Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 31 – The 520 Cens Promise

November 17, 2009

Yeah.. Since he's not with E-li-za-beth today

Episode 31. Yeah, nice episode title…

The episode focuses on creating their new plans to be commenced. Expect tear-jerking moments and some new recruit, well not that new. Anyway, let’s start…

Scar: "My masterpiece!"

The episode started with Envy seeing Marco dead (special art made by Scar). Of course, everybody knows that Scar likes to crush faces so Envy presumed that Scar made all this.

..and you should assassinate him like... a hundred times before you actually kill him

As Edward prepares to leave, Riza told Edward that if ever she got any news, she’ll tell him. Also, Edward told Riza to tell Roy that Scar is back.

He also thanked Riza for telling him about Ishbal.

Want Ranfan Pie instead?

Edward meets Alphonse and told everything. He asked what Al will do when he gets his body back, which Alphonse replied that he is going to eat some of Winry’s “pie“. Edward decided that they should go to Granny and their Master first.

Edward also told Alphonse of his own discovery, that people can’t use alchemy as well during their fight against the ‘Father’. So, only Scar and May Chang are the only ones there who could use alchemy.

They called Dr. Knox immediately, but they are too late. May Chang already left.

Roy: "Where did my subordinates go again?"

Roy’s group start to bid farewell to everyone as they are being sent to different locations.

Riza visited Roy to get some of her belongings. Riza encourages Roy and left shortly after that.

Roy is now alone and starts reminiscing about his team’s dedication for their plans and how everyone is taken from him. However, he hasn’t admitted defeat yet.

Roy: "Does this look good on me?"

Roy picks up the Elric brothers, who failed to get a clue where May Chang is.

During the ride, Roy asked for the money Edward borrowed. Edward declined and told him that he’ll return it once he became the Fuhrer.

Roy drops them by their room. He said that he can keep the money but he will eventually get it back.

Dun Dun Dunnn....

Upon arriving inside their room. Fu, the old geezer, was waiting for them.

Believe it or not, this is Santa Claus

Roy started his own plans. He went to a bar to see a woman named Madam Christmas. We all know where this is going….

Grumman: "About time I get the screentime I deserve!"

Grumman got a call from Madam Christmas. The officer told Grumman to avoid giving the private line to civilians. Grumman replied that someone has a job for an old man like him.

Ranfan: "At least I haven't lost my seiyuu..."

Fu scold Ranfan for her terrible lost but later cried for seeing that Ranfan really lost her arm.

Fu thanked Dr. Knox for saving Ranfan, so did Ranfan herself. Due to having rare occasions like this in Knox’s life, he went tsundere and scolded everyone to get out of his house.

As Fu and Ranfan went away, Ranfan promised that she’ll definitely get even with that Homunculus.

Knox:"...another ceiling..."

Knox is now alone and being emotional while remembering those people who thanked him.

Adding to his melancholy, his wife and son visited him. His son told him that he’ll become a doctor just like him. Knox invited them inside afterwards.

While taking care of the coffee, Knox cried for the blessing he had.

And you're going to run out more

Then we go to Kimblee…

Kimblee was reminiscing his past (when he killed those officials) when the guards told him that he’s getting freed. It is later revealed that the Homunculus did all the work.

Envy picks him up. He said that they got a shortage in labor and wants him for the job. Envy told him to return Marco and kill Scar. After that, they revealed that they are planning to wipe an entire city again.

Envy gave Kimblee another stone for a power up. Of course, Kimblee accepts it gladly.

Scar showing his muscles

Scar is talking to Marco. He told him that he needs help in analyzing his brother’s research and to tell him about that Kimblee guy. He also said to Marco that his brother was talking about this country’s alchemy being strange.

May Chang joins the group. Scar introduced her to Marco and told her that he is responsible for creating the Philosopher’s Stone. May Chang asks how to gain immortality but Scar said that no one should want that kind of thing…

Scar destroyed Marco’s face afterwards for safety (or just to ease of his irritation for him). May Chang treats him afterwards.

Scar said that their next destination is to the north, where he hid his brother’s research.


The Lazy Prince:

Nice episode. Heartwarming and also declaring the start of the new battle. Now that Kimblee’s back in action, what more do we want?

It is also nice to see that the groups were doing their jobs separately (even though it’s hard to blog it if ever they started shamming it). I wonder what will the Elric brothers do next…

Next Episode:

Nice… nothing to say here. See you next episode~


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