Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 248

November 16, 2009
Silver Haired Isumi

Isumi is actually a... ghost!

Last time, as Isumi and the Skeletal Hand faced off, it appeared that Isumi was winning at first, but the skeletal hand had rebuffed her attempts and quickly recovered from each blow dealt. Some time into the fight, Isumi decides to use one of her strongest techniques, ‘Technique Type Eight Leaves Kamitsumaki – Seven Divine Generations’, summoning a gigantic dragon, which seemed to be decisively beat the skeletal hand down. However, Machina had come back, and using his Secret Technique, he annihlated the dragon, and Isumi had no other choice but to use the oppurtunity to retreat, seeing as one of her strongest techniques had been defeated.

Sakuya smacking Hayate

Sakuya uses a fan for her gags. For her life, she uses a fish.

Continuing on from the last chapter, the group suddenly falls into the ocean. Sakuya starts drowning immediately, and asked how they ended up in the ocean. Isumi explained to Hayate that she used the technique ‘Law  of Forced Transposition’, which presumably teleported them to the ocean, and she further explained that since it was a Secret Technique, she may only use it once per day. Isumi, who turned out to be on a dolphin float while Hayate and Sakuya were in the water, with the latter drowning in the background, said that it was the first time she used the technique on three people at once, so she was rather unsure of herself, and that she was glad it worked out in the end.  As Hayate absorbs all this, Sakuya, despite apparently drowning, had the time to take out a fish from the water and smack Hayate with it, telling him to stop admiring Isumi’s techniques and save herself. Hayate apologizes to Sakuya, telling her that he didn’t expect Sakuya to be able to drown in such a shallow area, and Sakuya replied to him that if she wasn’t drowning, she wouldn’t have gasped so much.  In addition, Sakuya says that if they were dropped into the ocean all of a sudden, it is still possible to drown in a shallow area. Sakuya then turns to Isumi and demands an explanation for why Isumi was on a dolphin by herself, with Isumi explaining that she didn’t want to get wet, and Sakuya shouting back that she didn’t want to either. Isumi was glad that they at least managed to escape, and Sakuya suddenly got surprised and shouted Isumi’s name, asking what happened to Isumi’s hair. Isumi’s hair had turned silver suddenly, and she explains that it turned colour because she had used too much power in her earlier battle. Isumi asks them not to look at her seriously, as it was embarrasing for her. Isumi commented that Athena was a formidable enemy, and she had her hands full in just retreating. Sakuya says that she just wanted a bath for now.

Isumi on a Dolphin

One of Isumi's many abilities is the power to land on a dolphin when using a Secret Technique.

The scene shifts to a hot spring, with Isumi and Sakuya on one side conversing. Sakuya comments that it was the first time she saw Isumi’s Seven Divine Generations technique not work against someone, and Isumi replies that it was indeed the first time that any of her Kamitsumaki techniques have been defeated. Hayate, on the male’s side of the hot spring, overheard their conversation through the wooden board that seperates both sides. Hayate asks them from his side, what the Kamitsumaki techniques were. Isumi replies that they were special techniques of the Eight Leaf Technique Style, and Sakuya continues on for Isumi, saying that the only other techniques that can match the Seven Divine Generations are ‘Kotoamatsugami’, which is just as powerful, and the final special technique, ‘Omikami’ which presumably is stronger than the first two. Isumi states that even with her own inexperience, the strength which the Honored Spirit displayed through Athena was abnormal. Isumi explains that since the Honored Spirit had linked its power with Athena, it is being fed power continuously from her, strengthening itself to abnormal levels. Isumi says that if they don’t seperate the Honored Spirit from Athena, the odds of winning were slim.

Hot Spring

Hayate talks to Isumi and Sakuya from his side of the Hot Spring

Back at the mansion, Machina had a tearful face, staring at the dozens of crushed hamburgers on the floor, which he bought earlier. Machina was about to cry for his beloved hamburgers, and Athena, not sure whether she’s still possessed, but most likely yes, tells him that it can’t be helped, as he was the one who crushed them in the first place. She promises to buy more for him later, so she tells him to stop crying, and as Machina attempts to eat one of the crush hamburgers, she tells him to not eat them either. Athena suddenly gains a headache, and the panel shifts back to Hayate’s group.


Machina mourns the death of his beloved Hamburgers. Which he killed.

Sakuya asks Isumi if Athena was always like this, and Isumi replied negative, saying that during the times she had seen Athena in Hakuou, Isumi couldn’t feel a sinister presence. Sakuya asks what caused Athena to become like she had earlier, and Isumi figures that the Honored Spirit had hid in the depths of her heart until recently, when a chance to take over came, and we see a flashback of the time in which Hinagiku had asked Athena if she could call Athena ‘A-Tan’. Hayate feels that it was his fault that the Honored Spirit was able to take over, and felt guilty about it.


It turns out that Hinagiku is the reason why Athena had become possessed recently

Outside the hot spring, after everyone got changed, Sakuya asks Isumi if it would be hard to drive the Honored Spirit out of Athena. Isumi explains that it would actually be easy, surprising Hayate and Sakuya. Isumi explains that it should have been impossible to begin with, as even if it was an Honored Spirit, Athena had far too much power to be possessed like that. Isumi says that even if the Honored Spirit could hide inside the depthss of Athena’s hearts without much effort, for it to completely possess Athena like that, an ‘agreement’ had to be reached between the two. Isumi explains that as both Athena and the Honored Spirit wanted the King’s Jewel, that would have been a strong point of ‘agreement’, which catalysed the Honored Spirit’s possession over Athena. Isumi then explains that to drive the Honored Spirit out, all they had to do was to break the point of ‘agreement’ which allowed the Honored Spirit to possess Athena. In short, they could either give the King’s Jewel to Athena, which would destroy the ‘agreement’ as it had been fullfilled, or they could destroy the King’s Jewel, so that there will be nothing to fight for anymore. Hayate asks whether it is possible to save Athena without doing either of those things, and Isumi says that it is not impossible, but it would be very hard, as Athena and the Honored Spirit are conencted so strongly that forcing them apart could deliver a fatal blow to Athena’s soul. Hayate is at a loss, as he is both unwilling to lose Athena or the King’s Jewel, as it was Nagi’s precious object, and starts worrying, but Sakuya suddenly exclaims that it would be easy to save Athena. Sakuya figures that they could give the King’s Jewel to Athena, and once the Honored Spirit had been driven out, they could take it back. Hayate is encouraged by the idea, happy that a solution had been found, but Isumi suddenly says that they can’t do that. She says that the King’s Jewel is the Honored Spirit’s final objective, and giving it away would be the same as letting it win. Sakuya says that as long as they get it back, it should be fine, but Isumi is worried that while it is unlikely, if the Honored Spirit manages to attain the stone, there’s a chance that… the world will end.


Isumi's crpytic words end the chapter

Fine chapter, it doesn’t have as much battling as it did in the last one, but it managed to explain for a good number of things. Now that isumi said that Secret Techniques can only be used once per day, I’m assuming the same applies for Machina’s shapeshifting, which might be used to Hayate’s advantage in the future. We’ll probably get more Athena next chapter, seeing as she had a headache in this one, then again, the next chapter might be filled with Hayate/Sakuya/Isumi talk. Seeing as the stone/King’s Jewel is a major plot device and Hayate is unwilling to let it be destroyed, it can be pretty much be guranteed that it will be surviving Isumi’s wrath, so the plan would probably be Sakuya’s one, where they give the stone to Athena and take it back once the Honored Spirit packs his luggage and gets out of her. This is supported by the fact that in the last chapter, Athena commented that she will be meeting the group ‘very soon’, and I take ‘very soon’ to mean ‘very soon’. Isumi supposedly hasn’t used her strongest technique yet, and seeing the power of Seven Divine Generations, it makes you wonder what it’ll be like, so that’s something else to look forward to in future chapters. Good chapter, as usual. I’d rate it, but I don’t really think I’m good at that sort of stuff.

-Ryu Yuki


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