a hint. Of course, since it’s Seitokai no Ichizon you can’t expect lots of cliche tour views. Expect some usual Seitokai portion of jokes and moe-ness.

It all starts on a warm morning in summer. Everyone’s bored and lazy, Kurimu tries to put some action in them but fails. Even the usual genki perverted Sugisaki is so lazy that he gives up on playing with Chizuru’s breasts because he can’t reach them. Minatsu is tired of it and gets up, wanting to sleep in the back. Kurimu stops her saying there must be something they can do. Nat-chan answers that sports clubs go on trips in summer while preparing for tournaments. And so… Kurimu got inspired…

Naaaaatsu yasumi~

And so, some days later at the station. Sugisaki notices Kurimu arriving and makes the usual child-joke resulting in a perfect suitcase blow. The others arrive as well soon after. Minatsu asks when the plane’s leaving, but Kurimu is scared of planes and says they’ll be going by train. Obviously, a trip from Hokkaido to Tokyo will last quite long because of that, so they’ll be taking a sleeper train.

The four girls pick their seats and beds out. Sugisaki wonders where he has to sleep, unfortunately there’s no place for him. Luckily, he’s able to get a ticket before the train departs. Then it’s time for a usual girl-around, the topic this time is luggage.

Sugisaki starts with Minatsu who’s packed very lightly for the trip. She states that she only needs some spare clothes and bathroom necessities. The girl didn’t even bring money!! Pure survival instincts will save her in the Tokyo jungle afterall.

Mafuyu on the other hand brought a truckload of stuff with her. We don’t really have to guess what’s inside though…

All a girl needs is~

Kurimu asks if all she brought was gameware, but Mafuyu answers that she prepared herself better than Minatsu and reveals a snackbar from her suitcase.

Next is Chizuru and Sugisaki immediately feels the atmosphere getting heavy. When opening the suitcase he notices there’s a fake bottom in it. He asks what’s underneath is, Chizuru takes Kurimu with her, backs away and tells Sugisaki to try it out. He of course… doesn’t.

'cause explosions are better from a distance.

The last one is Kurimu, her bag is filled with toys and teddies. Kurimu counters Sugisaki when he implies she’s being a kid again with a lady-like toothbrush… a pink one. Also her bathing hat and toothpaste are really “mature”. Lastly, Kurimu says that a lady like her needs to sleep with someone. Sugisaki gets excited again, but Mister Elephant is destined one for the pres.

yes.... under... the nose...

At night, we get to see Sugisaki blindfolded once again and this time he’s also handcuffed to the bed. He argues with Minatsu about it, but when she teases him with a perverted joke, he gets wild and proves her point. Meanwhile, Chizuru is teasing the sleeping president. Mafuyu also appears on screen in a nice sleeping dress. However, no one recognizes the poor girl without her hair ribbon.

the black forehead is pretty suiting too.

Mafuyu likes biting the nose more

A bit later, they all head to bed. Chizuru is undressing when Minatsu asks if she brought her pajamas. Chizuru answers that she always sleeps without pjs. …Sugisaki goes mad after hearing that…

The following day, Minatsu wakes up her sister, much to her surprise she finds Mafuyu gaming happily. Another surprise is finding Kurimu in the arms of sleeping Chizuru. The speaker announces that they arrived in Tokyo and they all pose in front of the window.

After the break, we see the members again in a Japanese-style room. Kurimu wonders why it’s already night and why they haven’t done anything yet.  A flashback shows that the immense heat and humidity kept them inside, lazying around.  But since it’s night and they’re all active now, it’s time for another tradition… ghost story telling


The plan is to scare the president… well, that’s not such a hard job. However, Kurimu tries everything to leave and sneak out, even the bathroom excuse (yes! even fanservice!). In the end, Minatsu tricks her into believing there’s a ghost roaming around there.

So many contradictions in this sentence...

Minatsu starts telling a traditional ghost story about a girl being murdered. The girl which she’s talking about is Kurimu and in the end she ends up being the malevolent spirit. Kurimu’s terrified and shocked. Then it’s Sugisaki’s turn, his story… is even more scarier… (it only contains one sentence by the way)

The winner of the ghost story contest!

A scene later Kurimu decides on a new topic, a new personality for every character is the key to success! They all get a new catchphrase with a suffix to their sentences. For Sugisaki it’s “gesu”, he immediately turns into a foxy, sneaky character (he reminded me of Gin from Bleach…). All the others get their own catchphrase as well…

Sneaky Sugisaki~

Ojou Minatsu~


Rebel Mafuyu?!

J-Just what is moe... about a sheep?!

Everyone ends up hugging the Mokyu-Chizuru and she’s even able to bribe money with moe-ness. Some service shots later… they’re walking around Tokyo in the morning. It’s still fresh and calm outside and they’re trying to buy a can with the last bits of money they have left. They watch over Tokyo’s ocean view, unfortunately for them, it’s so foggy they can’t really see anything…

The other side of Hell's gate~

Some days later…

Nothing changed at all. All of them are lazying around like usual. One thing changed according to Sugisaki though…

Chizuru discovered her inner sheep.


Thoughts :

God it’s late… why am I still blogging?

Anyway, fun episode. I expected them to visit some usual spots in Tokyo, but they really made their own Seitokai trip. The cosplay thing was funny to see… but what’s with the sheep moe?! Sorry… I just can’t understand it ;o;

Maybe I should redo my thoughts when I wake up …

Kyon, at your servicezzz…



  1. Ah, i need to watch the newest episode of this show. >..> I just wish the prez would admit that she wants in on Ken’s harem already.

  2. Hey, Ken has an elephant too! I bet it’ll be more than happy to sleep with her ~zamasu.

    Kurimu’s “gowasu” and outfit reminded me of Gutsman from Rockman.EXE… he usually ends his sentences with “de gatsu”. Well, it’s the carton robotic outfit that made me think about it… zamasu.

    And yes, Sugisaki looks like Gin, lol.


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